Sunday, September 14, 2008

V.A. - Nice [An Anthology Of Peter Eden Productions]

Like many British pop enterpreneurs in search of that one vital breakthrough, Peter Eden had more strings to his bow than the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Musician, manager, songwriter, A&R man, producer, arranger, publisher, editor, record company owner - in fact, stick a broom in his hand and he'd probably have swept the studio floor on his way out. However, this Tenth Planet anthology (Tenth Planet TP045 / 2000) concentrates on Peter's production work during the 1960s, the quality of which has led more than one fanzine to dub him "the British Phil Spector". While such an epithet is probably a source of embarrassment to Eden himself, there's little doubt that, if you're looking at the small print of a record sleeve or label, a Peter Eden production credit is pretty much a guarantee of quality. In fact, he's the one of a tiny of 60s British producers whose generic sound and style was arguably a more vital ingredient in the quality of a record than the band's contribution.
(liners from the backcover)

This fine compilation contains the excellent Crocheted Doughnut Ring single for Polydor, alternate versions of three songs for Bill Fay's first album and proves that the Fingers' unreleased material was MUCH better than their lame 45s (and now you know my favourites of this set).

1. Crocheted Doughnut Ring - Azalia & Rhododendron
taken from the single
Azalia And Rhododendren [Two Little Ladies]/Nice (Polydor 56204) 1967
Line-up: Rick Mills (vcls), Bert Pulham (gtr), George Bird (bs), John Chapel (keyb'ds), Dave Skates (drms). Band origin: Southend-on-Sea (Essex/UK)
2. Fingers - Just Like Loving You Baby
[demo / 1967]
Line-up: Rick Mills (lead vcls), Mo Witham (lead gtr), Dave Grout (gtr), John Bobin (bs), Alan Beecham (keyb'ds), Bob Clouter (drms).
Band origin: London
3. Bill Fay - Garden Song
[alternate demo version / 1969]
Line-up incl.: Bill Fay (vcls, piano). Origin: London
4. Clive Palmer - Stories Of Jesus
[demo / 1969]
Line-up: Clive Palmer (vcls, gtr). Origin: Penzance (Cornwall) → London
5. Fingers - I Go To Sleep
taken from the single I Go To Sleep/Oh (Polydor 56080) 1966
Line-up: Rick Mills (lead gtr, vcls), Dave Grout (gtr), John Bobin (bs), Jim Spicer (drms). Band origin: London
6. Sadie's Expression - Yesterday Was Such A Lovely Day
[demo / 1968]
Line-up: Hugh Thomas (lead vcls), Mick Drewer (lead gtr, vcls), Mick Harding (bs, vcls), Chris Brown (keyb'ds, mellotron, flute, vcls), John Skelton (drms). Band origin: Southend-on-Sea (Essex)
7. Fingers - Look Away
[demo / 1966]
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 5
8. Crocheted Doughnut Ring - Nice
See Track 1
9. Gerald Moore - Pilgrim
[demo / 1973]
Line-up incl.: Gerald Thomas Moore (gtr, vcls). Origin: London
10. River - California Here I Come
[demo / 1969]
Line-up: Rick Mills (vcls), George Bird (bs), Alan Gray (gtr), Charlie Mumford (drms). Band origin: Southend-on-Sea (Essex)
11. Bill Fay - The Sun Is Bored
[alternate demo version / 1969]
Line-up/Origin: See Track 3
12. Jubilee Lovelies - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
[demo / 1968]
Line-up: Vernon Haddock (gtr, vcls), David Elvin (gtr, banjo, vcls), David Vaughan (hrmnca), Alan Woodward (gtr, vcls), Graham 'Sid' Lockheart (gtr, bs, kazoo, vcls). Additional musicians: John Bobin (bs), Bob Clouter (drms). Band origin: London
13. Fingers - I Hear The Sun
[demo / 1967]
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 2
14. Bill Fay - The Room
[alternate demo version / 1969]
Line-up/Origin: See Track 3
15. Fingers - Oh
See Track 5
16. Barry Fantoni - Sadie Moonshine
[demo /1967]
Line-up: Barry Fantoni (vcls), David Elvin (ukelele, banjo).
Band origin: London

Get it here (Artwork inluded / vinyl rip)

Listen to Crocheted Doughnut Ring - Azalia & Rhododendron

Listen to Fingers - I Hear The Sun


Anonymous said...

always great things on Tenth Planet.I don't know this album and I'm impatient to download and listen.Thanks Buffalo for the answer to the Trevor Lucas album;it seems to be more than rare.

Anonymous said...

First off, love the blog & especially the more pop oriented selections. Lots of new-to-me sounds.

But, Sharebee is not showing the 4 links for "NICE" downloads - just a blank box where the URLs should be and below each one "(transferring..)"

Will try again later but you might want to take a peek.

- Michael

Buffalo Billycan said...

Sorry, I didn't check it before. Looks like I must upload it again.

Buffalo Billycan said...

OK, I've uploaded it again. But only one link is working right now (rapidshare).

Anonymous said...

Thanks - DL'ing from Rapidshare now.

frumious bandersnatch said...

Hmm that looks really interesting : Tenth Planet label, and some familiar names, the great Bill Fay, Crocheted Doughnut Ring. I've never seen this LP anywhere before & wasn't even aware of its existence.
Thanks a lot for that slice of popsike !

Anonymous said...

Really fantastic. Great music. Thankx for all.

Woody said...

Thank you. I love Tenth Planet label records.

ge said...

exactly up one's alley this is

Anonymous said...

Been interested in hearing this for ages - many thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

California here i come is a great song! Never heart before. A real gem. Thanks.