Monday, August 29, 2011

Quarteto 1111 - Singles and EPs (1967-72)

A band from Portugal with a strong Moody Blues influence. Their output spans nearly a dozen Singles/EPs and two albums, the first in the soft-rock/pleasant psych mould, the latter with a more symphonic Prog vibe (I would recommend the first). This release (World Psychedelia WPC 68490 / 2005) contains the best from their 45's and if you like the music of their english contemporaries then you will be rightly served here. Not every track is a winner but songs like "Os Faunos", "Balada Para D. Inês", "Dona Vitória" and especially "Ode To The Beatles" are quite worthwhile.

- A Lenda De El-Rei D. Sebastião
- Os Faunos
- Gente
- Balada Para D. Inês
- Partindo-Se
- Dona Vitória
- Nas Terras Do Fim Do Mundo
- Meu Irmão
- Domingo Em Bidonville
- João Nada
- As Trovas Do Vento Que Passa
- Epílogo
- Back To The Country
- Ode To The Beatles
- Uma Nova Maneira De Encarar O Mundo

António Moniz Pereira (gtr) [ABCDE]
Jorge Moniz Pereira (bs) [A]
José Cid (keyb'ds, vcls) [ABCDE]
Miguel Artur da Silveira (drms) [ABCD]
Mário Rui Terra (bs) [B]
Tózé Brito (bs) [CDE]
Mike Seargent (gtr) [E]
Guilherme Inês (drms) [E]

Band origin:
Estoril (Portugal)

1. (B) Quarteto 1111 (Columbia 8E 062-40037) 1970
2. (E) Onde, Quando, Como, Porquê Cantamos Pessoas Vivas
   (Decca SLPDP 5016) 1974

1. (A) Meu Irmão/Ababilah (Columbia/EMI ) 1968
2. (B) Nas Terras Do Fim Do Mundo/Bissaide
   (Columbia/EMI 45 ML 245) 1969
3. (B) Génese/Os Monstros Sagrados
   (Columbia/EMI 8 E 006-40035 M) 1969
4. (B) Todo O Mundo E Ninguém/É Tempo De Pensar Em Termos
   De Futuro (Columbia 8E 006-40080 M) 1970
5. (D) Back To The Country/Everybody Needs Love, Peace
   And Food (Columbia 8E 006-40088 M) 1970
6. (D) Ode To The Beatles/1111
   (Columbia 8E 006-40140) 1971
7. (D) Sabor A Povo/Uma Nova Maneira De Encarar O Mundo
   (Columbia 8E 006-40250) 1972

1. (A) A Lenda de El-Rei D. Sebastião/Os Faunos/
   Fantasma «POP»/Gente (Columbia/EMI SLEM 2289) 1967
2. (A) Balada Para D. Inês/Partindo-se/
   Vale da Ilusão/Dragão (Columbia/EMI SLEM 2304) 1968
3. (B) Guarda Nocturno/Perspectiva/Tempo de Inocência/
   Dona Vitória (Columbia/EMI SLEM 2325) 1968
4. (B) João Nada/Estrada Para A Minha Aldeia/Domingo Em
   Bidonville/Epílogo (Columbia/EMI E 016-40059) 1970

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Friday, August 19, 2011

V.A. - California Love-In Vol. 2

More psychedelic and pop sounds from the Californian underground '60s scene. In addition to better known groups such as The Travel Agency, Gale Garnett & The Gentle Reign, Damon or the excellent Stone Country there are some great songs from The Californians, Hinge, Waphphle or Initial Shock.

1. Travel Agency - What's A Man
taken from the single What's A Man/She Understands (Viva 637) 1969
Line-up incl.: Steve Haehl (lead gtr, vcls), Frank Lupica (drms), Michael S. Aydelotte. Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)
2. Gale Garnett And The Gentle Reign - Breaking Through
taken from the single
Breaking Through/Fall In Love Again (Columbia 44479) 1969
Line-up: Gale Garnett (lead vcls), Bruce Horiuchi (lead gtr, kazoo), Bob Ingram (gtr), Tony Hill (keyb'ds), Michael Aragon (drms).
Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)
3. The Californians - Nausea Beast
taken from the single Glass Disguise/Nausea Beast (Crazy Horse 1318) 1969
Line-up incl.: Richard Bastrup (gtr), Jim Ferguson (gtr), Curt Pickelle (bs), Doug Brown (sax, keyb'ds), Steve Schmit (drms).
Band origin: Anaheim (California/US)

