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Pussycats - The Pussycats Story (1965-67)

This Tromsø/Norway act started as The Arctic in spring 1964. They headed to Stockholm/Sweden to pursue a professional career and it was there where they met the businessman Sten Ekroth, who became their manager. Ekroth's idea was to make the band as big as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and it was him who came out with the name "Pussycats". Their first single "Ebb Tide/Cadillac" sold nearly 25,000 copies. Their follow-up "Gonna Send You Back To Georgia/Donna" did not sell nearly as much, but at least it was not a week without the Pussycats was featured in the press. Their career was marked by scandal stories, often arranged by their manager. Their debut-album Pssst! Pssst! was hailed as a masterpiece in the press, and from a historical perspective, the LP is considered to be a milestone. No other Norwegian artists had until 1966 been able to make a rock LP of such convincing quality, both in terms of sound, performance and song material. The album was also one of the '60s greatest successes in Norway and stayed ten weeks on top of the charts, which was a Norwegian record. During a publicity tour in the summer of 1966, the Pussycats' second LP was recorded in Hamburg. Mrrr... Mrrr... was a bold mix of catchy pop songs and more experimental tunes and received ovations in the press and sold well again. Prior to the release of Mrrr... Mrrr... Ekroth quit his job and Totto Johannessen took over the management. More singles followed and they developed now a more polished Pop sound with less success. "Vanya Maria/Death Is Coming" was their last release as The Pussycats and perhaps their only record with hints of Psychedelia. Another 45 "Sjøreisa/Mors Minner" came out under the pseudonym Sailors but didn't make much impression. Soon after the band quit but in 1971 Trond Graff and Sverre Kjelsberg reformed the group with new members. Their only output was the album "Touch Wood" in 1973 which moves towards Progressive and Jazz.

The Pussycats Story (PolyGram 847502-2 / 1990) includes all their singles and the best tracks of their two albums.

- Ebb Tide
- Cadillac
- Donna
- Gonna Send You Back To Georgia
- Boom Boom
- Gone, Gone, Gone
- Danny
- Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
- The Last Time
- Just A Little Teardrop
- Let Me Stay With You
- Purdy Patsy
- Baby Baby
- Don't Love Me
- Love Me Tonight
- Why Have We To Wait
- Song
- They Say...
- Regrets
- I'm Going Home
- The Craftsman
- True True Lovin'
- Travellin'
- A Night Of Life
- Rain
- Call Me
- Vanja Maria
- Death Is Coming

Trond "Eddy" Graff (lead gtr, vcls, organ) [ABCDEFGHI]
Ottar "Jimmy" Aasegg (rhythm gtr, vcls) [ABCDEFGH]
Sverre "Teddy" Kjelsberg (bs, lead vcls) [ABCDEFGHI]
Ingemar "Reddy" Stjerndahl (keyb'ds, vcls) [AC]
Friedel "Freddy" Brandt (drms) [ABCDEFGH]
Dennis Wilhelmsson (keyb'ds, vcls) [B]
Christian Reim (keyb'ds) [D]
John Erik Holtan (keyb'ds) [E]
(Arild Boman (keyb'ds) [F])
Janne Løseth (lead gtr, vcls) [G]
Per Christian Hansen (gtr) [H]
Bjørn Henriksen (gtr) [I]
Bror Dahl (sax) [I]
Knut T. Johannessen (drms) [I]

Band origin:
Tromsø (Norway)

 1. (A) Psst! Psst! Psst! (Polydor Int. 623013) 1966
 2. (A) Mrr... Mrr... (Polydor Int. 623020) 1966
 3. (I) Touch Wood (Polydor 2382033) 1973

 1. (A) Ebb Tide/Cadillac (Karusell KFF-613) 1965
 2. (A) Gonna Send You Back To Georgia/Donna
    (Karusell KFF-623) 1965
 3. (A) Boom Boom/Gone Gone Gone (Teen Beat TBP 01) 1965
 4. (A) Let Me Stay With You/Purdy Patsy
    (Teen Beat TBP 03) 1966
 5. (A) Just A Little Teardrop/Baby Baby
    (Teen Beat TBP 04) 1966
 6. (A) Why Have We To Wait/Regrets
    (Teen Beat TBP 05) 1966
 7. (E) Smile At Me [Flexi-Disc] (Poppy Sound PS 102) 1966
 8. (A) The Craftsman/Song (Teen Beat TBP 06) 1967
 9. (F) A Night Of Life/Rain (Polydor NH 66800) 1967
10. (G) Vanja Maria/Death Is Coming
    (Polydor NH 66810) 1967
11. (G) Sjøreisa/Mors Minner (Nor-Disc NOR 156) 1967

[11. as Sailors]

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West Coast Consortium - Looking Back (1967-70)

