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Rockin' Ramrods - The Best Of The Rockin' Ramrods (1963-71)

This Boston band made nine 45's in total (two singles were released under the monicker GTO's). Their music was pretty much in the beat vein like the early Beatles. This CD (Big Beat CDWIKD 151 / 1995) contains most of their 7-inches, some unreleased material and adds the best songs of their soft-psychedelic album they have made as Puff in 1968. Too bad that their most garage song "She Lied" was not represented here (you can find the track on Pebbles Vol. 8).

- Jungle Call
- I Wanna Be Your Man
- I'll Be On My Way
- Don't Fool With Fu Manchu • as The GTO's
- Tears Melt The Stones • as The GTO's
- Play It!
- Bright Lit Blue Skies
- Mr. Wind
- Can't You See
- Mary Mary
- Flowers In My Mind

[as Puff / (1968)]
- Vacuum
- Trees
- Rainy Day
- Looking In My Window
- Who Do You Think You Are?
- Of Not Being Able To Sleep
- Dead Thoughts Of Alfred
- I Sure Need You
- When I Wake Up In The Morning
- Go With You
- Changes

[previously unreleased / (1971)]
- My Vision Has Cleared
- I Don't Want To I Will
- Troubles

[Rockin' Ramrods]
Bill Linnane (lead gtr) [A]
Vin Campisi (rhythm gtr) [ABCD]
Ronn Campisi (bs) [ABCD]
Bob Henderson (drms, perc) [ABCD]
Scott Curtis (keyb'ds) [B]
Lenny Carelli (lead gtr ) [C]
Glenn Jordan (gtr, keyb'ds) [D]
Danny McBride (gtr, keyb'ds) [D]
Stu Kassner (drms) [D]

1. Jungle Call/Indian Giver (Explosive F 101/2) 1963
2. She Lied/The Girl Can't Help It (Bon-Bon 1315) 1964
3. I Wanna Be Your Man/I'll Be On My Way
   (Plymouth 2961/2) 1964
4. Wild About You/Cry In My Room (Southern Sound 205) 1965
5. Don't Fool With Fu Manchu/Tears Melt The Stones
   (Claridge 301) 1965
6. She Rides With Me/Rudy Vadoo (Claridge 312) 1966
7. Play It/Got My Mojo Working (Claridge 317) 1966
8. Bright Lit Blue Skies/Mr. Wind (Plymouth 2963/4) 1966
9. Flowers In My Mind/Mary, Mary (Plymouth 2965/6) 1966

[5. + 6. as The GTO's]

Vin Campisi (lead gtr)
David-Allen Ryan (bs, vcls)
Jim Mandell (piano, organ, flute, vcls)
Bob Henderson (drms, vcls)

1. Puff (MGM SE-4622) 1968

1. Looking In My Window/Rainy Day (MGM 14040) 1968

Band origin:
Boston (Massachusetts/US)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Winston George - Any Direction (1969)

Wonderful singer/songwriter album (Ergo WG 70015 / 1969). Winston George Schell came from London/Ontario and made also another album called "City Wilderness" which I have never heard. I found some information about him in cyberspace written by a person called himself "Timeshredder":
"He played the southwestern Ontario folk circuit in the late 1960s and early 70s. His two albums never became best-sellers, but they maintained enough of a following to make the leap to CD, decades later, and long after he'd retired from regular stage performances. Any Direction, first released in 1969, featured fourteen of Winston George's original songs. It is the moodier and, in many people's opinion, stronger of the two records, marked by his distinct folk vocals and Bill Gunn's dramatic organ. There's a hint of period mysticism here, and psychedelia. The cover sports a black and white image, created by Gil Moll, that looks like a Rorschach blot running asymmetrical. The second album, 1976's City Wilderness, features more conventional folk. It's easily recognized by its cover, a Robert Crumb-influenced drawing of downtown London, Ontario with Win and various real-life city characters transformed into cartoon animals. Roger Baker, a friend of Win's, created the image. While he still played occasionally, he had always had to balance his music with his career as a high school teacher; he even co-authored texts which were used in Ontario for many years. City Wilderness would prove his final recorded contribution to folk music. His life as Win Schell, however, remained a dynamic one. Ergo Press, founded by Win and wife Linda in 1977, published fiction and non-fiction relating to southwestern Ontario. Its catalogue includes work by lesser-known names, and more widely-recognized local authors, such as James Reaney. Ergo also produced Souwesto Words, a CD of local writers reading their work. Win counted among his close friends local legend Roy McDonald. Ergo introduced Mcdonald's writing to a wider audience, and Win helped bring the eccentric writer's house-- which lacked many modern amenities-- into the modern era. Win also wrote, producing an impressive number of published articles, essays, poetry, and works of short fiction. I knew him first and foremost as Win Schell, mentor and friend. He died, suddenly and unexpectedly from an aneurysm, somewhere between Thursday, September 2 and Friday September 3, 2004."

