Saturday, January 19, 2008

Zen - Hair (1967-71)

This is by request and not my rip. Zen were from Amsterdam/Netherlands and had a total of ten singles and two LP's between 1967-76. This CD contains their first album "Zen" from 1969 and their 7-inches they made during the sixties (and one from 1970 for sure). The music itself is a strong mix of pop and psychedelia. Great stuff!

- Hair
- Take It
- I've Been Drowned
- You Better Start Running Away From Me
- I Want You
- I'm Tired Again
- Aquarius
- Tiny Little Bee
- Don't Try Reincarnation
- Please Accept My Invitation
- I Love Your Sigh
- Sad Song
- Dark Days Of December [bonus]
- Bye Bye Heart [bonus]
- Everyday Around You [bonus]
- Get Me Down [bonus]
- Wayfaring Stranger [bonus]
- Take Me Down To The Riverside [bonus]
- Let Me Try To Cry [bonus]
- Birds Can See My Tears [bonus]
- I Love Your Sigh (Basistape Track 11) [bonus]
- Sad Song (Basistape Track 12) [bonus]
- Jingles T B V Radio Veronica

Siebe van der Zee (vcls, sax, flute, bs) [ABCDEFG]
Dirk van der Ploeg (vcls, gtr) [AB]
Duco de Reg (vcls, gtr) [AB]
Bart Bos (bs) [ABC]
Valentijn Geverts (drms, keyb'ds) [A]
Wim Taarling (drms) [BC]
John Brands (vcls) [B]
Ben Groen (gtr) [C]
Harry Rijnbergen (vcls, gtr) [C]
Dave Vreeland (vcls, sax, keybd's) [DE]
Eddy Postema (gtr, bs, vibes) [D]
Ruud Klokgieter (gtr, vibes, vcls) [DEFG]
Johan van der Meer (bs, vcls) [DE]
Floris van Manen (drms) [DE]
Peter Huying (gtr) [EFG]
Tony Souren (vcls) [FG]
Dick Hendriks (drms) [F]
Alex de Laar (vcls) [FG]
Peter Swinkels (drms) [G]

Band origin:
Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)

1. (C) Hair (Philips 855821 XPY) 1969
2. (E) Again (Ariola XT 86756) 1973

1. You Better Start Running Away From Me/I've Been Drowned
   (Philips 333858 JF) 1967
2. Don't Try Reincarnation/Sad Song
   (Philips 333904 JF) 1967
3. Please Accept My Invitation/Dark Days Of December
   (Philips 333992 JF) 1968
4. Hair/Aquarius (Philips 334634 JF) 1968
5. Bye Bye Heart/Everyday Around You
   (Philips 336023 JF) 1969
6. Get Me Down/Wayfaring Stranger (Philips 336063 JF) 1969
7. Take Me Down To The Riverside/Let Me Try To Cry
   (Philips 6012018) 1971
8. Lost Suede Shoes/Green Crocodile (Ariola AT 12553) 1973
9. Silver Lining/I'm So Lazy (Ariola AT 12673) 1973
10. Hair/Tiny Little Bee (Philips 6012638) 1976

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Sad Song


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Billycan, Thank you for posting this great album from Netherlands.

I'm searchig for this South African band Finders keepers.

Do you have the album?

Buffalo Billycan said...

Yes I have. I will post it soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow Wayfaring Stranger cover!!!! Really fantastic: album + bonus.

StevenK said...

Great stuff, as usual! Thanks much!


Anonymous said...

The link is broken from this very good album

Buffalo Billycan said...

The links on Megaupload/Deposit Files/ are still working.

Anonymous said...

Thank you i find the other link Sorry I think I need a glasses