Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hi-Revving Tongues - Tropic Of Capricorn (1967)

It is said that their debut 45 "The Psychedelic Illusion" was the first psychedelic record in New Zealand. Their album contains their magnum opus "Tropic Of Capricorn", their cover of "Elevator" with heavy phasing effects, and the quasi-psychedelic "You'll Find Me Anywhere" and "Conquistador Esses". What's left are some fillers, mostly in the pop vein, and two covers of "Kaleidoscope" and "Daytime, Nighttime" (here retitled as "Each & Every Day"). Their bonus tracks are totally forgettable. The band was from Auckland and also recorded under the name "Chris Parfitt & The Hi-Revving Tongues" or simply "The Tongues".

- Elevator
- Love is a hurting thing
- You'll find me anywhere
- Mike's tune
- Baby I need your lovin'
- Spooky
- Conquistador esses
- Forgive me my love
- Tropic of capricorn

[Bonus tracks]
- Each & every day
- Nobody knows it
- To my love
- Kaleidoscope
- Make yourself at home
- Baby come back to me
- Little red rooster
- Rain & tears
- Watermelon man

Mike Balcombe (lead gtr) [ABC]
Bruce Coleman (organ) [ABC]
Rob Noad (drms) [AB]
Chris Parfitt (vcls) [ABC]
John Walmsley (bs) [A]
Graeme Thompson (bs) [BC]
Richard Sinclair (drms) [C]

Band origin:
Auckland (New Zealand)

1. Tropic Of Capricorn (Zodiac BZLP 104) 1967
2. The Tongues (Zodiac ZLP 1041) 1969

 1. (The Psychedelic) Illusion/Hate To Go
   (Allied Int. JAR 560) 1967
 2. Not Some Of The Time/You'll Find Me Anywhere
   (Allied Int. JAR 565) 1968
 3. Come Back And Love Me/I've Been Lonely Too Long
   (Allied Int. JAR 571) 1968
 4. Tropic Of Capricorn/Baby I Need Your Loving
   (Philips BF 338 098) 1968
 5. Elevator/You'll Find Me Anywhere (Philips 338101) 1968
 6. Make Yourself At Home/To My Love
   (Philips BF 338 100) 1969
 7. Baby Come Back To Me/Little Red Rooster
   (Philips BF 338 102) 1969
 8. Rain And Tears/Watermelon Man (Zodiac Z45 1350) 1969
 9. Take Me To The Pilot/Highway (Zodiac Z45 1358) 1970
10. Aspen, Colorado/Goodbye Holly (Zodiac Z45 1359) 1970

[5. as Chris Parfitt & The Hi-Revving Tongues]

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Tropic Of Capricorn


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I'm looking for a group called Cleves from Australia and Magic bubble from Canada.

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LOVE the track "Elevator"! It's a cover? Who does it originally?

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