Saturday, February 2, 2008

V.A. - Psychedelic Moods Vol. 2
(Hydro Pyro & Various Psychedelic Groups)

This compilation contains six demos done by The Hydro-Pyro from New York which are pretty much in The Deep mould. Great acid-garage/psych! The remaining 14 songs are from different groups all over the USA (except Los Chijuas from Mexico, represented here with two of their best songs). Released on the Collectables label (Collectables COL-CD-0522 / 1993).

1. Hydro Pyro - The House Of Yesterday
2. Hydro Pyro - Id
3. Hydro Pyro - Hydro-Pyro
4. Hydro Pyro - Purple Floating
5. Hydro Pyro - Snow Petals
6. Hydro Pyro - Little Tin Soldier
[unreleased / 1967]
Personnel: unknown. Band origin: New York City (New York/US)
7. Los Chijuas - Changing The Colors Of Life
taken from the single
Changing The Colors Of Life/? (Musart 4445) 1968
Line-up: Jose Ganem (gtr, vcls), Henry Becarril (bass, gtr, melodica), Louis Oliver (organ), Julian Ganem (drms).
Band origin: Ciudad Juarez (Chihuahua/Mexico)
8. Los Chijuas - The Sun Is Going Black
taken from the album Los Chijuas (Musart EDM 1389) 1968
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 7
9. Rear Exit - Excitation
10. Rear Exit - Miles Beyond
taken from the single Excitation/Miles Beyond (MTA 132) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)
11. Elastic Prism - Time Change
taken from the single Time Change/In The Garden (Kustom 101) 1968
Line-up: Larry Buehler (lead vcls), John Buehler (gtr), Larry Toups (gtr), Rick Weber (bs), Terry Atwell (keyb'ds), Donnie Atwell (drms).
Band origin: Houston (Texas/US)
12. Fallen Angels - Signed D.C.
[unreleased / 1968]
Line-up: Jack Bryant (vcls, bs), Wally Cook (lead gtr), Jack Lauritsen (gtr, sitar, vibes), Howard Danchik (keybd's, flute), John "Thumper" Molloy (drms). Band origin: Washington D. C. (US)
13. Superfine Dandelion - The Other Sidewalk
14. Superfine Dandelion - Ferris Wheel
taken from the single The Other Sidewalk/Ferris Wheel (Rook no #) 1967
Line-up: Ed Black (gtr, keyb'ds), Mike McFadden (gtr, vcls), Rick Anderson (bs, gtr), Mike Collins (drms). Band origin: Phoenix (Arizona/US)
15. Thundering Heard - Sunny St. Love
16. Thundering Heard - Daisy's Prism
taken from the single
Sunny Street Love/Daisy's Prism (Liquid Stereo LS 26) 1968
Personnel incl.: Randy Bishop (vcls), Bill Feldman (gtr), John Loss (gtr), Steve Williams (drms), Bob Yost (gtr). Band origin: Portland (Oregon/US)
17. United Travel Service - Wind And Stone
18. United Travel Service - Drummer Of Your Mind
taken from the single
Wind And Stone/Drummer Of Your Mind (Ridon 854 + Rust R 5120) 1967
Line-up: Ben Hoff (lead gtr, vcls), John Reeves (gtr), Ray Doern (bs), Dale Sweetland (drms). Band origin: Portland (Oregon/US)
19. Cirkit - Yesterday We Laughed
taken from the single
Yesterday We Laughed/I Was Wrong (Unicorn 34941) 1967
Line-up: Rad Hansen (vcls), Jim Shindell (lead gtr), Bruce Hainey (gtr), Dave Goldman (bs), Scott Glemsieck (organ), Mike Richards (drms).
Band origin: Michigan City (Indiana/US)
20. XL's - Mary Jane
taken from the single Mary Jane/Mixed With The Rain (Paro 202) 1968
Line-up: Bill Evans (lead vcls), Tom Ferguson (lead gtr), Charles Egy III (bs), Ted Bennett (keyb'ds, vcls), Greg Funk (drms).
Band origin: Terre Haute (Indiana/US)

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Hydro Pyro - Id

Listen to XL's - Mary Jane


Anonymous said...

Very good compilation.

Anonymous said...

Yes i like this set!
Joey b

Anonymous said...

Great surprise!! 20 tracks fantastics. Thankx.

Anonymous said...

Really fantastic bands here. Great garage psych!!!! Many thankx friend for all.

Anonymous said...

found this blog by seeing this shirt:

thanks for the links! :)

Pedro from Argentina said...

Could you please post Volume 3, it seems ultra rare to find, thanks in advance.

Jeff said...

For some reason, wmp will only open two of the tracks when I downloaded this. I downloaded it again from a different mirror (only 2 work) and the same thing happened.
Any suggestions?

Buffalo Billycan said...

I've checked it (I've used the Megaupload link) and it seems to work fine.