Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dick Domane (1970)

Dick Domane is best known from the "Mystic Males" compilation, where he is represented with the great "Bad Dream". His only album was released in 1970 (Map City 3013) and is filled with well-crafted orchestral pop and psych-pop, often accompanied with fuzz guitar. He wrote all the songs except one ("Maybe"). Much more better than the horrible Gordon Alexander LP or the Bob Ray album (which is not bad but rather uninteresting). I would compare it to Del Shannons "Charles Westover" record (if that helps).

- I'm Only Dreamin'
- Such An Early Hour
- Since You Left Me
- I Can't Imagine
- Hang On
- Bad Dream
- Sane One
- Fragmented People
- Hey Don't You Know
- Maybe
- The Sun Never Shines
- Saturday Mornin'

Dick Domane (real name Richard P. DiDomenico)
(vcls, keyb'ds, horns) [A]

[additional musicians]
John Vastano (gtr) [A]
Bob Fiocco (bs, horns) [A]
John Emma (horns) [A]
Pete Anders (melodica) [A]
Comrad Cataland (drms) [A]

Rhode Island (US)

1. (A) Dick Domane (Map City MAP-3013) 1970

1. Make Me Yours/Dearest Lee (Joy 231) 1959
2. Alone/You're So Conceited (Wye 1006) 1961
3. Don't Pity Me/This Is Goodbye (Almont 312) 1964

[1. as Dick Domane & The Blue Jays]

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to I Can't Imagine


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. I didn't know this record, but it sounds quite well. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

i agree the Gordon Alexander lp is bad ,bob ray is ok! thanks james

ge said...

hold on guys! Let me say that GORDON'S BUSTER RULES!
Now, this may take decades to realise-- sure hit me late due to a friend's finding in my collection and remarking [cut 1 hit him, the whole damn thing I now consider near-perfect]
no kidding

Anonymous said...

very pleasant album.

Anonymous said...

Hi friend!...Thank´s for this. It is really new for me, I never heard it. Cheers.

Kadek55 said...

Sounds very interesting!
Thanks a lot!

Sébastien Desrosiers said...

Merci beaucoup! Regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

While surfing the net, I luckily arrived to this EXTRAORDINARY blog.
Wow!! I can't believe the ammount of GREAT music that you're posting.
Thx a lot for this.
I really do appreciate!
I just took this record by chance, and I love it.
I'm just going by track 4, and I felt that I had to write you.
Thx again my friend.
You made my day.
Track 1 it's a gem.
Be sure that I'm going to be around a lot.
Take care.


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic album,undiscovered jewel!
Much thanks!

Anonymous said...

One of the greatest albums ever!! Domane (originally from Rhode Island) is an incredible writer and musician - as are RI's own Blue Jays, backing him on these tracks. Thanks for featuring this wonderful record!

Inmedlo Jonez said...

WELP I'm late to this party but thanks for posting this, I've been looking for it ever since I heard "Bad Dream" (though apparently not looking hard enough!).

Anonymous said...

I got this vinyl. It's really good and I'd like it on mp3...can't find it in Sweden....sigh...

Anonymous said...

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