A harmony-pop outfit from London, they started as The West Coast Consortium. With their high-pitched falsetto vocals they are nothing for the hard-psych connoisseur. Their first single didn't make any impression and for some reason they changed their name for the second 45 to Robbie (maybe to establish their lead singer Robbie Fair as a solo act). Again success eluded them, although it was quite good. The follow-up "Colour Sergeant Lilywhite" was perhaps their most psychedelic and one of their best outings. Soon after they added organist Bill Mangham to their line-up and shortened their name to Consortium. The first record they did under the new moniker was "All The Love In The World". It was their only hit, reaching #22 in the UK charts. Not a bad song, but the backings are totally annoying. They released five more singles, all in the same style. Particularly "Day The Train Never Came", "I Don't Want Her Any More" and "The House Upon The Hill" are well worth hearing. They finally split around 1975 after RCA cancelled a record deal for an LP. At this time only Robbie Fair, now Robbie Legat, was the only remaining original member. The recordings were finally released as "Rebirth" on Angel Air in 2006 and more or less in the Pop-Rock vein. In 2003 Castle (Castle Music CMRCD 786) released "Looking Back", a 27 track CD, including all the singles (except the last) plus 11 unreleased tracks. There's another CD on Wooden Hill called "Mr. Umbrella Man" with more unreleased stuff.

- Some Other Someday
- Looking Back
- Indigo Spring
- Listen To The Man
- Colour Sergeant Lillywhite
- Lady From Baltimore
- All The Love In The World
- Spending My Life Saying Goodbye
- When The Day Breaks
- The Day The Train Never Came
- Beggar Man
- Cynthia Serenity
- I Don't Want Her Anymore
- The House Upon The Hill
- Melanie Cries Alone
- Copper Coloured Years
- To Please Louise
- Amanda Jane
- Cindy In Love
- Willow Wood
- I'll Always Love You
- Soldiers In The Rain
- Live And Let Live
- Once Upon A Time
- What Are They All Singing About
- Scarlet River
- One Day The Train Never Came

Robbie Fair [aka Robbie Leggat] (vcls) [ABC]
Brian Bronson (gtr) [AB]
Geoffrey Simpson (organ, lead gtr, vcls) [AB]
John Barker (bs, trombone) [AB]
John Podbury (drms) [AB]
Bill Mangham (organ) [B]
Brian Parker (vcls, gtr) [C]
Mick Ware (vcls, gtr) [C]
Ken Brown (bs) [C]
John Parker (drms) [C]

Band origin:

1. (C) Rebirth (Angel Air SJPCD 216) 2006

[1. racorded 1975]

1. (A) Some Other Someday/Looking Back (Pye 7N 17352) 1967
2. (A) Indigo Spring/Listen To The Man (Pye 7N 17370) 1967
3. (A) Colour Sergeant Lillywhite/Lady From Baltimore
   (Pye 7N 17482) 1968
4. (B) All The Love In The World/
   Spending My Life Saying Goodbye (Pye 7N 17635) 1968
5. (B) When The Day Breaks/Day The Train Never Came
   (Pye 7N 17725) 1969
6. (B) Beggar Man/Cynthia Serenity (Pye 7N 17797) 1969
7. (B) I Don't Want Her Any More/The House Upon The Hill
   (Pye 7N 17841) 1969
8. (B) Melanie Cries Alone/Copper Coloured Years
   (Trend TNT 52) 1970
9. (B) Annabella/Tell Me My Friend (Trend 6099 004) 1971

[1. + 3. as West Coast Consortium]
[2. as Robbie]
[4. - 9. as Consortium]

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V.A. - Live! From The Grooveyard (1967)

It's hard to believe that New Westminster could be the heart of the R&B Scene, but there it was, the mid 60's, and IKE AND TINA TURNER were on the bill! The former Hollywood Bowl, under new ownership of Les Vogt and the management of Douglas Miller, became the short lived Grooveyard, and took its rightful place in local music history. MARVIN GAYE, ETTA JAMES, LITTLE JUNIOR PARKER, THE SPINNERS, and BO DIDDLEY performed there, as well as hot Northwest groups THE KINGSMEN, PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS, DON AND THE GOODTIMES, and even THE SONICS. Most importantly, The Grooveyard gave some of Vancouver's hottest acts a stage and, on some very special evenings, you could see up to ten live bands and dance 'til you dropped. It just didn't get any better. The original album was the brainchild of Les Vogt, band manager, concert promoter, rockabilly performer, and owner of the Grooveyard. He thought the album would generate more publicity for the club and the bands in his management stable. He took his idea to musician and song writer Tom Northcott and local entrepreneur Jack Herschorn at their offices, where they operated New Syndrome Records.
All the songs on the album were recorded and engineered by Robin Spurgin at his studio. [..] The songs were not really recorded live in the club, but were actually played live in the studio with no added overdubs. Oddly, the crowd noise that was added to the background was recorded at the Arctic Club (a Vancouver Jazz venue) and not at the Grooveyard.
[..] Recorded in 1966 and released in 1967, the originals pressing of the double album was only 1000 copies (making it one of the most sought after albums in Vancouver record collector circles). Doug Cuthbert, the original drummer for the Night Train Revue, did the original cover design.
(taken from the liner notes)

