Thursday, December 13, 2007

Squires - Going All The Way With The Squires (1966)

You know their superb folk-punker "Going All The Way". You loved their sugary Beau Brummels styled "Go Ahead". Now here's more of that great garage band from Bristol/Connecticut. In 1986 Crypt (Crypt LP 008) released an album that contains not only their unreleased songs but their first 45 under the moniker The Rogues. This early incarnation of The Squires produced the outstanding punker "It's The Same All Over The World". And even if you think you have heard "Gloria" a thousand times, give the version of the Squires a try.

- Going all the way
- It's the same all over the world
- Oh no!
- I can't do it
- Gloria
- The original
- Go ahead
- We can try
- Walkin'
- Rink bash
- It's the same all over the world [demo]

Tom Flanigan (lead gtr)
Jim Lynch (gtr)
John Folcik (bs)
Kurt Robinson (keyb'ds)
Mike Bouyea (drms, violin, vcls)

Band origin:
Bristol (Connecticut/US)

1. It's The Same All Over The World/Oh No
   (Peyton P-1001) 1966
2. The Original (Blue Echo acetate) 1966
3. Going All The Way/Go Ahead (Atco 6442) 1966

[1.+2. as The Rogues]

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to It's The Same All Over The World [demo]


Pep Sonic said...

"Going all the way" is really a classic garage folk punker from 60's era. Thankssssssss!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot for this one! Love this! Marvelous and great garage sound 60's.

Anonymous said...

The Squires were an American garage band in the 1960s, who have a claim to being the quintessential example of the genre.
Going All The Way was reissued on the first of the Pebbles compilations of garage tracks in 1979, and its Byrds-like B-side Go Ahead on Vol. 2.

Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Merci ami. Ce blog est fantastique. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Super garage post. The first song is really incredible. Thaaaannnnkxxxx!!!


Anonymous said...

Muchísimas gracias. No sabía que había un disco de este grupo. Adoro la canción going all the way. Es de mis canciones de garage preferidas. Many thanks.

Mateus Paul said...

They version of Gloria is curious and the LP is great to listen!

Anonymous said...

Really good album. Gloria's got a great guitar tone on it. One of the best covers. Amazing stuff.

Anonymous said...

Rink bash terrorific instrumental!!!!!!!!
Greetings from Spain!!