Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lemon Drops - A Classic Collection (1967-68)

The first time I have heard "I Live In The Springtime" was on "Highs In The Mid-Sixties Vol. 4". It was done by a band called "Buzzsaw". With its charming pop tune accompanied by fuzz guitar it was one of my garage favourites. In fact it was the "Lemon Drops" recording from 1967 in a stereo mix that was released by their new incarnation "Buzzsaw" five years later. Cicadelic Records put out two albums of unreleased material in the '80s and both records were finally released on one CD by Collectables (Collectables COL-CD-0517 / 1993). Half of the CD is filled with demo recordings that sound a bit like the bonus tracks on Arf-Arf's "Lazy Smoke - Corridor Of Faces" release. The other half is fine garage and psych. The real treasure find here is the eastern influenced "Sometime Ago". Start your own garage/psych mix tape/CD with that track and let it follow by "We The People - In The Past" and then you know you're on the winner side.

- I Live In The Springtime
- It Happens Everyday
- Sometime Ago
- The Theatre Of Your Eyes
- Popsicle Girl
- Flower Pure
- Paperplane Flyer
- Talk To The Animals
- Fairytales
- Hi, How Are You Today!
- Alone
- Sleeping On Colors
- Sometime Ago (acoustic)
- Guinevere
- Learn To Fly
- Flowers On The Hillside
- Flower-Dream
- Flower Child Eyes And Arms
- My Friend
- To The Tower
- Death Calls
- Saturday Be-In
- Love Is A Word
- I Like You

Danny Smola (vcls) [ABCD]
George Sorenson (lead gtr) [A]
Eddie Weiss (lead gtr) [ABCD]
Bobby Lunaik (gtr) [ABCD]
Jeff Brand (bs) [ABCD]
Gary Weiss (drms) [ABCD]
Ricky Erickson (lead gtr) [BC]
Dick Sidman (vcls) [CD]

Band origin:
Chicago (Illinois/US)

1. (B) I Live In The Springtime/Listen Girl
       (Rembrandt 5009) 1967

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Sometime Ago


Anonymous said...

Thanks friends for this super post. Lemon Drops are fantastic. Thankx again.

"I Live In The Springtime was issued on Rembrandt 5009 in two different ways: The more common issue (if a rare single like this could be considered common) is missing the drums and bass. The lesser seen pressing has the exact same label, but it has the drums and bass and the guitar is further down in the mix. We can only summise that they took the stereo mix and issued the left channel (in mono) on one pressing and the right channel (in mono) on the other pressing. It's not known if the two variations share the same dead wax markings."

Anonymous said...

Lemon Drops,Morning Dew,Blue Things are my favorite garage bands.

frumious bandersnatch said...

Lemon Drops are among my favourites too, I find them a charm of their own, don't really know how to define it. It's really great to find this cd with all artwork ! thanks a lot !

Anonymous said...

Really fantastic. In this blog we find 60s garage gems. Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Great garage psych.

Robert Iglesias said...

Oh, man.
Thank you so much, i've been looking for this everywhere.