Tuesday, March 4, 2008

V.A. - Echoes From The Wilderness

16 track collection of UK freakbeaters released on the Paranoid label (Paranoid PARA CD001 / 1998). No liners, just the front-/backcover (the last three songs are not listed on the CD) and the enjoyable music for sure.

1. Richard Kent Style - Go Go Children
taken from the single
No Matter What You Do/Go Go Children (Columbia DB 7964) 1966
Line-up: Richard Kent (vcls, trumpet), Neil Levine (lead gtr), Harvey Rose (bs), Ian McGregor (sax), Austin Verner (sax), Ronnie Smith (trumpet), Desmond Whitehead (drms).
Band origin: Manchester (Greater Manchester/UK)

2. Chicago Line - Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop
taken from the single
Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop/Jump Back (Philips BF 1488) 1966
Personnel incl.: Mike Redfearn (bs). Band origin: Sheffield (Yorkshire/UK)
3. Thane Russal - I Need You
taken from the single
Drop Everything And Run/I Need You (CBS 202403) 1966
Line-up incl.: Thane Russal [aka Doug Gibbons] (vcls).
Origin: London
4. Jimmy Winston & His Reflections - It's Not What You Do
taken from the single
Sorry She's Mine/It's Not What You Do (Decca F 12410) 1966
Line-up: Jimmy Winston (vcls, gtr), John Weider (lead gtr), Alex Dmochowski (bs), Tony Kaye (organ), Terry Slade (drms).
Band origin: London
5. Ten Feet - Shoot On Sight
taken from the single Shoot On Sight/Losing Game (CBS 3045) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: UK
6. Alan Bown Set - I Really Really Care
taken from the single
Gonna Fix You Good/I Really Really Care (Pye 7N 17256) 1967
Line-up: Jess Roden (vcls), Tony Catchpole (lead gtr), Stan Haldane (bs, vcls), Jeff Bannister (organ, vcls), John Anthony (sax), Alan Bown (trumpet), Vic Sweeney (drms). Band origin: London
7. Universals - Hey You
taken from the single
I Can't Find You/Hey You (Page One POF 032) 1967
Line-up: Chris Lamb (trumpet), Mort Sullivan (tenor sax), Brian Keith (vcls, trombone), Foggy Little (lead gtr), Tony Murray (bs), Paul Raymond (keyb'ds), Terry Parsons (drms). Band origin: London
8. Wards Of Court - How Could You Say One Thing
taken from the single
All Night Girl/How Could You Say One Thing (Deram DM 127) 1967
Line-up: Rod Sones (vcls), Bob Lee (lead gtr), Rob Smethers (gtr), Trevor Danby (bs), Nigel Silk (drms). Band origin: Buckhurst Hill (Essex/UK)
9. Edwick Rumbold - Come Back
taken from the single Specially When/Come Back (CBS 202393) 1966
Line-up: Jeff Martin (vcls, gtr), David Gyngell (bs), Sidney Baker (organ), Robin Laws (drms). Band origin: London
10. Magic Lanterns - I Stumbled
taken from the single Rumplestiltskin/I Stumbled (CBS 202250) 1966
Line-up: Peter "Coco" Shoesmith (lead gtr, vcls), Jimmy "Jambo" Bilsbury (gtr, vcls), Ian Moncur (bs, vcls), Alan Wilson (drms).
Band origin: Warrington (Cheshire/UK)
11. Worrying Kynde - Got The Blame
taken from the single
Call Out My Name/Got The Blame (Piccadilly 7N 35370) 1967
Line-up: John Lamb (vcls), Lawrence "Fig" Fagan (lead gtr), Eddie Lamb (bs), Ray Bartrip (keyb'ds), Roland Rees (drms). Band origin: London
12. Gods - Garage Man
taken from the single
Come On Down To My Boat Baby/Garage Man (Polydor 56168) 1967
Line-up: Ken Hensley (vcls, keyb'ds, gtr, perc), Mick Taylor (lead gtr), John Glasscock (bs, vcls), Brian Glasscock (drms).
Band origin: Hatfield (Hertfordshire/UK)
13. Herd - This Boy's Always Been True
taken from the single
So Much In Love/This Boys's Always Been True (Parlophone R 5413) 1966
Line-up: Terry Clark (vcls, gtr), Gary Taylor (gtr, bs, vcls), Louis Cennamo (bs), Andy Bown (keybd's, vcls), Mike Underwood (drms).
Band origin: London
14. Lindsay Muir's Untamed - Daddy Long Legs
taken from the single
Daddy Long Legs/Trust Yourself A Little Bit (Planet PLF 113) 1966
Line-up: Lindsay Muir (vcls, lead gtr), Andy Dickson (bs), Peter Kelly (keyb'ds), Brian Hire (drms). Band origin: Bognor Regis (Sussex)
15. Peeps - Gotta Get A Move On
taken from the single
Gotta Get A Move On/I Told You Before (Philips BF 1478) 1966
Line-up: Martin Cure (vcls), Steve Jones (vcls, lead gtr), Graham Amos (bs), Paul Wilkinson (drms). Band origin: Coventry (West Midlands/UK)
16. Voids - I'm In A Fix
taken from the single Come On Out/I'm In A Fix (Polydor BM 56073) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Somerset (UK)

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Ten Feet - Shoot On Sight

Listen to Gods - Garage Man


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this rare comp. Great UK music.

Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed the song Peeps - Gotta Get A Move On thank you

Anonymous said...

Great posts, Great blog, thanks for the many superb selections!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks fot this great record. I love it really much , powerfull , good guitar's riff, it make you happy, one more time not very specific or original, but full of energy. you can "see them" playing , and moving on the scene .
Thanks again.
Noel from Belgium

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing/re-uploading this
freakbeat compilation. Some nice
songs on here, although the last
one by the Void seems out of place.
About half the bands on here are
new to me.