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Pilgrims - Telling Youth... The Truth (1962-67)

Rock; Christianity; guitars; church... in the 21st century these words don't seem odd together. But, in 1961 rock meant "devil music" and church meant "boring". The Pilgrims changed all that. Raise among the world-war bombsites of southeast London, the five "Pilgrims" were part of the first generation to be called "teenagers". The swinging sixties had started and it was not cool to be Christian. These full-blooded teenagers with a love for rock music became christians but opted not to conform. They put faith and rock together and changed christian music for good. The Pilgrims were the first wholly electric Christian rock group and shocked the churches of their day. Later bands broke through into mainstream recording, radio and TV, but The Pilgrims were breaking traditions and taboos. After playing at a church service attended by Princess Margaret the group were condemned on national radio by a Countess (no less!). But The Pilgrims didn't want upper class approval; they spoke to their own generation in a language they understood. The group played in churches, to be sure, but their favourite audiences were in beat clubs and dives where nobody was pretending to be holy. When you listen to The Pilgrims you can sense the rawness and enthusiasm of a newfound faith; nut the music is polished and professional. They put heart and soul into their playing and wanted to be the best. At a 1966 concert in a 2,500-seat auditorium opposite Westminster Abbey they were feted as "not only the best, but also the LOUDEST Christian group". [..]
taken from the liner notes

The Pilgrims have all my sympathy. Except for the lyrics you would'nt believe that they came from the Christian environment. The music leans towards early UK R&B/Beat but with a sound that is closer to american garage bands. Not every track on this CD (LRL 001 / 2004) is a winner but songs like "Hey You", "Thank You Lord" or "There's Something In Your Life" will satisfy every garage-head and lovers of raw and wild Beat. On this occasion I would like to recommend you the highly enjoyable UK Xian Beat compilation on the excellent Roots And Traces: Spurensicherung blogspot.

- Hey You!
- Thank You Lord
- Heaven's The Place For Me • Version 2
- There's Someone In Your Life
- I Didn't Care
- Think It Over • Version 2
- Wait And See
- Do You Believe In God?
- Heard It All Before
- Any Time Of The Day
- Who's Your Lord?
- I Know I'm Going To Heaven
- He Wants You
- I Don't Need You
- What Are You Doing With Your Life?
- Think Of God's Love
- I Praise The Lord
- Don't You Think It's Time
- Heaven's The Place For Me • Version 1
- I Found A Special Friend
- Think It Over • Version 1

Derrick Phillips (rhythm gtr, vcls) [ABC]
Don Sanders (lead gtr, bs) [ABCD]
Ian Wilkie (drms, vcls) [ABCD]
John Hubbard (bs, vcls) [AB]
Chris King (vcls) [A]
Tony Goodman (vcls, lead gtr, hrmnca) [BCD]

Band origin:

1. Heaven's The Place For Me/Think Of God's Love
   (Herald 2416) 1964

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to There's Someone In Your Life


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