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V.A. - Pebbles Vol. 5

More Pebbles, more Garage, more classics. The compilers keep the good standard on the fifth volume (BFD-5022 / 1979) with a large amount of high class tracks.

1. Tree - No Good Woman
taken from the single No Good Woman/Man From Nowhere (Barvis 7010) 1967
Line-up: Jeff Cook (gtr), David Farrar (bs, vcls), Anthony Cloud (organ, vcls), Johnny Laspoda (drms). Band origin: Wilmington (Delaware)
2. Plague - Go Away
taken from the single Go Away/Money (Epidemic 2164) 1966
Line-up: Larry Shryock, Billy Main, Steve Erickson, Bill 'Corky' Anderson (drms). Band origin: Albuquerque (New Mexico)
3. Magi - You Don't Know Me
taken from the single
Rock And Roll Lady/You Don't Now Me (Farr 71271) 1971
Line-up incl.: Dru Lombar (gtr), Jim Glines. Band origin: Jacksonville (Florida)
4. Gentlemen - It's A Cry'n Shame
taken from the single
It's A Cry'n Shame/You Can't Be True (Vandan TK4M 8303) 1966
Line-up: Seab Meador (lead gtr), Mike Kelley (rhythm gtr, vcls), Bruce Bland (bs), Tommy Turner (keyb'ds), Tim Justice (drms).
Band origin: Dallas (Texas)
5. Five Canadians - Writing On The Wall
taken from the single
Writing On The Wall/Goodnight (Domar 1120) 1966
Line-up: Louie Siedlecki (vcls), Raul Pina (gtr), Bobby Flores (bs), Bruce Svoboda (organ), Bill Kaitner (drms). Band origin: San Antonio (Texas)
6. Dirty Wurds - Why
taken from the single Why/Takin' My Blues Away (Marina 502) 1966
Line-up: Mick Mackles (vcls), Mike Peterson (lead gtr), Justin Pomeroy (rhythm gtr), James T. Savage (bs), Marc Bringman (drms).
Band origin: Chicago (Illinois)
7. Merry Dragons - Universal Vagrant
taken from the single
Let's Sail Away/Smokey/Universal Vagrant (ABC 10838) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
8. Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2 - I Wanna Come Back
   [From The World Of LSD]

taken from the single
I Wanna Come Back [From The World Of LSD]/Double Crossin' Girl
(Lance 101) 1967

Line-up: Danny Houlihan (vcls), Mike Layden (lead gtr), Eddie James (gtr), Ernie Gonze (bs), Vic Roybal (organ), Eddie Roybal (drms).
Band origin: Albuquerque (New Mexico)
9. Escapades - I Tell No Lies
taken from the single I Tell No Lies/She's The Kind (XL 356 + Arbet 1010) 1966
Line-up: Tommy Minga (vcls), Benny Kisner (gtr), Dale Rourke (bs), Ron Gorden (keyb'ds), Ronnie Williamson (drms).
Band origin: Memphis (Tennessee)
10. Danny & The Counts - You Need Love
taken from the single You Need Love/Ode To The Wind (Coronado 136) 1966
Line-up: Danny Parra (lead vcls, gtr), Javier Valenzuela (lead gtr), Eric Huereque (bs, vcls), Joe Huereque (drms), Joe Martinez (tamb, vcls).
Band origin: El Paso (Texas)
11. Satyrs - Yesterday's Hero
taken from the single Yesterday's Hero/Marie (Spectrum 2668) 1968
Line-up: Mike Doerr (vcls, perc), Bob Agnew (gtr), Craig Morrell (bs, vcls), Kenny Reibel (keyb'ds), Andy Madajewski (drms, perc).
Band origin: Haddon Heights (New Jersey)
12. Little Phil & The Night Shadows -
    The Way It Used To Be

taken from the single So Much/The Way It Used To Be (Dot 16912) 1966
Line-up: 'Little Phil' Ross (lead vcls), Ronnie Farmer (gtr), Alec Janoulis (bs), Bobbie Newell (keyb'ds), Charlie Spinks (drms).
Band origin: Atlanta (Georgia)
13. State Of Mind - Move
taken from the single Move/If He Comes Back (Chavis 1038) 1967
Line-up: Paul Murtagh (gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), James Booth, Bill Sayers, Tim Ward. Band origin: Wilmington (Delaware)
14. Yesterday's Children - Wanna Be With You
taken from the single Wanna Be With You/Feelings (Showcase 9812) 1966
Line-up: Bob Huling (vcls), Joe Delio (bs), Don Howard Krantz (gtr), Dave Natis (keyb'ds), Fred Davenport (drms), Rich D'Benideto.
Band origin: Long Island (New York)
15. Time Stoppers - I Need Love
taken from the single I Need Love/Fickle Frog (HBR 516) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)
16. Thursday's Children - You'll Never Be My Girl
taken from the single You'll Never Be My Girl/Try, Girl (Paradise 1022) 1966
Line-up: Jan Pederson (gtr, vcls), Pat Sullivan (bs), Charles Helpinstill [aka Ezra Charles] (keyb'ds, vcls), Richard Gollwitzer (drms).
Band origin: Houston (Texas)
17. 12 A.M. - The Way I Feel
taken from the single The Way I Feel/Good Day (Groovy 102) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: San Antonio (Texas)

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Dirty Wurds - Why

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