4. Damon - Oh What A Good Boy Am I
taken from the single
Song Of A Gypsy/Oh, What A Good Boy Am I (Ankh 1) 1969
Line-up incl.: Damon [real name David Del Conte] (vcls, gtr).
Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)
5. Stone Country - Love Psalm
taken from the single Love Psalm/Magnolias (RCA 47-9472) 1968
Line-up: Steve Young (lead gtr, vcls), Doug Brooks (rhythm gtr, vcls), Richard Lockmiller (gtr), Dann Barry (bs, vcls), Don Beck (banjo), Dennis Conway (drms). Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)
6. Hinge - Now Let Me Love You
taken from the single
Now Let Me Love You/I'll Pretend (Highland 1194) 1968
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)
7. Stained Glass – Lonely
[demo / 1966]
Line-up: Bob Rominger (gtr), Jim McPherson (bs, vcls), Dennis Carrasco (drms). Band origin: San Jose (California/US)
8. Boston Tea Party - Don't Leave Me Alone
taken from the single Is It Love/Don't Leave Me Alone (Fona 311) 1967
Line-up: Travis Fields (vcls), Mike Stevens (lead gtr), Richard de Perna (bs), Robert de Perna (organ), Dave Novogroski (drms).
Band origin: Burbank (California/US)
9. Waphphle - Going Down
taken from the single Goin' Down/I Want You (Elektra 45616) 1967
Line-up: Glenn Strawn (lead gtr), Brian Barmby (bs), Jack Giere (vcls, keyb'ds), Rick Jagla (drms). Band origin: Sacramento (California/US)
10. Unwritten Law - Action Speaks Louder
taken from the single
This Whole World Is Blind/Action Speaks Louder (Strata 106) 197?
Line-up incl.: Luther Burbank (vcls, gtr).
Band origin: Burlingame (California/US)

11. Initial Shock – You've Been A Long Time Comin'
taken from the single
You've Been A Long Time Comin'/I Once Asked (BFD 2022) 1967
Line-up: Mojo Collins (gtr, organ, vcls), George Wallace (lead gtr), Steve Garr (bs), Brian Knaff (drms).
Band origin: Missoula (Montana) → San Francisco (California/US)
12. Ferguson Tractor - Desperation Blues
taken from the single
12 O'Clock High/Desperation Blues (MTA 169) 1969
Line-up incl.: D. Ferguson. Band origin: California
13. Mount Rushmore – Rough Rider
[demo / 1967]
Line-up: Glen Smith (vcls), Mike Bolan (lead gtr), Terry Kimball (bs), Travis Fullerton (drms). Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)
14. Stone Country - Life Stands Daring Me
taken from the single
Life Stands Daring Me/Time Isn't There [Anymore] (RCA 47-9301) 1967
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 5
15. Californians - Glass Disguise
See Track 3
16. Laughing Wind – The Bells
taken from the single John Works Hard/The Bells (Tower 315) 1967
Line-up: Dan Harris (gtr, vcls), Shaun Harris (gtr, bs, vcls), Michael Lloyd (keyb'ds, gtr, vcls). Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)
17. Thorinshield - Family Of Man
taken from the single
Family Of Man/Lonely Mountain Again (Philips 40521) 1968
Line-up: James Smith (gtr, vcls), Bobby Ray (bs, vcls), Terry Hand (drms, vcls). Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)
18. Bethlehem Exit - Walk Me Out
taken from the single
Walk Me Out/Blues Concerning My Girl (Jabberwock 110) 1966
Line-up: John Tomasi (lead vcls, harp), Pete Sultzbach (gtr), Dave Wilkie (bs), Chris Ingstrom (drms). Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)
19. Travel Agency - She Understands
See Track 1
20. nePenthe - Good Morning Baby
taken from the single
Good Morning Baby/Slow It Down (Direction D-4003) 1970
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: California
21. Peter Fonda - Catch The Wind
taken from the single November Nights/Catch The Wind (Chisa 004) 1967
Line-up incl.: Peter Fonda (vcls), Hugh Masekela (trumpet).
Origin: Los Angeles (California/US)
22. California Bear - Hand My Head
taken from the single Hand My Head/Virgin Dreams (M&H MH-101) 1969
Line-up incl.: Bruce Terry. Band origin: Riverside (California/US)
23. Stone Country - Time Isn't There (Anymore)
See Track 14
24. Instant Ralston – Mariposa
taken from the single Mariposa/Rock And Mole (Scepter 12338) 1971
Line-up incl.: Gerry Ralston (vcls). Band origin: California
25. Randy S & The Westwood Paper - Haight Ashbury Blues
taken from the single
Haight Ashbury Blues/ Haight Ashbury Blues instrumental
(American Gramophone 6-667) 1967

Line-up incl.: Randy Sparks. Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)
26. Crystal Fountain – Sensations
taken from the single The Night Behind Us/Sensations (acetate) 1967
Line-up incl.: Wendy Flower (lead vcls), Bonnie Flower (drms).
Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)

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Listen to Californians - Nausea Beast

Listen to Initial Shock – You've Been A Long Time Comin'