Neptoon Records was responsible for this re-issue (Neptoon 005 / 2004) and as one might expect it consists mainly of Soul and R&B covers. Not a bad album, all bands are competent and the music has a special Northwest sound. The Stags for instance did a fine cover of The Wailers' "Out Of Our Tree" as well as an innocent version of The Byrds' "It Won't Be Wrong", The Shockers could easily find place on any "Northwest Battle Of The Bands" volume and The Shantelles' cover of "Have Love Will Travel" leans more towards to The Sonics than to the Richard Berry original (but in a smooth way). Live! From The Grooveyard is surely an artifact but also a hipshaker and quite good listen through.

1. Epics - It's Growing
2. Epics - Knock On Wood
3. Night Train Revue - Letter Song
4. Night Train Revue - 99-1/2
5. Soul Unlimited - Get Out Of My Life Woman
6. Soul Unlimited - Choo Choo
7. Kentish Steele & The Shantelles - Have Love Will Travel
8. Kentish Steele & The Shantelles - Land Of 1000 Dances
9. Kentish Steele & The Shantelles - Leaving Here
10. Kentish Steele & The Shantelles - Mercy Mercy
11. Stags - It Won't Be Wrong
12. Stags - Out Of Our Tree
13. Shockers - You Don't Love Me
14. Shockers - It's You Alone
15. Nocturnals - Mustang Sally
16. Soul Unlimited - Little Joe
17. Soul Unlimited - Something You Got
18. Night Train Revue - Sometimes I Wonder
19. Night Train Revue - You Don't Know Like I Know
20. Epics - Cleo's Back
21. Epics - If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time
22. Shockers - Don't Bring Me Down
23. Shockers - You Better Run
24. Nocturnals - Slow Down
25. Nocturnals - You Make Me Feel So Good
26. Nocturnals - Get On Back
27. Stags - Drive My Car
28. Stags - Everybody Knows (I Still Love You)

Jayson Hoover (vcls)
Jim Harmata (gtr)
Bob Kidd (bs)
Bill Gibson (keyb'ds)
Gunther Klaus (sax)
Dave MacPhail (drms)

Chuck Flintroy (vcls)
Sy Risby (vcls)
Suzanne Cliff (vcls)
Chuck Cliff (organ)

Carl Graves (vcls)
Bob Nahirnak (gtr)
Wayne Pealo (bs)
Robbie Buchanan (keyb'ds)
Al Lynch (trumpet, vcls)
Bruce Norris (trombone)
Ken Bronsch (sax)
Stan Williamson (drms)

Kentish Steele (vcls)
Paul Dean (gtr)
Brian Pulham (bs)
Brian Tingle (organ)
Gary Greensword (trumpet)
Warren Clarke (trumpet)
Stu Meadows (trombone)
Brian Tansley (sax)
Glen Gish (sax)
Jim Patterson (drms)

Lloyd Manuel (gtr)
Pete McKinnon (bs)
Dan Hunt (organ)
Norm Stacey (drms)

Keith Foreman (vcls)
Mike Wilson (gtr)
Carl Erickson (bs)
Ed Coppard (keyb'ds)
Dave Jonsson (drms, vcls)

Ron Henschel (gtr)
Wayne Evans (bs)
Chad Thorp (organ)
Roger Skinner (sax)
Carl Erickson (sax)
Bill McBeth (drms, lead vcls)

Band origins:
Vancouver (British Columbia/Canada)

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Trevor McNamara - Yeah Captain (1971)

Trevor McNamara's career started in the Adelaide group 5 Sided Circle. During that time he also wrote "H.M.S. Buffalo", picked up by psychedelic band Inside Looking Out for their last 45. He left after two years with and formed Musick Express. Their only single "Jackie's Thing/How Does Paternity Suit You" reached the Top 100 in 1970 but they quit soon afterwards. "Jackie's Thing" can also be heard on the excellent Incredible Sound Show Stories #13 compilation. He then recorded enough material for a solo album, which was finally released in 1971 on the little Nationwide label and was highly touted by those who have heard it. Musically speaking not much was heard about him since. As far as I understood he changed his instruments with brushes and found fulfillment in paintings but in 2010 he reformed his first band 5 Sided Circle for a few gigs. World in Sound re-issued his album in 2001 (World in Sound WIS 1009) with two bonus tracks from his lone single. The music is a mishmash of different styles, ranging from Psychedelic (Silver/Yeah Captain) to Folk/Singer/Songwriter (The Gun/P.I.P./Living On A Strain) or Prog influenced Pop/Rock (Now/Digging). It seems he didn't know in which direction he should go and it's no wonder that Trevor McNamara itself didn't like "Yeah Captain". To my ears it's not that bad and there are some pleasant cuts on the album but it's also not fully convincing and especially no lost gem.

