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The Twilights - The Way They Played (1966-69)

This Adelaide group started as a beat band and released fifteen singles and two albums. Their second longplayer was highly regarded as a psychedelic masterpiece but hopelessly unsuccessful. This 28 track CD is an overview of their career and it shows that they were competent in every "Way They Played" (Raven RVCD-03 / 1989). The beat styled "If She Finds Out" and "Bad Boy" as well as the cover of the Mod raver "Sorry She's Mine" were cool renditions of the mid-sixties era. With "9.50" they picked up the mood of "Paperback Writer" but their psychedelic offerings are the main reason to give this record a try. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

- If She Finds Out
- It's Dark
- Bad Boy
- Baby Let Me Take You Home
- Sorry She's Mine
- Needle In A Haystack
- I Won't Be The Same Without Her
- (I'll Be True To You) Yes I Will
- You've Got Soul
- What's Wrong With The Way I Live?
- 9.50
- Cathy Come Home
- Young Girl
- Time And Motion Study Man
- The Way They Play
- Always
- Once Upon A Twilight
- What A Silly Thing To Do!
- Paternosta Row
- Comin' On Down
- Lotus
- 2,000 Weeks

[Bonus Tracks]
- John Hardy
- I'm Not Talking
- Bessemae
- Mr. Nice
- Tell Me Goodbye
- Bargain Day

Paddy (Clem) McCartney (vcls [ABC]
Glen Shorrock (vcls) [ABC]
Mike Sykes (vcls) [A]
Frank Barnard (drms) [A]
Peter Brideoake (gtr) [BC]
Terry Britten (gtr) [BC]
John Bywaters (gtr) [BC]
Laurie Pryor (drms) [B]

Band origin:
Adelaide (South Australia/Australia)

1. (B) The Twilights (Columbia 330 SX 779) 1966
2. (B) Once Upon A Twilight Time (Columbia SECO 7870) 1968

 1. I'll Be Where You Are/I Don't Know Where The Wind
    Will Blow Me (Columbia DO-4582) 1965
 2. Come On Home/Wanted To Sell (Columbia DO-4610) 1965
 3. If She Finds Out/John Hardy (Columbia DO-4658) 1966
 4. Baby Let Me Take You Home/You Really Got A Hold On Me
    (Columbia DO-4683) 1966
 5. Bad Boy/It's Dark (Columbia DO-4693) 1966
 6. Needle In A Hay Stack/I Won't Be The Same Without Her
    (Columbia DO-4717) 1966
 7. You've Got Soul/(I'll Be True To You) Yes I Will
    (Columbia DO-4742) 1966
 8. What's Wrong With The Way I Live/9.50
    (Columbia DO-4764) 1967
 9. Young Girl/Time And Motion Study Man
    (Columbia DO-4787) 1967
10. I Won't Be The Same Without Her/Needle In A Hay Stack
    (Columbia DO-5006) 1967
11. Bowling Brings Out The Swinger In You
    (EMI Custom PRS 1736) 1967
12. Cathy Come Home/The Way They Play
    (Columbia DO-5030) 1967
13. Always/What A Silly Thing To Do
    (Columbia DO-8361) 1968
14. Tell Me Goodbye/Comin' On Down (Columbia DO-8448) 1968
15. Sand In The Sandwiches/Lotus (Columbia DO-8602) 1968

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to 9.50

Listen to What A Silly Thing To Do


Anonymous said...

THANX SOOOO MUCH for every single upload, for all good things you have "done to us"!!!!!!!!! THANKS, too, for including the cover. That makes your blog a High Quality Blog at all points.

Anonymous said...

Hey people...I have this cd and the Vinyl, and these guys are so so good...great in fact. Great melodies..somestimes Beatlesque sounding,with some driving beats and psychedelic too,oh!...can't forget the great vocals. Not a bad cut on this disc. I love the cut.."sorry She's Mine" it rocks and the Drummer is Manic on it!!So you bloggers better grab this one!!If you don't like these guys have a hole in your heart.give thanks to Faintly Blowing for another great post..I visit your blog constantly and your blog is one of the best..regards,John

Anonymous said...

I'm not that much into the australian sixties, more the US and UK Groups, but this one is as best as my other continent favorites! Outstanding, very good cover version and fantastic originals! Thanx a lot!!! says Pnoom

Anonymous said...

Many thankx for this post. Really fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Great blog, thanks for the many great posts, Grant

Mateus Paul said...

Really like that!
Good covers with a hard FUZZ! For me, they look like Beat/mod groups!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

paternosta row! what an infectious/delicious psychedelia, kind of beatlesque, that cellos oh my! it sounds like a real trip. just amazing!