- Any Direction
- A Secretary Song
- Alone With The Shadow
- Resignation
- Channel 19
- Danger U
- Long Time Leavin'
- Smokey Mountain Grey
- Great Waterfall
- Neither A Lender
- Reason Or Rhyme
- Nobody Died
- So Long Time Gone
- Mornin' Lookin' Free

Winston George (vcls, gtr, hrmnca) [AB]

[Additional Musicians]
Bill Pigram (drms, vcls, autoharp) [AB]
Rob Connor (lead gtr) [A]
Bill Gunn (organ) [A]
Ron Kilgour (bs) [A]
Rita Christie (vcls) [B]
Phil Blackler (lead gtr, hrmnca) [B]
Dave Atwood (sax) [B]
Larry Weir (bs) [B]

Band origin:
London (Ontario/Canada)

1. (A) Any Direction (Ergo WG 7001 S) 1969
2. (B) City Wilderness (Ergo WRC-190) 1976

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V.A. - Psychamania

Subtitled as "Eccentric Sounds From The British Underground 1970-73" this compilation tends more towards progressive sounds than psychedelic. This CD (Queen Victoria QVR-2006CD / 2003) combines the best songs from the two comps "Here Lies Ebenezer Goode" and "Spacegirl And The Starman", also released on the Queen Victoria Label. Although the timespan of the music is a bit late for my taste there are still some interesting tracks. The "Parson-Smith" version of "The Letter" is a wonderful relaxed number whilst "Deadwood" wilders more in the Freakbeat territory. Winners come also from "Paradise Hammer", "Quartet", "Frog" and "Eastwood". However the most interesting track is to my ears by the "Rainbow Family".

1. Misty - Hot Cinnamon
taken from the single Hot Cinnamon/Cascades (Parlophone R 5852) 1970
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: UK
2. The Laurels - Underground
taken from the single The Devil's Well/Underground (Pye 7N 45034) 1971
Line-up: Derek "Del" Bingley (vcls), Doug "Kennard" Jeffereys (gtr, vcls), Brian Sugg (bs, vcls), Brian Jones (drms, vcls).
Band origin: Welwyn Garden City (Hertfordshire/UK)
3. Strange Fox - Ask Me All
taken from the single Rock And Roll Band/Ask Me All (BASF 05 1955-3) 1971
Line-up incl.: Des Parton (vcls), Terry Fox, Mike Strange.
Band origin: Stoke-On-Trent (Staffordshire/UK)
4. Freedom - Man Made Laws
taken from the single Frustrated Woman/Man Made Laws (Probe 504) 1970
Line-up: Steve Shirley (bs, lead vcls), Peter Dennis (vcls, bs, keyb’ds), Roger Saunders (vcls, gtr, keyb’ds), Bobby Harrison (vcls, drms).
Band origin: London
5. Deadwood - That Don't Help Me None
taken from the single
The Turning Of Them All/That Don't Help Me None (Decca F 13109) 1971
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: London
6. Eastwood - Gypsy
taken from the single I Am Free/Gypsy (CBS 7076) 1971
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: UK
7. Rare Bird - Hammerhead
taken from the single
What You Want To Know/Hammerhead (Charisma CB 138) 1971
Line-up: Steve Gould (vcls, sax, bs, gtr), Graham Field (organ), Dave Kaffinetti (keyb’ds, synth), Mark Ashton (drms, vcls).
Band origin: London
8. The Peddlers - It's So Easy
taken from the single
Sing Me An Old Song/It's So Easy (Philips 6006283) 1973
Line-up: Roy Phillips (keyb'ds, gtr, vcls), Tab Martin (bs), Trevor Morais (drms). Band origin: Manchester (Greater Manchester/UK)
9. Skin Alley - Tell Me
taken from the album Skin Alley (CBS 63847) 1969
Line-up: Thomas Crimble (keybds, bs, vcls), Bob James (sax, gtr), Krzystztof Henryk Justkiewicz (keyb’ds), Alvin Pope (drms). Band origin: London
10. Chris Hodge - We're On Our Way
taken from the single We're On Our Way/Supersoul (Apple APPLE 43) 1972
Line-up: Chris Hodge (vcls). Origin: London
11. Paradise Hammer - She Is Love
taken from the single You Get Me In/She Is Love (Polydor 2058 048) 1970
Line-up: Tommy Moeller (lead vcls), Mike Leslie (bs), Willy Day (keyb'ds), Chris Hunt (drms). Band origin: Cheshunt (Hertfordshire)
12. Parson-Smith - The Letter
taken from the single The Letter/When It Rains (Polydor 2058229) 1972
Line-up incl.: James Parson-Smith (vcls). Origin: UK
13. Cupid's Inspiration - Different Guy
taken from the single Without Your Love/Different Guy (CBS 4722) 1970
Line-up: Terry Rice-Milton (vcls), Bernie Lee (lead gtr), Gordon Haskell (bs), David Morris (keyb'ds), Roger Gray (drms).
Band origin: Stamford (Lincolnshire/UK)
14. Quartet - Joseph
taken from the single
Joseph/Mama Where Did You Fall (Decca F 13072) 1970
Line-up: Terry Britten (vcls, gtr), Kevin Peak (gtr), Alan Tarney (bs, vcls), David McCrae (keyb'ds), Trevor Spencer (drms).
Band origin: Australia → London
15. Mosaic - Bird Of Time
taken from the single Bluebird/Bird Of Time (Parlophone R 5928) 1971
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: UK
16. Solomon King - Life Child
taken from the single
When You've Gotta Go/Life Child (Polydor 2058258) 1972
Line-up incl.: Solomon King [real name Allen Levy] (vcls).
Origin: Lexington (Kentucky/US) → Bolton (Greater Manchester/UK)
17. Frog - Witch Hunt
taken from the single Witch Hunt/Living Dead (Jam JAM 39) 1973
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: UK
18. Rainbow Family - Travellin' Lady
taken from the single Travellin' Lady/A B-Side (President PT 375) 1972
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: UK

