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Majority One (1971)

Originally known as The Mustangs they went in 1965 to London and changed their name to The Majority. They released eight singles from 1965 to 1968 and also backing Barry Ryan on his international chartbuster "Eloise". They toured France in early 1969 and as the trip turned out to be very successful they finally moved over there and never played in England again. They got a contract deal with Pink Elephant and changed their name to Majority One. They did two 45's for their new label and especially their first single "Because I Love You" became a hit. This song was also included on their only album that was finally released in 1971. There are a few throwaway cuts on it like the totally schmaltzy "I Nearly Died" or the nasty "Glass Image" but most of the material is pretty good late sixties Pop and Psychedelic with a strong Bee Gee's influence sometimes. The re-issue on Synton (Synton OL 5682 / 2005) gives no further information but is an exact repro with one bonus cut. There's also an eighteen track compilation from RPM-Records called "Rainbow Rockin' Chair".

- Feedback
- Rainbow Rocking Chair
- A Cigarette, A Cup Of Tea
- I Nearly Died
- Looks Like Rain
- Glass Image
- Because I Love
- Love Came Today
- Depths Of My Mind
- I Don't Mind The Rain
- I See Her Everywhere
- Roger La Frite
- Revelation
- Get Back Home • bonus track

Barry Graham [aka Graham Wigley] (lead vcls) [AB]
Roger France (lead gtr) [A]
Robert Long (rhythm gtr, vcls) [AB]
Ken Smith (bs) [A]
Don Lill (drms) [A]
Peter Mizen (lead gtr, vcls) [B]
Walter Andrews (bs) [B]
Chris Kelly (drms, vcls) [B]

Band origin:
Hull (Yorkshire/UK)

1. (B) Majority One (Pink Elephant PE 888010) 1971

[1. french release]

1. Glass Image/Friday Man (Pink Elephant PE 22.514 A) 1970
2. Because I Love You/Get Back Home
   (Pink Elephant PE 22.525 A) 1970
3. Love Came Today/Depths Of My Mind
   (Pink Elephant PE 22.545 Y) 1971
4. Game/I See Her Everywhere
   (Pink Elephant PE 22.634 Y) 1972
5. Game/A Cigarette, A Cup Of Tea (Opalo OPL-16) 1972
6. I Nearly Died/I Don't Mind The Rain
   (Ricordi International SIR 20-165) 1972
7. Rainbow Rocking Chair/Feedback (One Way ON-13) 1972

[1. + 2. french release]
[3. + 4. belgian release]
[5. spanish release]
[6. italian release]
[7. brazilian release]

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to I Don't Mind The Rain


SAD-D said...


Anonymous said...

many thankx. fantastic uk record.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt the best Psych LP from the 70's and imo Glass Image and I Nearly Died are some of the stellar tracks on the LP!

Anonymous said...

As a pre-teenager back in Paris in the early 70's and by pure luck at a market stall I got a 45 of Majority One:
Friday Man/Glass Image
Both tunes were amazing, magic.
Lost the 45 when I moved to Canada.
Customs officials must have scooped it from the container?
Anyway I have been desesperately trying to find the tunes ever since.
If someone can help me please and thank you.
Jean-Michel(Near Toronto)

Jean-Michel said...

Thanks to Gus from Portugal I got "Glass Image" and "Friday Man"
Thank you Gus!♪

Jean-Michel said...

I created a Majority One page on FaceBook if anyone wants to "Like" it