Sunday, January 27, 2008

V.A. - Mindexpanders

Some groovy sounds you can find here on the first Mindexpanders volume (Waterpipe Records #no number / 2002). All songs are instrumentals, mostly studio cash-ins that try to catch the hip style of the moment. If you can go along with "101 Strings: Astro Sounds From Beyond The Year 2000" or "Crazy People: Bedlam" you will find a lot here. The compilation is subtitled "In search of the orgiastic flashtastic psychspastic groove".

1. Los Diablos - 21-7-69
taken from ?
Personnel incl.: Agustín Ramírez (vcls), Enrique Marín (gtr), Emilio Sancho (drms), Amado Jaén (bs), Gianni Escavini (organ), Enrique Cuquerella Clemente (drms), Antonio Fernández Carbonell (gtr), Óscar San Machancases (keyb'ds). Band origin: Barcelona (Spain)
2. Jokers - Baia
taken from the single Baia/The Kilt (Arcade 5040) 1966
Line-up: Jos Clauwers (gtr), Ronny Sigo (gtr), Jos Raes (bs), Danny Peppermans (drms). Band origin: Antwerp (Belgium)
3. Jim Sullivan Sound - She Walks Through The Fair
taken from the single
She Walks Through The Fair/Don't You Know What I'm Doing
(Mercury MF 928) 1966

Personnel incl.: Big Jim Sullivan (sitar, gtr). Band origin: London
4. Dave Myers Effect - Silent Screamer
taken from the album
Greatest Racing Themes (GNP Carole CARS 8002) 1967
Personnel incl.: Dave Myers (gtr, bs). Band origin: California
5. Guy Pedersen & Son Grand Orchestre - We Love You
taken from the album Succès Vol. 2 (Musidisc CV 1027) 1967
Personnel incl.: Guy Pedersen. Band origin: France
6. Blue Phantom - Distillation
taken from the album Distortions (Kaleidoscope KAL 101) 1971
Personnel: unknown. Band origin: Canada
7. Emmanuel Brun - La Voix Psychedélique
taken from the album
La Scie Musicale par Emmanuel Brun (SFP 15013) 1975
Personnel incl.: Emmanuel Brun (musical saw), Geny Detto (gtr).
Origin: France
8. Crazy Elephant - Space Buggy
taken from the single
There's A Better Day A-Comin' (Na Na Na Na)/Space Buggy (Bell 846) 1969
Personnel incl.: Robert Spencer (vcls), Hal King (vcls), Larry Laufer (keyb'ds, vcls), Kenny Cohen (keyb'ds, sax, flute, vcls), Ronnie Bretone (bs), Bob Avery (drms). Band origin: Camden (New Jersey/US)
9. Sounds Of Lane - Tracks To Your Mind
taken from the single
Tracks To Your Mind/My My Mama (Cobblestone CB 713) 197?
[flip side by George McCannon]
Personnel: unknown. Band origin: USA
10. Morgans - Rasal
taken from the single Sitar Beat/Rasal (Philips 346022 PF) 1967
Personnel incl.: Siegfried Schwab (sitar). Band origin: Munich (Germany)
11. Horror Charly - Horror Horror Dance Part 2
taken from the single
Horror Horror Dance Pt. 1/Horror Horror Dance Pt. 2 (Kerston 60112) 1972
Personnel incl.: Egon T. Keresztesj [aka Horror Charly].
Origin: Munich (Germany)
12. Les Apollos & La Danse Cosmique - Cosmonautic Blues
taken from the single
Apollo Capsule/Cosmonautic Blues (Vega 3.514) 1969
Personnel incl.: unknown. Band origin: Czechoslovakia → France
13. Rowdies - Kafka
taken from the single
Kafka/The Camel (CBS 1400) 1964
Line-up: Jean-Didier van Puyvelde (lead gtr), Claude Delacroix (rhythm gtr), Paul Husmans (bs), Eric van Puyvelde (drms).
Band origin: Brussels (Belgium)
14. Sun Rock Rodeo Roundup - Afternoon Breakdown
taken from the single
Afternoon Breakdown/Spacelab (Oregon 8401) 1984
Personnel: unknown. Band origin: Belgium
15. Lord Sitar - Have You Seen Your Mother Baby
taken from the single
Black Is Black/Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Capitol 5972) 1967
Personnel incl.: Big Jim Sullivan (sitar, gtr). Band origin: London
16. Clubman - Vacances
taken from the E.P.
Clubman Round-Up/Mini Memories/Mini Scotch/Vacances
(British Leyland #) 1969

Personnel: unknown. Band origin: Belgium

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Jim Sullivan Sound - She Walks Through The Fair


Anonymous said...

This album has no comment for the moment.So I put one.Easy listening music.

Buffalo Billycan said...

Right. But The "Jim Sullivan Sound" track is great.

doughboy said...

Jim Sullivan is brilliant but also love the Guy Pedersen version of "We Love You" ... in fact most all of this comp. is brilliant. Thanks for the opportunity to hear it.

pompel said...

Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one. It's really cool; many great songs.