19. Paul St. John - Flying Saucers Have Landed
taken from the single
Flying Saucers Have Landed/Spaceship Lover (Pye 7N 45190) 1972
Line-up incl.: Paul St. John [real name Laurie Marshall] (vcls)
Origin: London
20. Eastwood - Living To Learn
taken from the single Little Miss Lucy/Living To Learn (SRT 73332) 1973
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 6
21. Luv Machine - Everything
taken from the album Luv Machine (Polydor 2460102) 1971
Line-up: Michael Bishop (gtr, vcls), Bob Bowman (gtr, vcls), John Jeavons (bs, vcls), Errol Bradshaw (drms, vcls).
Band origin: Bridgetown (Barbados) → UK

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Listen to Deadwood - That Don't Help Me None

Listen to Eastwood - Living To Learn

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MC5 - '66 Breakout! (1966)

This Detroit band stood together with The Stooges at the forefront of High Energy Rock. On this CD (Total Energie NER 3023-2 /1999) you can find their earliest efforts, demos and live cuts. Not entirely convincing but "I Just Don't Know" and "One Of The Guys" are cool garage punkers. And if you think the "Little Boy Blues" cover of "I Can Give You Only Everything" was the best ever made (like I thought for years) let's give the MC5 version a try.

- Looking At You
- Black To Comm
- I Just Don't Know
- Little Red Riding Grmph
- I Don't Mind
- Break Time
- One Of The Guys
- Look What You've Done Done
- Baby Please Don't Go
- I'm A Man
- I Can Only Give You Everything

Michael Davis (bs) [AB]
Wayne Kramer (gtr) [AB]
Fred 'Sonic' Smith (gtr) [AB]
Dennis Thompson (drms) [AB]
Rob Tyner (vcls, hrmnca) [AB]
(Pete Kelly (keyb'ds) [B])

Band origin:
Detroit (Michigan/US)

1. (A) Kick Out The Jams (Elektra 74042) 1969
2. (B) Back In The USA (Atlantic 8247) 1970
3. (A) High Time (Atlantic 8285) 1971

1. I Can Only Give You Everything/One Of The Guys
   (AMG AMG 1001) 1967
2. Looking At You/Borderline (A2 333) 1968
3. Kick Out The Jams/Motor City Is Burning
   (Elektra 45648) 1969
4. I Can Only Give You Everything/I Just Don't Know
   (AMG AMG 1001) 1969
5. Tonight/Looking At You (Atlantic 2678) 1969
6. Shakin' Street/The American Ruse (Atlantic 2724) 1970

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Simon Dupree & The Big Sound - Kites (1966-69)

Simon Dupree started out The Howling Wolves and later became The Road Runners, a Portsmouth-based R&B band. 'Simon Dupree' was actually vocalist Ray Shulman and the band got the new name in 1966. Their early music was almost entirely soul, mostly Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding covers.Their debut 45, I See The Light, was a good stomping R&B number, but it made little impression on the record buying public. The flip side was more soul-based with lots of brass. Their follow-up, Reservations, was an uptempo, organ-driven R&B number, which was certainly one of their better singles. It's sales were quite encouraging although it failed to make the Charts. The flip side, You Need A Man, was frankly nondescript. Their next release, Day Time, Night Time, was another organ-led R&B belter. A fine record of its type but again it failed to Chart. The flip side was similar in style but a weaker composition. Their album, Without Reservations, released at the start of August 1967, included much of the material from their live act. There's the soul medley, 60 Minutes Of Your Love/A Lot Of Love, a cover of Sam Cooke's Amen, as well as some self-penned compositions like Who Cares and Get Off My Bach. The only remotely psych-pop track was There's A Little Picture Playhouse and the album certainly isn't worth purchasing for connoisseurs of psychedelia, but it is if soul or R&B is your scene. The release of the quasi-psychedelic Kites in October 1967 marked a drastic change of image and musical direction. Recorded at the Abbey Road studios it's full of interesting sound effects and instruments like the mellotron, gongs and vibraphone. It shot them into the Top Ten but gave them an image that was at odds with their R&B roots which they had difficulty reconciling themselves to. The flip side, Like The Sun Like The Fire, also had a hint of Sgt. Pepper about it but wasn't quite as good. From here on the band's career was in decline through their failure to score another Top Twenty hit. Of their later singles, For Whom The Bell Tolls and Broken Hearted Pirates, are the most interesting. The former did reach No 43 in the Charts in April 1968. It features some pleasant flamenco-style guitar and another strong vocal performance from Ray Shulman as well as tolling bells, naturally. They also recorded a single called We Are The Moles Pts 1 And 2 (Parlophone R 5743) under the pseudonym of The Moles in 1968. When the group dissolved in 1969, the Shulman brothers went on to form Gentle Giant.
(Taken from "Tapestry Of Delights")

