Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Faine Jade - It Ain't True (1966-69)

Most of you will know Long Islander Faine Jade and his classic "Introspection"-album. Distortions released in 1992 (Distortions 1007) a collection of earlier and unreleased material. It contains his fantastic b-side from 1966 "It Ain't True", demo versions of "Cold Winter Sun" & "I Lived Tomorrow Yesterday" and the cool "Can't Get You Out Of My Heart" from his first band The Rustics. Also notable are the two acid-punkers "I'm A Wanderer Too" and "December's Children". Garage and psychedelic fans will find a lot on this album. Check out his website.

- Look At Me [as The Rustics]
- Can't Get You Out Of My Heart [as The Rustics]
- I'm A Wanderer Too [as The Rustics]
- Don't Underestimate Me [as The Rustics]
- Gonna Love You Anyway [as The Rustics]
- Can't Let You Go [as The Rustics]
- I Tried To Save This Love Of Ours [as The Rustics]
- Look Before You Leap
- December's Children
- I Lived Tomorrow Yesterday [demo]
- Cold Winter Sun [demo]
- It Ain't True
- USA Now

Rustics line-up
Faine Jade[aka Chuck Laskowski] (lead vcls, rhythm gtr)
Nick Manzi (lead gtr, bs, vcls)
Scott Davidson (bs)
Jeff Jade (drms, tamb)
Tom Starr (bs)

Faine Jade line-up:
Faine Jade (lead vcls, rhythm gtr, bs) [AB]
Bruce Bradt (organ, harpsichord) [A]
Jeff Jade (drms, tamb) [A]
Randy Skrah (drms) [B]
additional musicians from The Bohemian Vendetta with:
Nick Manzi (lead gtr, bs, vcls) [B]
Randy Pollock (gtr) [B]
Victor Muglia (bs) [B]
Brian Cooke (organ) [B]
Chuck Monica (drms) [B]

Band origin:
New York City (New York/US)

1. (B) Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital
       (RSVP ES 8002) 1968

1. ( ) Can't Get You Out Of My Heart/Look At Me
       (Ye Old King Records 1000) 1966
2. (A) Love On A Candy Apple Day/It Ain't true
       (Providence 420) 1967
3. (B) Introspection/Doctor Paul (RSVP ) 1968

[1. as The Rustics]

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Can't Get You Out Of My Heart


frumious bandersnatch said...

I only had "Introspection" until now. Thanks a lot for this very interesting comp !! really great blog !

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Great job mr. billycan. Rare item for the Distortion label. Thanks.

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Thanks for the Faine Jade. Great stuff, it sounds beautiful.

Pep Sonic said...

I didn't know Distortion had published this album. I've got a funny reedition of Intorspection from Sandiland with three bonus. I guess this group's work is completed with this one. Thanks so much.

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Thanks. This blog is rock.

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Gracias, conocía el album, como la mayoría pero no sabía que existía este material. Gracias - Thanks.

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Thanks for this I got Introspection from on CD from the man himself - included a notes from him as well. Great Psych IMHO



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