Monday, January 14, 2008

V.A. - The Best Of The Beat Groups Of Sofia (1968)

It seems that there were not many beat groups in Sofia around in 1969. This compilation (Balkanton BTA 1437 / 1968) collects only the songs of "Sreburnite Grivni" and "Shtoursite" plus one song from a band called "Glassovete". The style of the two main bands ranges from beat/psychedelic/freakbeat and some bulgarian folk influences. Pretty strange stuff but some songs could find easily their way on a "Worldbeaters" compilation. The climax is the cool freakbeat number "Song For The Crickets" by "Shtoursite".

 1. Sreburnite Grivni: Proxima
 2. Glassovete: You, Serene Moon
 3. Sreburnite Grivni: Venus
 4. Sreburnite Grivni: The Blessed Frantic Youth
 5. Sreburnite Grivni: Give Me, Vusse, Your Little Hand
 6. Sreburnite Grivni: Zarezan
 7. Shtoursite: And A Star
 8. Sreburnite Grivni: The Boy, Who...
 9. Shtoursite: NSU
10. Shtoursite: Picture Book
11. Shtoursite: The Two Little Beat Boys
12. Shtoursite: Song Of The Crickets

Petar Gyuzelev (gtr, vcls) [AB]
Veselin Kisjov (gtr, vcls) [A]
Kiril Marichkov (bs, vcls) [AB]
Peter Tsankov (drms, vcls) [AB]
Konstantin Atanasov (gtr) [B]

Valentin Stefanov
Alexander Petrounov
Georgi Stankov
Georgian Banov


Band origin:
Sofia (Bulgaria)

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Shtoursite: Song For The Crickets


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Billycan, thaink you for posting beat groups from Sofia Bulgaria, I'm looking for this great bands from Czech Republic Olympic Zelva the name of the album.

Buffalo Billycan said...

Yes Mr. Márquez, I will post the Olympic album in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff, but as the compiler of Worldbeaters I have to say these are too late-60s sounding for inclusion...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this!


Anonymous said...

Correct year of this release is 1968.