Friday, December 14, 2007

Mandrake Memorial - Medium (1969)

Mandrake Memorial's second album could have been one of the great records of late sixties psychedelic rock. Could have, because after the incredible opener "Snake Charmer" and the terrific "Witness The End/Celebration" the songs become pretty dull. Whilst the relaxed "Last Number" and the acid-rocking "Smokescreen" keep a good standard the thumbs going down on the remaining numbers. Especially the tedious "After Pascal" and "Cassandra" make you feel that it's time to go to bed. The band was from Philadelphia and this reissue came out on Collectables (Collectables COL-0692 / 1996).

- Snake Charmer
- Witness The End/Celebration
- Other Side
- Last Number
- After Pascal
- Smokescreen
- Barnaby Plum
- Cassandra

Craig Anderton (gtr, sitar)
Randy Monaco (vcls, bs)
Michael Kac (keyb'ds, vcls)
Kevin Lally (drms)

Band origin:
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania/US)

1. The Mandrake Memorial (Poppy 40002) 1968
2. Medium (Poppy 40003) 1969
3. Puzzle (Poppy 40006) 1970

1. Musical Man/Something In The Air (Poppy 90103) 1969

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Snake Charmer


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For a long time I wanted to hear this record. Very cool blog friend. Thankx.


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Hi billycan, another fine post. Many thanks for the music and scan artwork.

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Thankx. Great stuff!!!

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Super Far Out Man! Would you be able to post more???
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. Up a flight of stairs was a large room with a band stand and a strobe light which flickered on and off making everything look as though it were happening in slow motion. The floor was covered with sitting people. The air was pregnant with thick bluish smoke and laced with the tell-tale pungent aroma of marijuana. They found a place to sit just in time to catch a local band tuning up. The singer picked up the mike and said, “We’re the Mandrake Memorial,” and the next hour was filled with their music. The sound tilled the air so that there wasn’t any room left. No one talked; no one moved; the music captured them, filling them with a strong new high. The lights flashed and the music played, and it became impossible to distinguish the real from the unreal. Suddenly it was over. No one clapped, no one moved. They sat and listened to mental echoes of hypnotic vibration, dazed as the band departed.

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Thanks for this overlooked album!