This collection of their best songs was released by See For Miles (SEE FOR MILES CM 109 / 1986).

- Kites
- Like The Sun Like The Fire
- Sleep
- For Whom The Bell Tolls
- Broken Hearted Pirates
- 60 Minutes Of Your Love/A Lot Of Love (Medley)
- Love
- Get Off My Bach
- There's A Little Picture Playhouse
- Day Time, Night Time
- I See The Light
- What Is Soul
- Amen
- Who Cares
- She Gave Me The Sun
- Thinking About My Life
- It Is Finished
- I've Seen It All Before
- Reservations

Derek Shulman (vcls) [AB]
Phil Shulman (sax, trumpet) [AB]
Ray Shulman (bs, gtr, vcls) [AB]
Pete O'Flaherty (bs) [A]
Eric Hine (keyb'ds) [AB]
Tony Ransley (drms) [A]
Gearie Jay Kenworthy (bs) [B]
Martin Smith (drms) [B]

Band origin:
Portsmouth (Hampshire/UK)

1. (A) Without Reservations (Parlophone PMC/PCS 7029) 1967

1. (A) I See The Light/It Is Finished
       (Parlophone R 5542) 1966
2. (A) Reservations/You Need A Man
       (Parlophone R 5574) 1967
3. (A) Day Time, Night Time/I've Seen It All Before
       (Parlophone R 5594) 1967
4. (A) Kites/Like The Sun Like The Fire
       (Parlophone R 5646) 1967
5. (A) For Whom The Bell Tolls/Sleep
       (Parlophone R 5670) 1968
6. (A) Part Of My Past/This Story Never Ends
       (Parlophone R 5697) 1968
7. (A) Thinking About My Life/Velvet And Lace
       (Parlophone R 5727) 1968
8. (B) Broken Hearted Pirates/She Gave Me The Sun
       (Parlophone R 5757) 1969
9. (B) The Eagle Flies Tonight/Give It All Back
       (Parlophone R 5816) 1969

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Listen to She Gave Me The Sun

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V.A. - Shadows Falling

THIS IS A GARAGE COMPILATION! I must say this because when you take a look at the cover you must think that this is a "Barry Manilow Best of Compilation" done in the late 80's. I don't know who was responsible for the artwork at Past & Present Records but in most cases it was a catastrophe. There's also a total lack of liners notes or release dates of the tracks... and that for a release in the year 2004! Thank God the music is good, no it's GREAT! Most of the tracks you can find on other releases but if you're looking for a consistently good garage compilation this is first grade.

1. Apperson Jackrabbit - Shadows Falling
taken from the single That's Why/Shadows Falling (Calmis 45-001) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Simi Valley (California/US)
2. Tom Dae Turned On - I Shall Walk
taken from the single I Shall Walk/It Could Be So Nice (Hitt 7002) 1970
Line-up incl.: Tommy Dae [real name Frank Draus Jr.] (vcls).
Band origin: Rockville (Connecticut/US)
3. Endd - Come On In To My World
taken from the single
Come On In To My World/This Is Really The Zoo Plus Two
(Seascape SS-504) 1967