- Silver
- Waking
- The Gun
- 15
- Jackie's Thing [From The Pop Opera 'Piano']
- Joseph Blackwell
- Riding To Athenbury
- Yeah Captain, Pt. 1
- Now
- P.I.P.
- Cavalier
- Digging
- I'm Very Sane Thank You
- Black Girl
- Sinners
- Living On A Strain
- Yeah Captain, Pt. 2
- Morocco [bonus]
- Country Corn [bonus]

Trevor McNamara
(bs, cello, drms, flute, gtr, keyb'ds, sax, vcls)

Adelaide (South Australia)

1. Yeah Captain (Nationwide NLP 029) 1971

1. Morocco/Country Corn (Nationwide NSP-041) 1971

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Pilgrims - Telling Youth... The Truth (1962-67)

Rock; Christianity; guitars; church... in the 21st century these words don't seem odd together. But, in 1961 rock meant "devil music" and church meant "boring". The Pilgrims changed all that. Raise among the world-war bombsites of southeast London, the five "Pilgrims" were part of the first generation to be called "teenagers". The swinging sixties had started and it was not cool to be Christian. These full-blooded teenagers with a love for rock music became christians but opted not to conform. They put faith and rock together and changed christian music for good. The Pilgrims were the first wholly electric Christian rock group and shocked the churches of their day. Later bands broke through into mainstream recording, radio and TV, but The Pilgrims were breaking traditions and taboos. After playing at a church service attended by Princess Margaret the group were condemned on national radio by a Countess (no less!). But The Pilgrims didn't want upper class approval; they spoke to their own generation in a language they understood. The group played in churches, to be sure, but their favourite audiences were in beat clubs and dives where nobody was pretending to be holy. When you listen to The Pilgrims you can sense the rawness and enthusiasm of a newfound faith; nut the music is polished and professional. They put heart and soul into their playing and wanted to be the best. At a 1966 concert in a 2,500-seat auditorium opposite Westminster Abbey they were feted as "not only the best, but also the LOUDEST Christian group". [..]
taken from the liner notes

The Pilgrims have all my sympathy. Except for the lyrics you would'nt believe that they came from the Christian environment. The music leans towards early UK R&B/Beat but with a sound that is closer to american garage bands. Not every track on this CD (LRL 001 / 2004) is a winner but songs like "Hey You", "Thank You Lord" or "There's Something In Your Life" will satisfy every garage-head and lovers of raw and wild Beat. On this occasion I would like to recommend you the highly enjoyable UK Xian Beat compilation on the excellent Roots And Traces: Spurensicherung blogspot.

- Hey You!
- Thank You Lord
- Heaven's The Place For Me • Version 2
- There's Someone In Your Life
- I Didn't Care
- Think It Over • Version 2
- Wait And See
- Do You Believe In God?
- Heard It All Before
- Any Time Of The Day
- Who's Your Lord?
- I Know I'm Going To Heaven
- He Wants You
- I Don't Need You
- What Are You Doing With Your Life?
- Think Of God's Love
- I Praise The Lord
- Don't You Think It's Time
- Heaven's The Place For Me • Version 1
- I Found A Special Friend
- Think It Over • Version 1

Derrick Phillips (rhythm gtr, vcls) [ABC]
Don Sanders (lead gtr, bs) [ABCD]
Ian Wilkie (drms, vcls) [ABCD]
John Hubbard (bs, vcls) [AB]
Chris King (vcls) [A]
Tony Goodman (vcls, lead gtr, hrmnca) [BCD]

Band origin:

1. Heaven's The Place For Me/Think Of God's Love
   (Herald 2416) 1964

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V.A. - California Love-In Vol. 3

The third "Love-In" volume keeps the good standard of the previous releases. That means unknown and (still) uncompiled music from the Californian sixties. Bands like Canterbury Fair, Morning Glory or Peppermint Trolley Co. are no unknowns for the '60s connoisseur and you will also get your kicks with Joyride's excellent cover of The Doors' "Crystal Ship", the unusual but great "We Chose To Walk" by Zone 26 or Earth Island's non-album track "Doomsday Afternoon". Info on some bands is still hard to find but Jonathan Cole was the writer for Joyrides third and last single "Land of Rypap Papyr" and also responsible for Sound Sandwich's excellent "Apothecary Dream". Maybe there's a link betweens these two bands but it's just a guess. A nice and pleasant collection with 25 titles this is recommended for "Soft Sounds For Gentle People" addicts.

