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V.A. - Endless Journey (Phase One)

The three "Endless Journey" compilations were a good introduction into rare psychedelic music. Today bands like Moving Sidewalks, Faine Jade, Kak or Hunger are no longer unknown to most of us but in the early eighties these groups were quite a mystery. On "Phase One" (Psycho 1 / 1982) you will find predominately acid-drenched songs, only the three Rising Storm tracks from their only (great) album are in the garage vein. Mystic Tide's glorious "Psychedelic Journey Pts. 1+2" is represented here as a single track but Part 1 and Part 2 were originally released on two different 45's as b-sides.
I will post the other two volumes in the near future.

1. Moving Sidewalks - I Want To Hold Your Hand
taken from the single
I Want To Hold Your Hand/Joe's Blues (Tantara 3108) 1968
Line-up: Bill Gibbons (gtr, vcls), Don Summers (bs), Tom Moore (organ, piano), Dan Mitchell (drms). Band origin: Houston (Texas)
2. Rising Storm - Baby Please Don't Go
taken from the album Calm Before... (Remnant BBA-3571) 1967
Line-up: Rich Weinberg (vcls, hrmnca, tamb, cowbell), Bob Cohen (lead gtr), Tony Thompson (rhythm gtr, vcls), Todd Cohen (bs), Charlie Rockwell (organ), Tom Scheft (drms, bongos, tamb).
Band origin: Andover (Massachusetts)
3. Outcasts - Smokestack Lightning
taken from the single
1523 Blair/Smokestack Lightning (Gallant 101) 1967
Line-up: Galen Niles (gtr), Jim Carsten (gtr), Jim Ryan (bs), Eugene Carson (keyb'ds, hmnca), Ricky Wright (drms). Band origin: San Antonio (Texas)
4. Oxford Circle - Foolish Woman
5. Oxford Circle - Mind Destruction
taken from the single
Foolish Woman/Mind Destruction (World United 1002) 1966
Line-up: Gary Yoder (rhythm gtr, vcls), Dehner Patten (gtr), Jim Keylor (bs), Paul Whaley (drms). Band origin: Sacramento (California)
6. Unsettled Society - 17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs
taken from the single
17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs/Passion Seed (Charm 6084/85) 1970
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Pennelville (New York)

7. Finchley Boys - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
taken from the album Everlasting Tributes (Golden Throat 200-19) 1972
Line-up: George Faber (vcls, harp), Garret Oostdyk (gtr), Tabe (bs),
J. Michael Powers (drms, perc).
Band origin: Champaign (Illinois)
8. Rising Storm - A Message To Pretty
9. Rising Storm - Don't Look Back
See Track 2
10. Clique - Splash 1
taken from the single
Splash 1/Stay By Me (Cinema 001/Scepter 12202) 1967
Line-up: Randy Shaw (lead vcls, trumpet, sax), Cooper Hawthorne (lead gtr), Bruce Tinch (bs), Larry Lawson (vcls, keyb'ds, sax, trumpet), David Dunham (sax, vcls), John Kanesaw (drms). Band origin: Houston (Texas)
11. Mystic Tide - Psychedelic Journey Pts. 1+2
taken from the singles
Frustration/Psychedelic Journey Pt. I (Solid Sound 156/7) 1967
Running Through The Night/Psychedelic Journey Pt. II
(Solid Sound 158/9) 1967

Line-up: Joe Docko (gtr, lead vcls), Jim Thomas (gtr, vcls), Paul Picell (bs, vcls), John Williams (drms). Band origin: Woodbury (New York)

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Oxford Circle - Foolish Woman

Listen to Clique - Splash 1


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Thank you very much. All my favorite psych songs are here.

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This series of comps was my introduction to psych back in 1983-4, still have the vinyl!