Line-up incl.: Russ Sanders (lead vcls), Larry Anderson (bs).
Band origin: La Porte (Indiana/US)
4. Silver Fleet - Look Out World
taken from the single Come On Plane/Look Out World (UNI 55271) 1971
Line-up: Harry James Boyle (lead gtr, vcls), Tommy Morrissey (rhythm gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), Jim Tragas (bs, vcls), Ralph DePalma (drms, vcls).
Band origin: New York City (New York)
5. Bob Morrison - Hey Puppet Man
taken from the single
Hey, Puppet Man/I Looked In The Mirror (Columbia 43451) 1965
Line-up incl.: Bob Morrison (vcls). Origin: Biloxi (Mississippi/US)
6. Poor - She's Got The Time (She's Got The Changes)
taken from the single
She's Got The Time (She's Got The Changes)/Love Is Real (York 402) 1967
Line-up: Allen Kemp (gtr, vcls), Randy Naylor (gtr, keyb’ds, vcls), Randy Meisner (bs, vcls), Pat Shanahan (drms).
Band origin: Denver (Colorado/US) → Los Angeles (California/US)
7. Red Dogs - Open Up
taken from the single
Open Up/We're Gonna Hate Ourselves In The Morning (Atco 6497) 1967
Line-up: Steve Dahl (vcls, horns), Steve Elliott (lead gtr), Jerry Knaack (rhythm guitar, vocals), Butch Neese (bs, vcls), Kent Leopold (organ, sax), Randall Grundy (keyb'ds, trumpet), Jack Blackett (sax), Mike Hatfield (sax, horns), Rob Barr (trumpet), Bob Meyerhoeffer (horns, vcls), Evan Johnson (drms). Band origin: Lawrence (Kansas/US)
8. Butlers - It's A Fine Time
taken from the single Shop Around/It's A Fine Time (Parkway P-148) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: US
9. Burning Bush - Evil Eye
taken from the single Keeps On Burning/Evil Eye (Mercury 72657) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Georgia (US)
10. Hickory Hollow - Never Happen
taken from the single Never Happen/Home (Musitron M-107) 1968
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Panorama City (California/US)
11. Kynd - Mr. America
taken from the single Mr. America/Clouds (Kynd Company 103169) 1969
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: New Jersey (US)
12. Chapter VI - Fear
taken from the single Fear/Oracle (Original Sound OS-78) 1968
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: California (US)
13. Third Booth - I Need Love
taken from the single I Need Love/Mysteries (Independence 86) 1968
Line-up: J.C. Clore (lead vcls), Debra Rodney (gtr), Tom Reid (bs), Tim Hackett, Steve.
Band origin: Canton (Illinois/US)
14. Xtreems - Facts Of Life
taken from the single Substitute/Facts Of Life (Star Trek 1221) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: St. Louis (Missouri/US)
15. Wanted - Here To Stay
taken from the single Here To Stay/Teen World (Detroit Sound 222) 1967
Here To Stay/In The Midnight Hour (Detroit Sound 223 + A&M 844) 1967
Line-up: Tim Shea (lead gtr), Arnie de Clark (gtr), Bill Montgomery (bs), Dave Fernstrom (keyb'ds), Chip Steiner (drms).
Band origin: Detroit (Michigan/US)
16. Kitchen Cinq - Determination
taken from the single
Determination/You'll Be Sorry Someday (LHI 17000) 1967

Line-up: Troy Dale Gardner (lead vcls), James Ervan Parker (gtr, vcls), Mark Gordon Creamer (gtr, keyb’s, vcls), James Dallas Smith (bs, vcls), John Joe Stark (drms, vcls). Band origin: Amarillo (Texas/US)
17. New Breed - Want Ad Reader
taken from the single
Want-Ad Reader/One More For The Good Guys
(World United 001 + HBR 508) 1966

Line-up: Tom Phillips (gtr, vcls, keyb'ds), Ron Flogel (gtr, vcls), Tim Schmidt (bs, vcls), George Hullin (drms). Band origin: Sacramento (California/US)
18. Pepper & The Shakers - Semi-Psychedelic
taken from the single
Semi-Psychedelic (It Is)/I'll Always Love You (Coral 62523) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Michigan (US)
19. Bay Ridge - I Will Wait
taken from the single Without You/I Will Wait (Atlantic 2520) 1968
Line-up: Joseph 'Joey' Bone (lead vcls, bs), Richard 'Ritchie' Zito (lead gtr, vcls), Hugo 'Augie' Perotti (gtr, vcls), Robert 'Red' Gambale (organ), Peter Pinto (drms). Band origin: New York City (New York)
20. Five By Five - Hang Up
taken from the single Fire/Hang Up (Paula 302) 1968
Line-up: Ronnie Plants (lead gtr, vcls), Larry Andrew (rhythm gtr, vcls), Bill Merritt (gtr, lead vcls), Tim Milam (organ, vcls), Doug Green (drms).
Band origin: Magnolia (Arkansas/US)
21. Groundspeed - In A Dream
taken from the single In A Dream/L-12 East (Decca 32344) 1968
Line-up: Ken Kyle (vcls), Jesse Miller (gtr), Rick Scheuer (bs), Bob Telson (organ), Mike Jacobs (drms). Band origin: Cambridge (Massachusetts/US)
22. Guilloteens - Hey You
taken from the single I Don't Believe (Call On Me)/Hey You (HBR 446) 1965
Line-up: Louis Paul Jr. (gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), Laddie Hutcherson (bs, gtr, vcls), Joe Davis (drms). Band origin: Memphis (Tennessee/US)
23. Boyz - Hard Time All Over
taken from the single
Hard Times All Over/Never Be Lonely (Destination 627) 1966
Line-up: Bob Wilson (lead gtr, lead vcls), Eron Bucciarelli (rhythm gtr, vcls), Ray Paluzzi (bs, vcls), David Gruber (drms). Band origin: Joliet (Illinois/US)
24. Free - What Makes You?
taken from the single
Decision For Lost Soul Blue/What Makes You?
(Marquee 448 + Atco 6662) 1968