1. Aggregation – Maharishi
taken from the single Sunshine Superman/Maharishi (LHI 1209) 1968
Line-up: LeWayne Braun (lead gtr, vcls), Dale Burt (piano, organ, vcls), Bayard Gregory (drms, timpani, bongos, tambourine, vcls), Leo Potts (flute, clarinet, sax, recorder, kazoo, vcls), Lemoyne Taylor (flute, clarinet, sax, slide whistle, vcls). Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
2. Joyride – Crystal Ship
taken from the single
The Crystal Ship/Coming Soon (World Pacific 77877) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
3. Thorinshield – Life Is A Dream
taken from the single The Best Of It/Life Is A Dream (Philips 40492) 1967
Line-up: James Smith (gtr, vcls), Bobby Ray (bs, vcls), Terry Hand (drms, vcls). Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
4. Chocolate Tunnel - Ostrich People
taken from the single
Highly Successful Young Rupert White/Ostrich People
(In-Sound 403/Era 3185) 1967

Line-up incl.: Kenny Johnson (lead gtr, vcls), Jerry Ritchie (bs).
Band origin: Bakersfield (California)
5. Zone 26 – Chose To Walk
taken from the single
Chose To Walk/When The World Turns Cold (World Pacific 77896) 1967
Line-up incl.: Brian Monsour (keyb'ds). Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
6. Power – She Is The Color
taken from the single
Children Ask [If He Is Dead]/She Is The Color
(Showplace WS 218/MGM K 13815) 1967

Line-up: Robin Johnston (lead gtr, vcls), John Romero (lead vcls, gtr), Joe Romero (bs, vcls), Jim Sanchez (keyb'ds, vcls), Joe Rodriguez (drms, vcls).
Band origin: Torrance/Hawthorne (California)
7. Earth Island – Doomsday Afternoon
taken from the single
Doomsday Afternoon/Tuesday Afternoon (Philips DJP 62 40673) 1970
Line-up: Bruce Doshier (lead gtr, flute, vcls), Bill Liska (gtr, vcls), Richard Vanderwoerdt (gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), Nicholas Rush (drms, vcls).
Band origin: Canada → Los Angeles (California)
8. Morning Glory – I See A Light
taken from the single Need Someone/I See A Light (Fontana 1613) 1968
Line-up: Gini Graybeal (lead vcls, cymbals, tamb), Bob Bohanna (bs, gtr, vcls), Larry Gerughty (organ, piano, harpsichord, vcls), Allen Wehr (drms).
Band origin: San Francisco (California)
9. Elfstone - Beat The Clock
taken from the single
Louisiana Teardrops/Beat The Clock (World Pacific 77912) 1968
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
10. Canterbury Fair – Days I Love
taken from the single Song On A May Morning/Days I Love (Koala 8081) 1968
Line-up: Phillip Hollingsworth (bs, keyb'ds, vcls), John Hollingsworth (keyb'ds, vcls), Joe Lo Freso (keyb'ds), Sean Corsaro (drms).
Band origin: Fresno (California)
11. Lewis & Clarke Expedition – Daddy's Plastic Child
taken from the single
Daddy's Plastic Child/Gypsy Song Man (Colgems 1028) 1968
Line-up: Ken Bloom (lead gtr, autoharp, clarinet, sax, flute, organ), Boomer Clarke [aka Owen Castleman] (gtr, perc, vcls), Travis Lewis [aka Michael Martin Murphy] (gtr, hrmnca, vcls), John London (gtr, bs, perc), Johnny Raines (drms, perc). Band origin: Dallas (Texas)
12. Gale Garnett - I Make Him Fly
taken from the single The Sun Is Gray/I Make Him Fly (RCA 47-9020) 1967
Line-up incl.: Gale Zoë Garnett (vcls), Mike Deasy (gtr), Van Dyke Parks (keyb'ds), Earl Palmer (drms). Origin: Los Angeles (California)
13. Rejoice – Golden Gate Park
taken from the single Golden Gate Park/Sonora (Dunhill D-4158) 1968
Line-up incl.: Tom Brown (vcls), Nancy Brown (vcls), Michael Patrick Moore (drms). Additional musicians: Hal Blaine (drms), Joe Osborne (bs), Larry Knechtel (piano). Band origin: Marin County (California)

14. Looking Glass - If I Never Love Again
taken from the single
Silver And Sunshine [How Wonderful Is Our Love]/If I Never Love Again
(Valiant 750) 1967

