Monday, January 21, 2008

V.A. - Live In Concert (1968)

A look at the german mid sixties beat scene. This album was recorded live in Hamburg in december 1967 and was released four month later by Fontana (Fontana 701614 WPY / 1968). You may not like live recordings but "I'm Addicted" made by "The All" and Skip Bifferty's "On Love" by "Cops & Robbers" are pretty powerful and the highlights on this set. I think Mods will have their fun with this record.

1. Cops & Robbers - On Love
2. Rivets - Watch The World
3. All - I'm Addicted
4. Marquee Sect - Barefootin'
5. Tonics - Peepin' And Hidin'
6. Rattles - I'll Catch Her
7. Cops & Robbers - You Keep Me Hanging On
8. All - The Letter
9. Rivets - Right Girl
10. All - I Don't Want To Listen
11. Rattles - Love Of My Life

[Cops & Robbers]
Heinz Eggert (vcls, bs)
Joachim Wenzel (gtr)
Steffen Wecker (bs)
Claus-Robert Kruse (organ)
Hans-Joachim Mahlich (drms)

Henner Hoier (vcls, rhythm gtr)
Cornelius Lagerwaard (lead gtr)
Michael "Kuno" Dreysse (bs)
Peter Franken (drms)

Dave Watt (lead gtr)
Simon Hind (bs)
Frank "Piggy" Jarnach (organ, vcls)
Charly Krüger (drms)

Bernhard Steinmann (vcls)
Jürgen Freihoff (lead gtr)
Addi Buchfink (rhythm gtr)
Wolfgang Tolle (bs)
Wolfgang Krone (drms)

Manfred "Toni" Oberdörffer (vcls, rhythm gtr)
Helmuth Franke (lead gtr)
Benny Bendorff (bs)
Herbert Bornhold (drms)

Frank Dostal (vcls)
Herrmann "Rugy" Rugenstein (rhtyhm gtr, vcls)
Herbert Hildebrandt (bs, vcls)
Bernd Schulz (organ)
Reinhardt "Dicky" Tarrach (drms)

[all line-ups are from the December 1967-show in the Ebert-Halle, Hamburg-Harburg]

Band origins:
Hamburg (Germany)

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to The All: I'm Addicted


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