Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tyrnaround - Colour Your Mind (1986)

80's neo-psychedelic band from Melbourne. Their e.p. on the Cleopatra label includes "Colour Your Mind", one of the best psychedelic tunes ever.

- Carroll By Candlelight
- Francis
- Colour Your Mind
- Suicidal Flowers

Michael Phillips (vcls)
Peter Fidler (gtr)
Leigh Underhill (bs)
Ken Gardner (keyb'ds)
Gavin Gray (drms)

Band origin:
Melbourne (Victoria/Australia)

1. Succeeds When Daylight Fails (Polyester LUV 12) 1989

1. Want Of A Rhyme/Hello Or Goodbye (Polyester LUV 5) 1987
2. Uncle Sydney/Uncle Jack (Polyester LUV 21) 1990

1. Carrol By Candlelight/Francis/Colour Your Mind/
   Suicidal Flowers (Cleopatra Records MLCR102) 1986

1. Colour Your Mind [1st version]
   (The Polyester Tape »no#«) 1986
2. Paragon Smythe
   (Freakbeat Issue 7 Free Disc »Ayahuasca HEAD #7
«) 198?
3. Hello Or Goodbye
   (A Psychedelic Psauna »Delerium DELP 005D«) 1991

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Colour Your Mind


Anonymous said...

whenever I click your links I get "Server not found" error. FYI

Buffalo Billycan said...

Don't know why this happens. Everything's alright when I use the link. I left out ".html" in the linkcode, maybe that's the problem (I have fixed it). From now on I also write the complete code from rapidshare below the link. Then you can copy and paste it. Hope that works.

Anonymous said...

this awesome lp was my fave cassette for years!! it had sundial onthe other side. this band is one of the best all time psych groups. 100% awesome.

all the other stuff, is great too, out of print stuff, stuff that eluded me the first time around on re-issue. thanks.

have you got it's a kave-in? the australian garage comp? or any of the michigan mixture lps?

Anonymous said...

any chance of uploading anyof their other stuff, uncle sydney etc. want of a rhyme? etc? pleeez?!!

awesome band. 100% class, that spirit cover they did was awesome, as is uncle sydney.

Anonymous said...

Very very good and original psyche album !! absolutely no boring time !! they have their sound and their style. Really a must .
Thanks a lot .
Noel from Belgium

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Love all your music that you download. Great work. Thank you very much my psychedelic friend.

Andrew from Moscow.