Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Boa - Wrong Road (1971)

This cool early hardrock item has every bit as much garage attitude as the best '66 LPs. An enjoyable energizer with wild stories about murder and infidelity in a raunchy basement guitar/organ setting. Crappy press and one of the least professional band photos ever on the sleeve. A minor classic within the field. A 10" acetate recorded as Anvil in 1970 has also been found.
(Patrick The Lama in "Acid Archives")

This late garage album has a rough sound, cheesy organ, simple hooks, and lyrics about the singer murdering his girlfriend. I like the cymbal-happy drummer and the fact that the bass is way too high in the mix. I can’t say the same about over-loud backing vocals, though. Overall, this is a decent garage-bordering-on-hard-rock album where the cheap production works both for it and against it. The songs and playing are decent; the energy level is high, the singer is appealing. The closing song rocks particularly hard. The only problem is that the “oh oh” vocals in the last couple of minutes are horribly out of tune, ending things on a sour note. That issue aside, most of you will enjoy this quite a bit.
(Aaron Milenski in "Acid Archives")

This rip is from a bootleg and exact repro from the 90s (Snakefield SN 001). The band was from Rochester/Michigan.

- Never Come Back
- Wrong Road
- You Don't Have Me Anymore
- Angelisa
- Brave New World
- You Tell Me You Love Me
- I Think I Been Had
- Don't Go Away
- A Restful Sleep

Paul Manning [aka C. Hook] (gtr, vcls)
Ted Burris (bs, vcls, organ)
Bob Maledon (piano, bs, organ, vcls)
Brian Walton (organ, piano)
Richard Allen (drms, vcls)

Band origin:
Rochester (Michigan/US)

1. Wrong Road (Snakefield SN 001) 1971

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Brave New World


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