Line-up: Ron Andre (vcls), Bonnie Andre [aka Bonnie Donato] (vcls), Linda Donato (vcls). Band origin: Sacramento (California)
15. Peppermint Trolley Co. - It's A Lazy Summer Day
taken from the single It's A Lazy Summer Day/Blue Eyes (Acta 809) 1967
Line-up: Danny Faragher (vcls, clavinet, organ, trombone, piano, perc), Jimmy Faragher (vcls, bs, perc), Casey Cunningham (drms, perc). Additional musician: James Fleming Rasmussen (gtr).
Band origin: Redlands (California)
16. Knack – Pretty Daisy
taken from the single Pretty Daisy/Banana Man (Capitol 5940) 1967
Line-up: Mike Chain (lead vcls, gtr), Dink Kaplan (gtr), Larry Gould (bs, vcls), Pug Baker (drms). Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
17. Family Album – Get Together
taken from the single Get Together/Mind Beside Mine (December 875) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: California
18. Chris & Craig – I Need You
taken from the single Isha/I Need You (Capitol 5694) 1966
Line-up incl.: Craig Smith (gtr, vcls), Chris Ducey (gtr, vcls).
Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
19. Zone 26 – When The World Turns Cold
See Track 5
20. Carmel Covered Popcorn – Suzie Q
taken from the single Suzie Q/Looking For A Place (Vistone 2055) 1968
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
21. People – Riding High
taken from the single Organ Grinder/Riding High (Capitol 5920) 1967
Line-up: Gene Mason (vcls), Larry Norman (vcls), Jeoff Levin (gtr), Robb Levin (bs), Albert Ribisi (organ), Denny Fridkin (drms).
Band origin: San Jose (California)
22. Yankee Dollar – Mucky Truckee River
taken from the single
Mucky Truckee River/Reflections Of A Shattered Mind (Dot 17213) 1969
Line-up: Liza Gonzales (vcls), Dave Riordan (vcls), Greg Likins (gtr), Bill Reynolds (bs), Bill Masuda (organ), Nick Alexander (drms).
Band origin: San Luis Obispo (California)
23. Knack - Banana Man
See Track 16
24. Meditations – Transcendental Meditation
taken from the single
Transcendental Meditation/Beautiful Experience
(World Pacific 77876) 1967

Line-up: unknown. Band origin: California
25. Aggregation – Sunshine Superman
See Track 1

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Listen to Zone 26 – Chose To Walk

Listen to Canterbury Fair – Days I Love

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wild Cherries - That's Life (1965-68)

The Wild Cherries started as a R&B combo in 1964. In their early days they often shared the gigs with The Purple Hearts. After a radical line-up change only founding member Les Gilbert remained and took over the keyboards. Lead guitarist Lobby Loyde (aka Barry Lyde) came from the Purple Hearts and as a five piece they released their first two singles in 1967. With new bass player John Phillips two more 45's followed a year later. The band went through a series of personnel changes and at the end of 1969 they finally call it quits. Lobby Loyde reformed the band as a power trio in 1971 but after a lone single the band finally falling apart. Half A Cow Records, who was responsible for the great Purple Hearts release "Benzedrine Beat", put out a complete discography (except the '71 recordings) of the Wild Cherries material (Half A Cow HAC 113 / 2007). Sad to say that "That's Life" didn't live up to my expectations. It is said that they were an adventurous and breathtaking live-band but on their recordings it seems that they couldn't unlock the handbrake. The strangely titled debut "Krome Plated Yabby" is not bad but nothing exceptional. The follow-up "That's Life" is far better and like its predecessor very much in the Cream style. The A-side of their third single "Gotta Stop Lying" is the best song to my ears and not unlike british psych-influenced Freak Beat. The 16 unreleased tracks, nine of them live, are more thrilling than their official releases. Especially their version of "Tobacco Road" is rough-as-guts and the live-version of "Without You" lives up for the name "Wild" Cherries. The CD comes with a 36 booklet and extensive liner notes.

- Krome Plated Yabby
- Everything I Do Is Wrong
- That's Life
- Try Me (I'm Not as Bad as You Think)
- Gotta Stop Lying
- Time Killer
- I Don't Care
- Theme for a Merry-Go-Round
- Without You
- Coming Home Baby
- Tobacco Road
- Worried Blues
- You Don't Love Me
- Get Out of My Life
- Bye Bye Bird
- Without You [version 2] • live
- I'm Your Kingpin • live
- Mad Man Blues • live
- Tobacco Road • live
- Parchman Farm • live
- Smokestack Lightning • live
- My Generation • live
- Ain't Got You • live
- Baby Please Don't Go • live

John Bastow (vcls, hrmnca) [AB]
Malcolm McGee (lead gtr, vcls) [AB]
Rob Lovett (rhythm gtr, vcls) [AB]
Les Gilbert (bs, organ) [ABCD]
Geoff Hales (drms) [A]
Kevin Murphy (drms) [B]
Danny Robinson (vcls) [CD]
Lobby Loyde (lead gtr) [CDEG]
Peter Eddy (bs) [C]
Keith Barber (drms) [CD]
John Phillips (bs) [D]
Matt Taylor (vcls) [E]
Barry Sullivan (lead gtr, rhythm gtr, bs) [EF]
Steve Pristash (bs) [EF]
Barry Harvey (drms) [E]
Brian Wilson (lead vcls) [F]
Tim Piper (gtr) [F]
Teddy Toi (bs) [G]
Johnny Dick (drms) [G]

