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Marmalade - Kaleidoscope (1966-70)

The Marmalade (formerly Dean Ford & The Gaylords) was a band I have never paid much interest to. They were responsible for the cover of the dull "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da", which gave them their only number 1 hit. To be honest it was the only song I have heard by them. In 1999 Tenth Planet released a collection of 15 tracks entitled "Kaleidoscope [An Alternate History Of The Marmalade]" (Tenth Planet TP044) and I gave The Marmalade a second try. It was a good decision 'cause songs like "I See The Rain", "Laughing Man" or "Man In A Shop" are Psych-Pop/Freakbeat masterpieces. There are also a few weaker tracks like "Chains", "Mr. Tambourine Man" or "And Yours Is A Piece Of Mine" (plus the uninteresting Bee Gees cover "Butterfly") but the rest of the set is pretty strong, most notably the eastern-influenced "Kaleidoscope".

- I See The Rain
- There Ain't No Use In Hangin' On
- It's All Leading Up To Saturday Night
- Chains
- Hey Joe
- Butterfly
- Laughing Man
- Kaleidoscope
- Mr. Lion
- Man In A Shop
- Mr. Tambourine Man
- And Yours Is A Peace Of Mind
- Mess Around

Dean Ford (lead vcls) [ABCD]
Junior Campbell (lead gtr) [AB]
Pat Fairley (gtr) [ABC]
Graham Knight (bs) [ABCD]
Raymond Duffy (drms) [A]
Alan Whitehead (drms) [B]
Dougie Henderson (drms) [CD]
Hugh Nicholson (lead gtr) [C]
Joe Breen (bs) [D]
Howie Casey (drms) [D]
Mike Japp (gtr, keyb'ds, vcls) [D]

Band origin:
Glasgow (Scotland)

Discographie [up to 1976]:
1. (B) There's A Lot Of It About (CBS 63414) 1968
2. (B) Best Of The Marmalade (CBS SPB 36) 1969
3. (B) Reflections Of The Marmalade
   (Decca LK/SKL 5047) 1970
4. (C) Songs (Decca SKL 5111) 1971
5. (D) Our House Is Rockin' (EMI 3047) 1974

 1. It's All Leading Up To Saturday Night/
    Wait A Minute Baby (CBS 202340) 1966
 2. Can't Stop Now/There Ain't No Use In Hangin' On
    (CBS 202643) 1967
 3. I See The Rain/Laughing Man (CBS 2948) 1967
 4. Man In A Shop/Cry (CBS 3088) 1967
 5. Lovin' Things/Hey Joe (CBS 3412) 1968
 6. Wait For Me Marianne/Mess Around (CBS 3708) 1968
 7. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da/Chains (CBS 3892) 1968
 8. Baby Make It Soon/Time Is On My Side (CBS 4287) 1969
 9. Butterfly/I Shall Be Released (CBS 4615) 1969
10. Reflections Of My Life/Rollin' My Thing
    (Decca F 12982) 1969
11. Rainbow/The Ballad Of Cherry Flavour
    (Decca F 13035) 1970
12. My Little One/Is Your Life Your Own?
    (Decca F 13135) 1971
13. Cousin Norman/Lonely Man (Decca F 13214) 1971
14. Back On The Road/Love Is Hard To Re-Arrange
    (Decca F 13251) 1971
15. Radancer/Just One Woman/Sarah (Decca F 13297) 1972
16. The Wishing Well/Engine Driver (EMI 2033) 1973
17. Our House Is Rockin'/Hallelujah Freedom Blues
    (EMI 2071) 1973
18. Come Back Joe/Way It Is (EMI 2131) 1974
19. Falling Apart At The Seams/Fly Fly Fly
    (Target TGT 105) 1976
20. Walking A Tightrope/My Everything
    (Target TGT 110) 1976
21. What You Need Is A Miracle/Rusty Hands Of Time
    (Target TGT 113) 1976
22. Hello Baby/Seafaring Man (Target TGT 115) 1976

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Laughing Man


Anonymous said...

Great Marmalade compilation Tenth Planet label. Many thankx.

Buffalo Billycan said...

Sorry, link is fixed now

Anonymous said...

in 2003 castle sanctuary issued "kaleidoscope the psyche pop sessions"with 20 tracks.In the same collection they also issued an other group nobody had classed in psyche;"the tremeloes-what a state I'm in"(a 24 tracks cd).

Woody said...

Beautiful pop psyche. Thaannnks.

ge said...

yessir have known of M's psy-pop chops for a while---even 'Reflections of My Life' was pretty mature & audacious for an AM hit....Just to note that there is an even cooler more psychy-flanged version of MR LION by a group called LotusLand worth hearing:
This group from Tilburg was founded in 1966 under the name of Gogo's. In 1967, the name was changed to Lotusland. The most important members were Marcel Lahaye (v,o,p, to Clover Leaf), Martin Oppermans (v,g) and in the last days of the group Ferdy Lancee (v,g). From 1968 till 1972, Lotusland accompanied Bonny St.Claire, a Belgian duo Barry & Eileen around 1975, and Ben Cramer and Patricia Paay around 1977. Their lone single, recorded in 1968, was done together with the English group Marmalade, whom they met during Bonny St.Claire's English tour that year.

1968 Mr. Lion/You and me alone CBS 3529

Anonymous said...

Apparently not related to the Gaylords, the vocal group from MI who had been around since the '50s (and was still popping up here and there not that many years ago).