Line-up incl.: Dave Gilbert (lead vcls), Joe Memmer (gtr)
Band origin: Detroit (Michigan/US)
25. Counts IV - Spoonful
taken from the single Spoonful/Where Are You (Date 1526) 1966
Line-up: Don Roof (vcls, rhythm gtr, hrmnca), Joe Booher (lead gtr, vcls), Al Peluso (bs, vcls), Enrique Pacheco (drms).
Band origin: Goldsboro (North Carolina/US)
26. Third Evolution - Don't Play With Me
taken from the single
Gone, Gone, Gone/Don't Play With Me (Dawn 306) 1966
Line-up: Argot Meyer (vcls), Ron Lupi (gtr), Mike "Henderson" Saglimberi (gtr, vcls), Louis Bonilla (bs, gtr), Manny Colon (drms).
Band origin: New York City (New York)
27. Raves - Mother Nature
taken from the single Mister Man/Mother Nature (Smash 2088) 1967
Line-up incl.: Dave Jimenez, Michael Jimenez.
Band origin: New York City (New York)
28. Fountain Of Youth - Witness People
taken from the single Liza Jane/Witness People (Colgems 5033) 1969
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Fredericksburg (Texas/US)

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Bob Morrison - Hey, Puppet Man

Listen to Pepper & The Shakers - Semi-Psychedelic

Fenner, Leland & O'Brien - Peace In Our Time + Somewhere, Someday, Somehow (1969/1970)

This is by request and not my rip. It is thought that they came from Hamilton/New York and they made two superb albums of psychedelic and lowkey downer folk. The group members were Rich Fenner (gtr, drms, vcls), Jim Leland (lead gtr, piano) and Wick O'Brien (keyb'ds, organ, bs, vcls). Both albums were re-released on CD (Wild Places WILD 012CD / 2003). Recommended!

[Peace In Our Time]
- Peace In Our Time
- The Song Of Love, The Song Of Life
- Fair Weather Woman
- Pretty Peace
- Goodbye Youth
- I'm Tired
- Stop And Think
- Base Details
- People We Know

[Somewhere, Someday, Somehow]
- Uncle America
- Dirge
- You Can't Deceive The Rain
- High And Dry
- Double Image
- Hey Mister
- Come Hell Or High Water
- I Cry Alone
- Death On Maple Avenue
- Where's My Life Going
- And To All
- Epoch

Rich Fenner (gtr, drms, vcls)
Jim Leland (lead gtr, piano)
Wick O'Brien (keyb'ds, organ, bs, vcls)

Band origin:
Hamilton (New York/US)

1. Peace In Our Time (RPC AZ 41771/41772) 1969
2. Somewhere Someday Somehow (RPC AZM 70402) 1970

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Listen to I'm Tired

Listen to Uncle America

Easybeats - The Raven EP LP Vol. 2 (1965-69)

This is a compilation of unreleased material released by Raven back in 1982 (Raven RVLP 06). And let me tell you that, it's a damn fine collection. In case you've never heard "Friday On My Mind" or "Falling Of The Edge Of The World" before (sure you did!) you must think that there's a cool garage band doing their job here.

- Coke Ad 1
- Find My Way Back Home
- Mean Old Lovin'
- I'm Happy
- Hey Babe
- I Don't Agree
- Keep Your Hands Off My Babe
- No One Knows
- Coke Ads 2 & 3 / Interview
- All Gone Boy
- Hound Dog
- I'm Just Trying
- Looking Out I'm On The Way Down
- Mandy
- Where Did You Go Last Night?
- Little Red Bucket
- Watch Me Burn

Stephen Wright (vcls) [AB]
Harry Vanda (gtr) [AB]
George Young (gtr) [AB]
Dick Diamonde (bs) [AB]
Gordon (Snowy) Fleet (drms) [A]
Tony Cahill (drms) [B]

Band origin:
Sydney (New South Wales/Australia)

1. Easy (Parlophone PMCO 7527) 1965
2. It's 2 Easy (Parlophone PMCO 7530) 1966
3. Volume 3 (Parlophone PMCO 7537) 1966
4. Best Of The Easybeats And Pretty Girl
   (Parlophone PMCO 7541) 1967
5. Friends (Polydor 184246) 1968
6. Friday On My Mind (Australian Record Club 54801) 1968
7. Vigil (Parlophone PMCO 7551) 1968
8. Best Of The Easybeats Vol. 2
   (Parlophone PMCO 7555) 1969