Band origin:
Melbourne (Victoria/Australia)

1. (C) Krome Plated Yabby/Everything I Do Is Wrong
   (Festival FK 1879) 1967
2. (C) That's Life/Try Me (Festival FK 2052) 1967
3. (D) Gotta Stop Lying/Time Killer
   (Festival FK 2258) 1968
4. (D) I Don't Care/Theme For A Merry Go Round
   (Festival FK 2535) 1968
5. (G) I Am The Sea (Stop Killing Me)/Daily Planet
   (Havoc H 1006) 1971

1. (C) Krome Plated Yabby (Festival FX 11422) 1967

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Saturday's Children - 2 E.P.-Set (1966-67)

From Chicago/Illinois, the Saturday's Children were a pleasant pop group, clearly influenced by The Beatles' "Rubber Soul" era. They released three singles on the Dunwich label and the unreleased "A Man With Money" appeared later on the retrospective compilation Early Chicago in 1971. These eight tracks are from the Sundazed double E.P. (Sundazed SEP-2 126 / 1997) and contains all their material.

- You Don't Know Better
- Born On Saturday
- I Hardly Know Her
- Leave That Baby Alone
- A Man With Money
- Tomorrow Is Her Name
- Christmas Sounds
- Deck Five

Ron Holder (gtr, vcls)
Dave Carter (gtr)
Jeff Boyan (bs, vcls)
Rick Goettler (organ)
George Paluch (drms)

Band origin:
Chicago (Illinois/US)

1. You Don't Know Better/Born On Saturday
   (Dunwich 139) 1966
2. Deck Five/Christmas Sounds (Dunwich 144) 1966
3. Leave That Baby Alone/I Hardly Know Her
   (Dunwich 156) 1967

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

V.A. - Beat The Road, Jack

Along with Pebbles Vol. 19 and the two Copenhagen Beat compilations this is one of the better offerings of '60s Garage/R&B/Beat music from Denmark (Jacks Beat 5006 / 2001). Frost Records later came up with a complete label-anthology with over 250 songs that contains 10 percent good and 90 percent average or at worst rubbish tracks. Not so with this release which is a best of Jack's Beat Records, a label led by Jack Fridthjorf.

1. Jack & The Outlaws - Step Into My Heart
taken from the single
Step Into My Heart/I Need A Girl (Jacks Beat BR 1002) 1965
Line-up incl.: Jack Fridthjorf (vcls)
Band origin: Nykøbing Mors (Nordjylland/Denmark)
2. Victors - Cara-Lin
taken from the single
Cara-Lin/Rhythm Of Love (Jacks Beat Records BR 1012) 1966
Line-up: Torkil Brandes (lead vcls), Erik Degn-Christensen (lead gtr), Ruddy Hansen (rhythm gtr), Jørn Clausen (bs), Jan Krarup (drms).
Band origin: Aarhus (Midtjylland/Denmark)
3. Les Candidates - I'll Go Now
taken from the single
I'll Go Now/Den røde Baron (Jacks Beat BR 1039) 1967
Line-up: Kurt Jakobsen (lead vcls, bs), Mogens Sigård (lead gtr, vcls), Erik Gravengård (rhythm gtr, vcls), Allan Pedersen (drms).
Band origin: Esbjerk (Syddanmark/Denmark)
4. Some Kind - En Skillingsvise
taken from the single
Can't Explain/En Skillingsvise (Jacks Beat BR 1035) 1967
Line-up: Niels Grejs Nielsen (lead vcls, lead gtr), Leif P. Hansen (bs), Finn Vestergaard Larsen (rhythm gtr, vcls), Ole Nygaard (drms).
Band origin: Odense (Syddanmark/Denmark)
5. Sioux - Long Tall Shorty
taken from the V.A.-Album Top Hits (Jacks Beat BRLP 5001) 1965
Line-up: Herbert Wakefield (lead vcls, rhythm gtr), Torben Søgård Jensen (lead gtr), Ole Madsen (bs), Jan Kildebogaard (drms).
Band origin: Børkop (Syddanmark/Denmark)
6. Jack & The Bulwers - The Way It Feels
taken from the single
The Way It Feels/Det Er Mig (Jacks Beat BR 1069) 1968
Line-up: Jack Fridthjorf (vcls), Lars Sørensen (lead gtr), Eigil Knudsen (rhythm gtr, vcls), Jan Baad (bs, vcls), Keld Sørensen (drms).
Band origin: Silkeborg (Midtjylland/Denmark)
7. All Rounds - I Love You
taken from the E.P.
Everybody/Feel Like Crying/What I See/I Love You
(Jacks Beat BR 1005) 1965

