Friday, February 29, 2008

Rockin' Ramrods - The Best Of The Rockin' Ramrods (1963-71)

This Boston band made nine 45's in total (two singles were released under the monicker GTO's). Their music was pretty much in the beat vein like the early Beatles. This CD (Big Beat CDWIKD 151 / 1995) contains most of their 7-inches, some unreleased material and adds the best songs of their soft-psychedelic album they have made as Puff in 1968. Too bad that their most garage song "She Lied" was not represented here (you can find the track on Pebbles Vol. 8).

- Jungle Call
- I Wanna Be Your Man
- I'll Be On My Way
- Don't Fool With Fu Manchu • as The GTO's
- Tears Melt The Stones • as The GTO's
- Play It!
- Bright Lit Blue Skies
- Mr. Wind
- Can't You See
- Mary Mary
- Flowers In My Mind

[as Puff / (1968)]
- Vacuum
- Trees
- Rainy Day
- Looking In My Window
- Who Do You Think You Are?
- Of Not Being Able To Sleep
- Dead Thoughts Of Alfred
- I Sure Need You
- When I Wake Up In The Morning
- Go With You
- Changes

[previously unreleased / (1971)]
- My Vision Has Cleared
- I Don't Want To I Will
- Troubles

[Rockin' Ramrods]
Bill Linnane (lead gtr) [A]
Vin Campisi (rhythm gtr) [ABCD]
Ronn Campisi (bs) [ABCD]
Bob Henderson (drms, perc) [ABCD]
Scott Curtis (keyb'ds) [B]
Lenny Carelli (lead gtr ) [C]
Glenn Jordan (gtr, keyb'ds) [D]
Danny McBride (gtr, keyb'ds) [D]
Stu Kassner (drms) [D]

1. Jungle Call/Indian Giver (Explosive F 101/2) 1963
2. She Lied/The Girl Can't Help It (Bon-Bon 1315) 1964
3. I Wanna Be Your Man/I'll Be On My Way
   (Plymouth 2961/2) 1964
4. Wild About You/Cry In My Room (Southern Sound 205) 1965
5. Don't Fool With Fu Manchu/Tears Melt The Stones
   (Claridge 301) 1965
6. She Rides With Me/Rudy Vadoo (Claridge 312) 1966
7. Play It/Got My Mojo Working (Claridge 317) 1966
8. Bright Lit Blue Skies/Mr. Wind (Plymouth 2963/4) 1966
9. Flowers In My Mind/Mary, Mary (Plymouth 2965/6) 1966

[5. + 6. as The GTO's]

Vin Campisi (lead gtr)
David-Allen Ryan (bs, vcls)
Jim Mandell (piano, organ, flute, vcls)
Bob Henderson (drms, vcls)

1. Puff (MGM SE-4622) 1968

1. Looking In My Window/Rainy Day (MGM 14040) 1968

Band origin:
Boston (Massachusetts/US)

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Bright Lit Blue Skies

Listen to Vacuum


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the records
The great group


frumious bandersnatch said...

Not so easy to find these days - probably deleted - and a good anthology, as usual with Big Beat. Cool they included the Puff era, and surprising they didn't include "She lied" to that set. Maybe copyright issues. I've remarked the Ramrods have some songs in common with the beloved Rising Storm but the originals are by the Ramrods.
Great Bosstown garage-psych ! thank you !!!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this Ramrods antologhy.