Sunday, February 3, 2008

McCully Workshop Inc. (1970)

This one's by request and not my rip. McCully Workshop Inc. released one of the best (or the best?) albums that came out of South Africa. They were from Cape Town and led by Tully and Mike McCully. "The album features a variety of styles and influences including The Beatles, Frank Zappa and early Pink Floyd" (Brian Currin on the South Africa's Rock Legends site). The original LP was released by Trutone Records (Trutone STO 727). You can read their story here

1. Why Can't It Rain
2. Hardcase Woman
3. Ice Lover
4. Four Walls
5. Stargazer
6. Rush Hour At Midnight
7. Jackin' Around
8. Head For The Moon
9. The Circus
10. Years Of My Life
11. Fast Car
12. Seance

Tully McCully (vcls, bs, gtr) [ABCD]
Mike McCully (vcls, drms, perc) [ABCD]
Richard Hyam (rhythm gtr, vcls) [A]
Glenda Wassman (organ, vcls) [A]
Ian Smith (trump, flute, flugelhorn, tromb, perc) [AB]
(Allan Faull (lead gtr) [A])
(Alan van der Merwe (vcls, organ) [A])
(Melanie Hyam (vcls) [A])
Bruce Gordon (gtr, perc, vcls) [B]
Richard Black (lead gtr, vcls) [CD]
Richard Wislon (electric violin, mellotron, piano) [C]
Leon Morten (organ, synth) [C]
Rupert Mellor (keyb'ds, mellotron, hrmnca, vcls) [D]

Band origin:
Cape Town (South Africa)

Albums [up to 1977]:
1. (A) McCully Workshop Inc. (Trutone STO 727) 1970
2. (B) Genesis (Trutone STO 745) 1971
3. (C) Ages (EMI-Brigadiers EMCJ(L) 11512) 1975
4. (D) Workshop Revisited (Nitty Gritty NGC 1018) 1977

45's [up to 1977]:
1. Why Can't It Rain/Hard Case Woman (Trutone ) 1970
2. Sweet Fields Of Green/Togetherness (Trutone ) 1971
3. Birds Flying High/Rainbow Illusion (Trutone ) 1972
4. I'm Waiting/Got A Good Reason (CBS ) 1972
5. Carnival/Inside (CBS ) 1973
6. Shamrock/Gunpoint (CBS ) 1974
7. Guinevere/Goodbye Lonely Blues (EMI ) 1975
8. Buccaneer/Please Help Me Girl (Nitty Gritty ) 1977

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Ice Lover


Anonymous said...

chance to discover something i never knew existed..... ah, education is so sweet sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Not a great album.The only interest is to listen music from South Africa.The cd issue has a nice cover(like Akarma issues).

Anonymous said...

Thanks. unknow for me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the Mccully Workshop recording. There was a reissue cd about 2 years ago but
but I missed it, so its nice to get
a chance to hear the complete album.