Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Junior's Eyes - Battersea Power Station (1969)

Heavy Rock isn't necessarily what I like. But here we have an album from a London band that has its moments and hits my taste at times. The freaky "White Light", the Tyrannosaurus Rex styled "I'm Drowning" and the cool rocker "So Embarrassed" are all worthwhile. Of more interest to me are the bonus tracks that Castle Records released with their first album on one CD (Castle ESMCD 896 / 2000). Especially the 7-inch they did under the name The Tickle are both great psychedelic and freakbeat tracks. Finally I think every heavy rock aficionado would jubilate more at "Battersea Power Station" than I do.

- Total War
- Circus Days
- Imagination
- My Ship
- Miss Lizzie
- So Embarrassed
- Freak In
- Playtime
- I'm Drowning
- White Light
- By The Tree

[Bonus tracks]
- Mr. Golden Trumpet Player
- Black Snake
- Woman Love
- Star Child
- Sink Or Swim
- Circus Days • single version
- White Light • demo
- By The Tree • demo
- Imagination • demo
- Playtime • demo
- Subway (Smokey Pokey World) • as The Tickle
- Good Evening • as The Tickle

Mick Wayne (lead gtr, vcls) [ABCDE]
John 'Honk' Lodge (bs, vcls) [ABCDE]
John 'Candy' Carr (drms, bongoes) [A]
Steve Chapman (drms) [BCD]
John Redford (organ) [C]
Graham 'Grom' Kelly (vcls) [D]
Tim Renwick (gtr, glute, cello) [E]
John Cambridge (drms) [E]

Mike Docker (lead vcls)
Mick Wayne (lead gtr, vcls)
Richard Dowling (bs)
Dave Williams (keyb'ds)
John Beckerman (drms)

Band origin:

Discographie [Junior's Eyes]:
1. (D) Battersea Power Station
       (Regal Zonophone SLRZ 1008) 1969

1. (B) Mister Golden Trumpet Player/Black Snake
       (Regal Zonophone RZ 3009) 1968
2. (D) Woman Love/White Light, Part 2
       (Regal Zonophone RZ 3018) 1969
3. (D) Woman Love/Circus Days
       (Regal Zonophone RZ 3018) 1969
4. (E) Sink Or Swim/Star Child
       (Regal Zonophone RZ 3023) 1969

[2. unissued]

Discographie [The Tickle]:
1. Subway (Smokey Pokey World)/Good Evening
   (Regal Zonophone RZ 3004) 1967
2. Rose Coloured Glasses (Writers Wokshop acetate) 1967

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to So Embarrassed


Anonymous said...

a very nice collection thanks phil

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Thank you very much.

Unknown said... for this..I heard a track on a compilation I liked

Casbahs said...

Hi There
I am looking to purchase the Juniors Eyes album "Battersea Power Station" on LP(vinyl) that has the coloured front cover.
Up till now I have only seen the black and white version - can you help. please?