 1. For My Woman/Say That You're Mine
    (Parlophone A 8146) 1965
 2. She's So Fine/The Old Oak Tree
    (Parlophone A 8157) 1965
 3. Wedding Ring/You Or Me (Parlophone A 8168) 1965
 4. Sad And Lonely And Blue/Easy As Can Be
    (Parlophone A 8171) 1965
 5. Women/In My Book (Parlophone A 8186) 1966
 6. Come And See Her/I Can See (Parlophone A 8200) 1966
 7. Sorry/Funny Feelin' (Parlophone A 8224) 1966
 8. Friday On My Mind/Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It
    (Parlophone A 8234) 1966
 9. Who'll Be The One/Saturday Night
    (Parlophone A 8251) 1967
10. Pretty Girl/Heaven And Hell (Parlophone A 8255) 1967
11. The Music Goes Round In My Head/
    Come In You'll Get Pneumonia (Parlophone A 8277) 1968
12. Falling Off The Edge Of The World/Hello How Are You
    (Parlophone A 8290) 1968
13. Land Of Make Believe/Good Times
    (Parlophone A 8406) 1968
14. St. Louis/Can't Find Love (Polydor NH 59274) 1969
15. Peculiar Hole In The Sky/H.P. Man
    (Parlophone A 8892) 1969
16. I Love Marie/Gonna Make It (Polydor NH 56357) 1969
17. Friends/Rock And Roll Boogie (Polydor NH 539128) 1970

1. She's So Fine (Parlophone GEPO 70024) 1965
2. Easy As Can Be (Parlophone GEPO 70028) 1966
3. Easyfever (Parlophone GEPO 70032) 1966
4. Friday On My Mind (Parlophone GEPO 70041) 1967
5. Heaven And Hell (Parlophone GEPO 70046) 1967
6. Easyfever Vol. 2 (Parlophone GEPO 70048) 1968

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Listen to Watch Me Burn

Friday, February 15, 2008

V.A. - Mynd The Gap

This compilation from 1997 was obviously a bootleg (no label or number). There are some interesting tracks like the two acetate versions by "Cressida" that found their way in a better version on their first album or "Henri Schifter" with his great freak-out version of "Another Time" (originally by Pearls Before Swine aka Tom Rapp). Also great music comes from "Autumn", "Mooche" or "Shere Khan". The thumbs go down for the quality of the sound. Sure, there are some acetates or radio versions here but also the original releases sound like they come from an old C-60 cassette.

1. Cressida - Lights In My Mind
taken from Emidisc acetate (1969)
Line-up: Angus Cullen (vcls, gtr), John Heyworth (gtr), Kevin McCarthy (bs), Peter Jennings (keybd's), Ian Clark (drms). Band origin: London
2. 1984 - This Little Boy
taken from the acetate
This Little Boy/There Is Music All Around Me (1969)
Line-up: Paul Prewer (vcls), Ray Strickson (lead gtr), Barry Haydon-Price (rhythm gtr), Mick Erander (bs), Peter Howes (drms).
Band origin: Essex (UK)
3. Autumn - Shy Fly
taken from Beck Amplification acetate
Shy Fly/Heart Breaker (197?)
Line-up: Ron Shaughnessy (gtr, vcls), John Court (gtr), Keith Parsons (gtr), Peter Cramer (bs, vcls), Dave Charlwood (drms).
Band origin: Brighton (Sussex/UK)
4. Electric Food - The Reason Why
taken from the album
Electric Food (Europa E 424) 1970
Line-up: Georg Mavros (vcls), Peter Hesslein (gtr, vcls), Peter Hecht (keyb'ds), Dieter Horns (bs), "Addi" Rietenbach (drms).
Band origin: Hamburg (Germany)
5. Henry Schifter - Another Time
taken from the single
Another Time/Making Ends Meet (Barclay 61557) 1972
Line-up incl.: Henry Schifter (vcls, gtr), Jo Wright (gtr), Nic Potter (bs).
Origin: US → London → France
6. The Mooche - Seen Through A Light
taken from the single
Hot Smoke And Sassafras/Seen Through A Light (Pye 7N 17735) 1969
Line-up: Ian Pearce (lead gtr, vcls), Dave Soars (bs, vcls), Brian 'Spud' Tatum (organ, lead vcls), Dave Winthorpe (sax, vcls), Jeff Dann (drms).
Band origin: Chelmsford/Sudbury (Essex/UK)
7. Cressida - Depression
See Track 1
8. Griffin - What A Day It's Been
taken from Top Gear Session, Christmas, 1969
Line-up: Graham Bell (vcls), Colin Gibson (bs), Pete Kirtley (gtr), Kenny Craddock (organ), Alan White (drms). Band origin: London
9. Writing On The Wall - Sha La La La Lee
taken from Top Gear Session, Christmas, 1969
Line-up: Linnie Patterson (vcls), Will Finlayson (gtr), Jake Scott (bs), Bill Scott (keybd's), Alby Greenhalgh (wind), Jimmy Hush (drms).
Band origin: Edinburgh (Scotland)
10. Electric Food - Hey Down
See Track 4
11. Shere Khan - Little Louise
taken from the single
Little Louise/No Reason (Tee Pee TPR 1007) 1969
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: London

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Henry Schifter - Another Time

Listen to Shere Khan - Little Louise

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Octopus 4 - Confluents (1969)

This one's by request. The album was once posted by the Mystery Poster blogspot but he won't do re-ups and he gave the permission to share the dead links on other blogs. The bands only recordings (as far as I know) were released in their homeland France as well as in Canada (RCA Victor 740035).

