Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Listening (1968)

From Boston and rated highly by some, this album includes some fine guitar and organ work on cuts like Baby: Where Are You?. Still an undiscovered gem this is worth searching out. Most of the vocals were performed by drummer Ernie Kamanis, and Peter Malick who was 16 at the time the album was recorded. Walter Powers had previously been in the famed punk band The Lost. A reworked version of the album's opener, Michael Tschudin's You're Not There, appears on the highly-touted album ...Setting Forth... Improvising Against The Future by Odyssey. Michael Tschudin later played with Cynara and produced the Fort Mudge Memorial Dump album. He became a session man and producer during the seventies, notably working with Tim Curry. Peter Malick played with the James Montgomery Band and is is still active, fronting his own Peter Malick Band playing blues / R&B influenced music in/around Boston. Walter Powers teamed up with his old Lost companion Willie "Loco" Alexander in the final incarnation of The Velvet Underground. The uplifting baroque-pop of Hello You can be found on Bring Flowers To U.S. (LP), whilst one track from the album, Stoned Is has also resurfaced on Marijuana Unknowns (LP & CD).
(taken from "Fuzz, Acid & Flowers")

The rip is from the Akarma re-issue (Akarma 050 / 1999).

- You're Not There
- Laugh At The Stars
- 9/8 Song
- Stoned Is
- Forget It, Man!
- I Can Teach You
- So Happy
- Cuando
- Baby: Where Are You?
- Fantasy
- See You Again

Michael Tschudin (organ, keyb'ds, vcls)
Peter Malick (gtr)
Walter Powers (bs)
Ernie Kamanis (drms)

Band origin:
Boston (Massachusetts)

1. Listening (Vanguard 6504) 1968

1. I Can Teach You/Cuando (Vanguard 35077) 1968
2. Life Stories/Hello You (Vanguard 35094) 1968

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to I Can Teach You


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Really fantastic. Great sounds for this record. Thank you.