Friday, March 21, 2008

Les Sinners - Sinnerisme (1966)

Great first garage album from 1966 by this Montréal/Canada band who also released a highly regarded psychedelic longplayer called "Vox Populi" (you can find it on the Patrimoine PQ blogspot).

- Sinerisme
- Candid Colour Count Down
- L'Hymne a "Zoe"
- Sour As a Sidewalk
- Je Suis Las
- La Troisième Fuite de Mohamed "Z" Ali"
- Nice Try
- Elle est Revenue
- Cleopatra
- La Souvenir

Francois Guy (vcls, rhythm gtr, perc) [ABCDE]
Charles Prévost Linton (bs, keyb'ds, vcls) [ABCDE]
Louis Parizeau (drms, perc) [ABCDEF]
Georges Marchand (rhythm gtr) [BC]
Jay Bovin (lead gtr) [C]
Ricky Johnson (lead gtr) [D]
Ernest Rock (lead gtr) [E]
Alain Jodoin (vcls, bs) [F]
Daniel Valois (gtr, flute, vcls) [FG]
Jean-Guy "Arthur" Cossette (lead gtr) [F]
Serge Blouin (bs) [G]
Claude Hetu (keyb'ds) [G]
Serge Locas (keyb'ds) [G]
Wally Rossi (gtr) [G]
Richard Tate (drms, perc) [G]
Dennis Violetti (lead gtr) [G]

Band origin:
Montreal (Québec/Canada)

1. (C) Sinerisme (Rusticana CKL-1243) 1966
2. (E) Sinners (Jupiter JDY 7009) 1967
3. (E) Vox Populi (Jupiter JDY 7015) 1968
4. (F) Sinners (Trans-World TW 6801) 1971
5. ( ) ? (Chelsea CHL-511) 1975

 1. Elle Est Revenue/Le Souvenir (Rusticana FC 734) 1966
 2. L'hymne A "Zoé"/Sinérisme (Rusticana FC 743) 1966
 3. La 3ième Fuite De Mahamed "Z" Ali/
    L'herbe Est Verte Je Suis La (Rusticana FC 749) 1966
 4. Penny Lane/Les Grèves D'aujourd'hui
    (Jupiter JP 1088) 1967
 5. Ne Reste Pas Sous La Pluie/Les Disc-Jockeys
    (Jupiter JP 1099) 1967
 6. Tard Il Se Fait Tard/Je Ne Sais Pas
    (Jupiter JP 1117) 1967
 7. Monsieur Ding Ding/Aujourd'hui Et Demain
    (Jupiter JP 1132) 1967
 8. Go Go Trudeau/Go Go Trudeau (Jupiter JP 1138) 1968
 9. Les Hippies Du Quartier/Castles (Jupiter JP 1149) 1968
10. La Place/The Place Jupiter JP 2000) 1968
11. La Ballade Du Bûcheron/Les Hippies Du Quartier
    (Canusa 364) 1968
12. Je Chante/Mon 50 Cents (RCA Victor 75-5064) 1970
13. Quebec Nous T'aimons/Chicoutimi
    (Trans-World TWF 69) 1971
14. Heavy/Jungle (Trans-World TWF 77) 1971
15. Messieurs Les Jures/Tranquillment (SS-000) 1972
16. Les Gens "Ben Correct"/Le Flip Side
    (Campus CS-6013) 1972
17. On Sera Bien Chez Nous/On Est Toujours Seul
    (Campus CS-6023) 1972
18. Sha Na Na/Viens Avec Moi (Union UN 3502) 1973
19. Ca Finit Toujours Par L'amour/
    Ca Finit Toujours Par L'amour (Union UN 3511) 1973
20. Douce Folie/Attention (Union UN 3515) 1973
21. Qual Epouvantail/L'interview (Celebration 2131) 1975
22. Anges Sorel/Doctuear (Celebration 2137) 1975
23. Springbed Boogie/You're My Woman
    (Celebration 2138) 1976

1. Ne Reste Pas Sous La Pluie/Penny Lane/Go Go Trudeau
   (Blow Up »Neptune NEP 6002« / 1968)

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Elle Est Revenue


Sébastien Desrosiers said...

Thanks for the link! Great post.

This LP was released in a hurry while the Sinners were already releasing their new album on a new label. Their old label chose a similar title (Sinnerisme, compare to the other.. Sinnerismes) and even used the same photo. Kinda like the first Small Faces albums as both their Decca & Immediate LPs were released around the same time.

Robert Charbonnier said...

So there's another LP "Sinerismes" ? Hope it's as good as this one.

Thank you very much, this record is fantastic.

aldo said...

Would you like to see them?
Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Monster garage Can record. Thankx.

Vente de garage said...

This is a classic garage record from Québec... a true gem in it's genre!
I just found out about your blog... God, I should've come here sooner! Tons of excellent stuff!!
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