Monday, January 14, 2008

Larry & The Blue Notes - The Major Bill Tapes [Sixties Punk Vol. 1] (1965-66)

Most of you will know this Fort Worth/Texas band from various compilations. "Night Of The Phantom/Sadist" or "In And Out" are both garage classics. Big Beat released in 1985 (Big Beat WIKM 33) an album with the above mentioned tracks as well as unreleased material and some singles A and B sides. It contains a competent cover of "Love Is A Beautiful Thing", alternate versions of "In And Out" and "Night Of The Phantom", the fine and unreleased "What Made Me Lose My Head" written by leader Larry Roquemore and most notably a strong cover version of "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love" done in a cool "Modtown" style. More information about Larry & The Blue Notes on the Beyond The Beat Generation site.

- In And Out (unreleased)
- Night Of The Sadist (alternate version)
- In And Out
- It's You Alone (unreleased)
- Love Is A Beautiful Thing
- She'll Love Me (as The Bad)
- What Made Me Lose My Head (unreleased)
- The Train Kept A'Rollin' (unreleased)
- Just Stay (as Larry Roquemore)
- Talk About Love
- Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (as The Bad)
- The Phantom (as The Mark Five)

Larry Roquemore (vcls, sax) [ABC]
Larry Slater (lead gtr) [ABC]
Tommy Skaggs (rhythm gtr) [A]
Rocky Shores (drms) [A]
Buddy Bates (rhythm gtr, vcls) [BC]
Dan Fletcher (bs) [B]
Mike Griffin (drms) [BC]
Randy Cates (bs) [C]
Jack Hammonds (organ) [C]

Band origin:
Fort Worth (Texas/US)

 1. Night Of The Phantom/All My Own (Tiris 101) 1965
 2. Night Of The Phantom/All My Own
    (20th Century Fox 573) 1965
 3. Talk About Love/She'll Love Me (Charay 20) 1965
 4. The Phantom/She'll Love Me (Charay 20) 1965
 5. Everybody Needs Somebody/She'll Love Me
    (Charay 20) 1966
 6. Everybody Needs Somebody/She'll Love Me
    (Epic 9871) 1966
 7. There's No Other (Like My Baby)/In And Out
    (Charay 44) 1966
 8. I'll Be True To You/In And Out (Charay 44) 1966
 9. You Cheated, You Lied/In And Out
    (Sound City Recording Studio acetate) 1966
10. No Milk Today/In And Out (Charay 44) 1966
11. Love Is A Beautiful Thing/In And Out (Charay 44) 1966
12. Summertime/Train Kept A-Rolling
    (Sound City Recording Studio acetate) 1966
13. Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter/Just Stay
    (Guyden 2124) 1966

[4. as Mark Five]
[6. + 9. as The Bad]
[13. as Larry Roquemore]

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to In And Out [unreleased version]


Anonymous said...

thanks for a chance to discover another obscurity for me.

frumious bandersnatch said...

essential garage punk : "Night of the phantom" aka "Night of the sadist" was discovered long ago thanks to the Back from The Grave comps. This LP is rather hard tofind, these days. Thanks a lot for this splendid rip !!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this garage gem.