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Master's Apprentices - The Complete Recordings (1965-68)

Adelaide band. First album (from 1967) and all the 7-inches 'til 1968 are included here (Ascension ANCD 010 / 2000).

- Undecided
- Poor boy
- But one day
- Dancing girl
- She's my girl
- Hot gully wind
- Theme for a social climber
- Buried and dead
- Johnny B Goode
- Don't fight it
- Four years of five
- I feel fine
- My girl
- Brigette
- I feel fine (alternate version)
- Dear dad
- Inside looking out
- War or hands of time
- Elevator driver
- Tired of just wandering
- Living in a child’s dream
- Bye bye Johnny
- Black girl (in the pines)

Mick Bower (gtr) [A]
Jim Keays (vcls) [ABCD]
Rick Morrison (gtr) [A]
Brian Vaughton (drms) [A]
Gavin Webb (bs) [AB]
Rick Harrison (gtr) [B]
Steve Hopgood (drms) [B]
Tony Sommers (gtr) [BC]
Colin Burgess (drms) [CD]
Doug Ford (gtr) [CD]
Glenn Wheatley (bs) [CD]
Denny Burgess (bs) [D]

Band origin:
Adelaide (South Australia/Australia)

1. ( ) The Master's Apprentices (Astor ALP 1025) 1967
2. (C) Masterpiece (Columbia SCXO 7915) 1970
3. (C) Choice Cuts (Columbia SCXO 7983) 1971
4. ( ) Nickelodeon (Columbia SCXO 7992) 1971
5. (C) A toast to Panama red (Columbia SCXO 7998) 1972

 1. Undecided/Wars or hands of time (Astor A 7071) 1966
 2. Buried and dead/She's my girl (Astor A 7075) 1967
 3. Living in a child's dream/Tired of just wandering
    (Astor A 7081) 1967
 4. Elevator driver/Theme for a social climber
    (Astor A 7087) 1968
 5. Brigette/Four years of five (Astor A 7102) 1968
 6. But one day/My girl (Astor A 7126) 1968
 7. Linda Linda/Merry-go-round (Columbia DO-8677) 1969
 8. 5:10 Man/How I love you (Columbia DO-8826) 1969
 9. Think about tomorrow today/A dog, a siren and memories
    (Columbia DO-8995) 1969
10. Turn up your radio/Jam it up (Columbia DO-9104) 1970
11. Because I love you/I'm your satisfier
    (Columbia DO-9341) 1971
12. Future of our nation/New day (HMV EA 9525) 1971
13. Love is/Southern cross (Columbia DO-9821) 1972
14. Rio de Camero/Thyme to rhyme (EMI 10560) 1974

1. The Master's Apprentices (Astor AEP 4012) 1967
2. Vol. 2 (Astor AEP 4059) 1968
3. Turn up your radio (Columbia SEGO 70190) 1970

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Buried And Dead


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Buff Bill on your new blog(saw your link over at Lost In Tyme)Thanx for this gem and don't let the bastards(leechers) grind you down.Once your blog is known you'll be off to a flier.....Cheers

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff!!!
Brilliant blog, always wanted to hear more stuff by these guys, and it's pretty good,have to get a copy of this,

Anonymous said...

Living In A Childs Dream/Tired Of Just Wondering, one of the best singles to come out of OZ.

Mark said...

TThanks for posting this. I got to know Douig Ford from The Masters in the late 1990's & had the pleasure of jammimg with him once.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC ALBUM, I have all the Master Albums but I think this one is the best....
Thanks for post..

Anonymous said...

from a new visitor,,,, incredible stuff, especially the compilations, thanks much