Line-up: Kaj Kjærgård (lead vcls), Hans Christian Fredborg (lead gtr), Bent Ove Sørensen (rhythm gtr), Flemming Jensen (bs), Hugo Christensen (drms).
Band origin: Hjørring (Nordjylland/Denmark)
8. Poisons - Call My Name
taken from the single
Call My Name/Reach Out I'll Be There (Jacks Beat BR 1051) 1967
Line-up: Henning Stærk Jacobsen (lead vcls), Johnny Thingsager Madsen (lead gtr), Poul Svane (rhythm gtr, organ), Erik Boas Pedersen (bs, vcls), Jørgen Peter Jørgensen (drms).
Band origin: Holstebro (Midtjylland/Denmark)
9. Group Seven - Funny Mae
taken from the Mini-album Group Seven (Jacks Beat Records BR 1029) 1966
Line-up: Benny "Dean" Ranch Andersen (lead vcls), Jørgen Quist (lead gtr), Chris Weile (rhythm gtr), Bent Olufsen (bs), Kurt Vittrup (drms).
Band origin: Randers (Midtjylland/Denmark)
10. Mat's - It's Not True
taken from the single
Rescue Me/It's Not True (Jacks Beat Records BR 1017) 1966
Line-up: Mads Hove Jeppesen (lead gtr), Svend Erik Sørensen (rhythm gtr, vcls), Poul "Noller" Hwass Hansen (bs), Bent Pedersen (drms).
Band origin: Thisted (Nordjylland/Denmark)
11. All Rounds - Everybody
See Track 7
12. Jack & The Outlaws - I Need A Girl
See Track 1
13. Gipsies - Ain't That A Shame
taken from the single
Ain't That A Shame/Loosers (Jacks Beat Records BR 1018) 1966
Line-up: Ernst Lillienskjorld Larsen (lead gtr, vcls), Carsten Schøn (rhythm gtr), Jan Englund Norré (gtr, vcls), Ole Borregaard (bs), Carl Gunnar Skadelund (drms). Band origin: Aalborg (Nordjylland/Denmark)
14. Black Four - Black Devil
taken from the V.A.-Album Top Hits (Jacks Beat BRLP 5001) 1965
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Horsens (Midtjylland/Denmark)
15. Mad Sound - To Masturbate
taken from the single
To Masturbate/Summertime (Jacks Beat Records BR 1080) 1968
Line-up: Finn Hansen (lead vcls), Poul Werner Laursen (lead gtr), Peter Lange Møller (rhythm gtr, vcls), Per Hugo Nielsen (bs), Benny Elmstrøm Lund (drms). Band origin: Grenå (Midtjylland/Denmark)
16. Jack - Protest
taken from the single
Trains/Someone/Protest (Jacks Beat BR 1009) 1966
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 1

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Wilde Flowers (1965-69)

An influential band from Canterbury/Kent that underwent a fluctuate line-up and served as a stepping stone for most of the members to the better known Soft Machine and Caravan. The Wilde Flowers never made an official release up to 1994 as Voiceprint put out a collection of demos from 1965-69 (Voiceprint VP 123 CD). The majority of the tracks were recorded 65/66 and although the instrumentation is in the typical Beatsound, Robert Wyatt's and Kevin Ayers' vocal treatments had already that special Canterbury-style (it's up to you if you like it or not). I must admit that this release is more an artefact and rather of historical interest. There are a few notable songs, though: "Those Words They Say" and "Time After Time" get the full Beat treatment, "Impotence" has all the indications for the later Soft Machine adventures while the best and one of their earliest songs "He's Bad For You" is a haunting R&B ballad that would had fitted perfectly on a Captain Beefheart setlist.

- Impotence (1969)
- Those Words They Say (1966)
- Memories (1966)
- Don't Try To Change Me (1965)
- Parchman Farm (1965)
- Almost Grown (1965)
- She's Gone (1965)
- Slow Walkin' Talk (1965)
- He's Bad For You (1965)
- It's What I Feel [A Certain Kind] (1965)
- Memories [Instrumental] (1965)
- Never Leave Me (1966)
- Time After Time (1966)
- Just Where I Want (1966)
- No Game When You Lose (1966)
- Impotence (1966)
- Why Do You Care (1968)
- The Pieman Cometh (1968)
- Summer Spirit (1968)
- She Love To Hurt (1969)
- The Big Show (1969)
- Memories (1969)

Graham Flight (vcls) [A]
Brian Hopper (gtr, sax) [ABCDE]
Hugh Hopper (bs) [ABCD]
Richard Sinclair (gtr) [AB]
Robert Wyatt (drms) [ABC]
Kevin Ayers (vcls) [B]
Richard Coughlan (drms) [CDE]
Pye Hastings (gtr, sax) [CDE]
Dave Lawrence (bs, vcls) [CDE]
Dave Sinclair (keyb'ds) [E]

Band origin:
Canterbury (Kent/UK)

1. The Wilde Flowers (Voiceprint VP 123 CD) 1994

[1. recorded 1965-69]

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