Thursday, September 4, 2008

La Nouvelle Frontière (1970)

Dreamy French-Canadian folk rock featuring the Seguin couple, with crystal clear female vocals. There is also a less expensive second LP, "L'Hymne Aux Quenuilles".
(taken from "The Acid Archives")

La Nouvelle Frontière was formed in the late 1960's by the twins, Richard (guitar/vocals) and Marie-Claire (vocals) Séguin, in Montreal's eastern district of Pointe-aux-Trembles. They were joined by André Brault (bass/guitar/vocals), Denis Chenier (drums), Robert Letendre (guitar/vocals), and Normand Théroux (keyboards/vocals). They released two albums in 1970, a self-titled effort followed by "L'Hymne aux quenouilles". The music has a strong 1960's folk-rock feel to it, with only a couple of mildly experimental tracks. Although La Nouvelle Frontière performed with some high profile names such as Johnny Halliday and Little Richard, the group was largely ignored by the media due to its hippie image. The Séguins' more acoustic style also clashed with Théroux's preference for rock music, and the group disbanded in 1971.Théroux later joined progressive band Le Match, while the twins formed the folk duo (Les) Séguin, eventually pursuing successful solo careers.
(taken from "ProgQuébec")

This is by request. Their first album was re-issued by Gamma (Gamma UBK-4158 / 2003). Their best track is definitely the opening cut "Pacification", a fine amalgam of Folk and Psychedelia. The remainder of the album is less interesting, sometimes a bit boring.

- Pacification
- Pour Un Temps De Marée
- Le Héros
- Sans Légende
- So Long Marianne
- Frontière
- Le Chemin Du Roi
- Que J'aime De T'aimer
- Alléluia, Alléluia
- Funky Monkey

Marie-Claire Séguin (vcls)
Richard Séguin (gtr, vcls)
Robert Letendre (gtr, vcls)
André Brault (bs, gtr, vcls)
Normand Théroux (keyb'ds, vcls)
Denis Chenier (drms)

Band origin:
Montreal (Quebec/Canada)

1. La Nouvelle Frontière (Gamma GS-137) 1970
2. L'Hymne Aux Quenouilles (Gamma GS-143) 1971

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Pacification


Anonymous said...

Hello, This is a great psych rock album, thanks for sharing this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thankx. Always great music here.

Sébastien Desrosiers said...

Niiice, indeed this first effort is kinda better than the second one. Still two important albums on the Quebec scene tough...

Anonymous said...

Many thankx friend. You are a great discography.

Andrew said...

Great album. Thank you for rare, fantastic music.

Andrew from Moscow