Monday, September 8, 2008

Id - The Inner Sounds Of The Id (1967)

Mysteriously ignored album that would have been groundbreaking if anyone paid attention. The eastern influences and long experimental album closer were unlike just about anything else in 1967, and while they’re not wholly successful, this album is interesting at worst, compelling (the crazed “Boil The Kettle Mother”, one of the greatest garage rockers ever) at best. The Id project was recorded as early as mid-1966 and consisted of studio pro:s also connected to the infamous Custom label exploitation sweatshop; some of the Id backing tracks appear on the Projection Company's "Give Me Some Loving" (Custom CS-1113) as well as the wellknown Animated Egg and 101 Strings LPs.
(Taken from "The Acid Archives")

Rip is from the original album (RCA Victor LSP 3805 / 1967). The musicians on "The Inner Sounds Of The Id" were: Jerry Cole (lead gtr, lead vcls, sitar), Glenn Cass (bs, back vcls), Don Dexter (drms, back vcls) and Norman Cass (rhythm gtr, back vcls). There's also a reissue on World In Sound with bonus tracks.

- The Rake
- Wild Times
- Don't Think Twice
- Stone And Steel
- Baby Eyes
- Boil The Kettle, Mother
- Butterfly Kiss
- Short Circuit
- Just Who
- The Inner Sound Of The Id

Jerry Cole (lead gtr, lead vcls, sitar)
Norman Cass (rhythm gtr, back vcls)
Glenn Cass (bs, back vcls)
Don Dexter (drms, back vcls)

Band origin:
San Diego (California/US)

1. The Inner Sounds Of The Id (RCA Victor LSP 3805) 1967

1. Short Circuit/Boil The Kettle, Mother
   (RCA 47-9136) 1967
2. Wild Times/The Rake (RCA 47-9195) 1967

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Don't Think Twice


Anonymous said...

What a great LP. Many thanks for posting! I've seen it on other blogs, but this transfer from vinyl sounds louder and punchier, even if it is the stereo version.

Was this album even released in mono? I'm asking because the mono mix of "Boil the Kettle" is much preferable to the stereo heard here, with the vocals panned totally one way and everything else the other. Maybe that mono mix was only on the 45? Whatever, there doesn't seem to be a really nice, clean mono "Boil the Kettle" transfer out there anywhere--all the comp versions are flawed (either from scratchy vinyl or done with subpar equipment). It's time for an upgrade of that one!

LoungeTracks said...

Just happened upon your blog and wanted to say thank you for all the treasures. As a Jerry Cole fan here's a link to my spot with a few from his earlier Go-Go period that, if you don't already have them, you may find of interest.

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this ultra rare psych record.

Anonymous said...

had the vinyl of this a long time ago ... and had mixed feelings about it then as i do now. at points, it's brilliant, at times, forced or contrived. Still, for 1967, it's pretty amazing. and i DO like Boil The Kettle a lot!! Good pick.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I had the original record and when it wore I I couldn't find it again! I though Paul Arnold was brilliant!! What ever happened to him?

Jason Odd said...

Actually, there's another member Rich Cliburn, later of hit group Smith. He's on the album with Dexter, Cole and the Cass brothers.. and appears on the cover.

They were a real group, the other tracks often credited as their backing tracks, etc.. are separate recordings.
Most of them (Glenn, Norm, Jerry) cut albums for Crown Records around the same time as they cut this LP, some of which ended up on Custom, part of the same label group as Crown.

They were from Los Angeles, although most of the band were originally from Wisconsin. The San Diego Id were another group altogether.


Jason Odd said...

.. oh, and according to the surviving band members, Paul Arnold took all the credit for their work. So, he was brilliant.. brilliant at ripping off hard working musicians that is.