Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time - Before There Was... Time (1968)

Impressive late 60s art-rock with a strong British slant, holding a middle ground between the psychedelic '67 Pepper field and the cerebral excursions of the early prog era. Completely realized arrangements and recordings stand head and shoulders above most unreleased 1968 stuff you run across these days; if released at the time it would have been a classic. Atmospheric, understated vocals, wide-ranging use of keyboard, and excellent jazzy percussion all create a delightful trip for pursuers of sophisticated late 60s sounds. Not that far removed from classic high IQ American albums such as the second Fallen Angels or Freeborne, with a bit of Lothar & the Hand People college student avantgardism sprinkled on top. The second half of side 1 is particularly good, with a couple of psychedelic tracks that are truly outstanding. The refined atmosphere may be offputting for those in search of garage or hardrock type experiences, but a playful 60s mood and strong songwriting keeps the dread UK prog-rock unicorns at bay.
(Patrick The Lama in "The Acid Archives")

Finally released by Shadoks (Shadoks 054 / 2004). There's also a website by Lynn David Newton who was a member of the band.

- A Song For You
- Kemp's Jig
- Introductory Lines
- Sad Benjamin
- Lily Has A Rose
- At Shadow's Eye
- Green Fields
- Waking
- Ma's Pan
- Dover Beach
- Elin Experience

Tom McFaul (lead vcls, organ, piano, harpsichord)
Lynn David Newton (bs, recorder, vcls, perc, trombone)
Richard Stanley (gtr, perc, dulcimer)
David Rosenboom (perc, cymbals)

Band origin:
Buffalo (New York)

1. Before There Was… Time (Shadoks 054) 2004

[1. recorded 1968]

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to A Song For You


Anonymous said...

Uf!!! Ultra-rare folk-acid-psych. Rare record for me. Thankx.


Sébastien Desrosiers said...

You did it again, mate! I've been looking for this one for years! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...


frumious bandersnatch said...

I know this from the Shadoks reissue but I must say your vinyl rips always sound really good. Did you rip this from the original LP ?

Thanks a lot !!

Buffalo Billycan said...

From the Shadoks vinyl that was released a year earlier than the CD issue (and for what I have to pay silly money!!!). Nice to hear that you like my vinyl rips, I like 'em too.

zappahead said...

Excellent band...never heard them before but this took my eye....thank you for sharing it....very much obliged.