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moon's Train (1967)

Peter 'Moon' Gosling was the vocalist, keyboardist and mastermind behind Moon's Train and wrote most of the songs with Stones bassist Billy Wyman, who managed and produced this Beckenham/London group. Their only official release for MGM in 1967, the 45 "Deed I Do/It's In Her Mind" went nowhere. The band had enough material for an intended album but after Gosling and Wyman had drifted apart it remained in the can. In 1998 Tenth Planet released a 16 song album (Tenth Planet TP037) with the proposed tracks from an acetate (except "Marriage Is For Old Folks"). The music is typical soulish Mod, pretty much in the Alan Bown Set mould although I prefer the songs that take the same line as the Small Faces, the powerful "Wait For Me" and especially the anthem-like "My Town". Also included are the Gosling/Wyman compositions "Shades Of Orange" and "Loving, Sacred Loving" as instrumentals, later picked up by The End for their "Introspection" album.

- The Life I Lead
- Wait For Me
- You Got Me
- Say What I Mean
- Loving, Sacred Loving
- Bakerman
- Telephone Talker
- My Town
- I'm Not The Marrying Kind
- I Get Excited
- My Love For You
- Shades Of Orange
- Home And Dry
- Nervous
- Moanin'
- Memories Of You

Caroline Attard (vcls) [A]
Jernima Smith (vcls) [A]
Lewis Rich (vcls) [A]
Peter 'Moon' Gosling (keyb'ds, vcls) [AB]
Ken Leamon (sax, flute) [AB]
Peter 'Face' Lynton (gtr, bs) [A]
Tony Chapman (drms) [A]
Ian Dibbon (gtr) [B]
Peter Atwood (bs) [B]
Alec Brown (trumpet) [B]
Malcolm Penn (drms) [B]

Band origin:

1. (B) Moon's Train (MGM acetate) 1967

1. Deed I Do/It's In Her Mind (MGM 1333) 1967

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Listen to My Town

Friday, August 5, 2011

Penthouse 5 - The WordD Is Love (1966-67)

Often misspelt as "The World Is Love" this CD (Collectables COL-0683 / 1997) centres around Dallas resident Jon Williams and his involvement in three great garage/acid punk bands, Penthouse 5, By Fives and The WordD. It contains all the singles (except for the By Fives B-Side) and alternate versions as well as unreleased material, which is equally good. The WordD got another airing on the latest Cicadelic release "It's A Happening! - Texas Girls Of The 60's" that is strongly recommended.

- Bad Girl
- Don't Mess Around With My Dream
- In His Shadow
- I Saw You Walking • by The By Fives
- Keep On Walking (unreleased version) • by WordD
- You're Gonna Make Me • by WordD
- You're Gonna Make Me
- Vertigo Blue Sometime (previously unreleased version)
- It's All My Own Bizarre Dream (prev. unreleased version)
- La, La, La (previously unreleased version)
- Twelve String Jangle (previoulsy unreleased)
- You're Always Around (previously unreleased)
- You're Always Around • by The WordD
- Today Is Just Tomorrow's Yesterday (demo) • by WordD
- Today Is Just Tomorrow's Yesterday (4 track) • by WordD
- The Years Have Passed (backing track)
- It's All My Own Bizarre Dream (demo)
- Don't Mess Around With My Dream (demo) • by Ron Price
- Vertigo Blue Sometime (pbacking track)
- Today Is Just Tomorrow's Yesterday (early rehearsals)

Personnel [Penthouse 5]:
Rob Graham (vcls) [A]
Justin Brown (lead gtr) [A]
Steve Wood (gtr, keyb'ds, vcls) [AB]
Bill Looney (bs) [AB]
Mark Porter (drms) [A]
Jon Williams (lead vcls, keyb'ds, hrmnca) [B]
Richard Keathley (lead gtr, vcls) [B]
Mike Echart (drms) [B]
(Becky Durr (lead vcls) [B]

Band origin:
Dallas (Texas)

1. (A) Bad Girl/In His Shadow (Solar 7665-4211) 1966
2. (A) You're Gonna Make Me/
   Don't Mess Around With My Dream (Hawk 1-1-67) 1967

[2. as Penthouse]

Personnel [The WordD]:
Genie Geer (lead vcls)
Jon Williams (lead vcls, keyb'ds, hrmnca)
Richard Keathley (lead gtr)
Pat Whitefield (bs)
Bob Johnson (drms)

Band origin:
Dallas (Texas)

1. You're Always Around/You're Gonna Make Me
   (Caprice 609V-4983) 1966

Personnel incl. [By Fives]:
Jon Williams (lead vcls)

Band origin:
Dallas (Texas)

1. I Saw You Walking/That's How Strong My Love Is
   (Tomi 106) 1966

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