"Oddball tongue-in-cheek organ/guitar "psych" with Beatles/Procol Harum/Stones covers, weird spoken bits with a French accent, rave-ups, bad jokes, and more. Not quite up my alley except for the oddness that hits you on the first play, although others seem to like it. Killer psych sleeve."
(Patrick The Lama in "The Acid Archives")

Opus 1, BACH And Co
- Toccatta (Part. 1)
- Love Is All...
- Gossip
- Walking On The Waves
- Happy You Are, She Loves Me
- A Whiter Shade Of Pale/Rain And Tears/For No One
- Toccata (Part. 2)
- (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
- Something's Dead
- The Last Trombone Player
- For No One
- Much Ado About Nadine


Band origin:

1. Confluents (RCA Victor PCS-4001) 1969

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Listen to The Last Trombone Player

V.A. - The Fort Worth Teen Scene
[The Major Bill Tapes Vol. 2]

You may remember the "Larry & The Blue Notes" album that I have posted in january. It was subtitled as "The Major Bill Tapes" and Big Beat released two years later a compilation of various garage bands (Big Beat WIK 59 / 1987). All groups did their recordings with Major Bill Smith and it's no wonder that this album was subtitled as "The Major Bill Tapes Vol. 2". The two "Electric Love" tracks for instance are pretty fine acid punkers, but the highlights here are my old time favourites of "The Elite" (My Confusion), "The Jades (I'm All Right) and "Larry and The Blue Notes" (Night Of The Phantom).

1. Electric Love - Gotta Get Back To My Baby
2. Electric Love - This Seat Is Saved
taken from the single
This Seat Is Saved/Gotta Get Back To My Baby (Charay 47) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Fort Worth (Texas/US)
3. Elite - My Confusion
4. Elite - I'll Come To You
taken from the single My Confusion/I'll Come To You (Charay 31) 1967
Line-up: Roger Brownlee (vcls, gtr), Eddie Deaton (lead gtr), Bob Barnes (bs), Bruce Lair (drms). Band origin: Fort Worth (Texas/US)
5. Elite - Bye Bye Baby
taken from the single
Bye Bye Baby/All I Want Is You (Charay 56) 1967
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 3
6. Elite - One Potato
taken from the single One Potato/Two Potato (Charay 17) 1966
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 3
7. Ron-Dels - Lost My Love Today
taken from the single
Lost My Love Today/Crying Over You (Brownfield 33) 1965
Line-up: Ronnie Kelly, Delbert McClinton.
Band origin: Fort Worth (Texas/US)
8. Ron-Dels - Lose Your Money
taken from the single
Lose Your Money/Picture Of Me (Smash 2014) 1965
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 7
9. Livin' End - Your Kind Of Love
taken from the single
Your Kind Of Love/You Make Me Feel (Soft 1031) 1968
Line-up incl.: Steve Crane (bs, vcls), Charlie Rouzer (organ).
Band origin: Wichita Falls (Texas/US)
10. Jades - I'm All Right
taken from the single I'm All Right/'Till I Die (Ector 101) 1965
Line-up: Gary Carpenter (lead vcls, rhythm gtr), Larry Earp (lead gtr, vcls), Ronnie Brown (bs, vcls), Jack Henry (keyb'ds), Alvin McCool (drms, vcls).
Band origin: Fort Worth (Texas/US)
11. Jades - Little Girl
taken from the single Little Girl/Mercy, Mercy (Emcee 012/3) 1966
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 10
12. Jades - Don't Bring Me Down
[unreleased / 1966]
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 10
13. Jades - Mercy Mercy
See Track 10
14. Charles Christy & The Crystals - For Your Love
15. Charles Christy & The Crystals - I'm Down
[unreleased / 1965]
Line-up incl.: Charles Christy (vcls), Bobby Jarrell (rhythm gtr).
Band origin: Fort Worth (Texas/US)
16. Larry & The Blue Notes - Night Of The Phantom
taken from the single
Night Of The Phantom/All My Own (Tiris 101 + 20th Century Fox 573) 1965
Line-up: Larry Roquemore (vcls, sax), Larry Slater (lead gtr), Buddy Bates (rhythm gtr, vcls), Randy Cates (bs), Jack Hammonds (organ), Mike Griffin (drms). Band origin: Fort Worth (Texas/US)

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Ron-Dels - Lose Your Money

Listen to Livin' End - Your Kind Of Love