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V.A. - Scum Of The Earth [The Complete Story]

This CD reissue (Sound Stories SS011 / 1998) contains both volumes of long deleted Garage compilation. The music ranges from Garage to Rockabilly to Trash.

[Disc 1]
1. Mach V - If I Could
taken from the single
If I Could/I Want To Stay (Associated Artists 102) 1967
Line-up: John Tiedemann (lead gtr, vcls), Robbie Anderson (rhythm gtr, organ, lead vcls), Mitch Freeman (bs, lead vcls), Jim Brook (drms).
Band origin: Savannah (Georgia/US)
2. Charles - Motorcycle
taken from the single
Motorcycle/Down By The Riverside (Calliope 138) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Rochester (New York/US)
3. Bush - Got Love If You Want It
taken from the single
Feeling Sad And Lonely/Got Love If You Want It (Hiback 102) 1966
Line-up: Steve Hoard (lead vcls, hrmnca), Allen Henninger (lead gtr, backing vcls), Wayne Gondos (rhythm gtr), David Hoard (bs), Brent Cartwright (drms, backing vcls).
Band origin: Rialto (California/US)
4. Tigermen - Tiger Girl
taken from the single Tiger Girl/Runaway (Buff 1006) 1966
Line-up: Tom Consedine (lead vcls, gtr), John Farrell (lead gtr, keyb'ds), Jeff Todd (bs, vcls), Tim Stavish (drms). Band origin: Olean (New York/US)
5. Fabulous Prophets - Gertrude
taken from the single Gertrude/Another Girl (Combo 1000) 1967
Line-up incl.: Larry Herman. Band origin: Nashville (Tennessee/US)
6. Werps - Shades Of Blue
taken from the single
Love's A Fire/Shades Of Blue (W.G.W. 18703) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Somerville (New Jersey/US)
7. Counts IV - Listen To Me
taken from the single Listen To Me/Lost Love (J.C.P. 1006) 1965
Line-up: Don Roof (vcls, rhythm gtr, hrmnca), Joe Booher (lead gtr, vcls), Al Peluso (bs, vcls), Rick Turner (drms).
Band origin: Goldsboro (North Carolina/US)
8. Try-Cerz - Almost There
taken from the single Almost There/Taxman (Jan-Gi 91) 1967
Line-up: Gary Miller, Ron Thibert, Sammy Boe, Ray Boe (bs).
Band origin: Minot (North Dakota) → Fort Worth (Texas/US)
9. Gin Gillette - Train To Satanville
taken from the single
She'll Never Let Him Go/Train To Satanville (Musikon 102) 1961
Line-up incl.: Gin Gillette (vcls). Origin: Los Angeles (California/US)
10. Motivations - The Birds
taken from the single The Birds/Motivate (Pride 301) 1964
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Glendale (California/US)
11. Crazy Teens - Crazy Date
taken from the single Crazy Date/Rebel Boogie (Scott SF-19) 1959
Line-up: Dave Reynolds (gtr), Ronnie Foster (gtr), James Farris (gtr), James Jones (bs), Billy Ward (drms). Band origin: Tuscaloosa (Alabama/US)
12. New Bangs - Go-Go Kitty
taken from the single
Go-Go Kitty/Get Back In Your Tree (Prism 1935) 1966
Line-up: Terry Lawson (vcls), Jim Henson (lead gtr), Mike Clark (rhythm gtr), Larry Henry (bs), Louis Gore (drms). Band origin: Dayton (Ohio/US)
13. Dwight Douglas & The Jayhawkers - Interstate 45
taken from the single Interstate 45/Mr. Big (Astra 3008) 1966
Line-up incl.: Lenny Drake. Band origin: Detroit (Michigan/US)
14. Opposite Six - Church Key (Part 68)
taken from the single
Church Key (Part 68)/Continental Surf (South Shore 721) 1964
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Van Buren Bay (New York/US)
15. Bobby Jameson - Okey Fanokey Baby
taken from the single
Okey Fanokey Baby/Meadow Green (Talamo 1938) 1964
Line-up incl.: Bobby Jameson [real name Robert Parker James] (hrmnca, vcls). Origin: born in Tucson (Arizona/US)
16. Mad Mike & The Maniacs - The Hunch
taken from the single The Hunch/Quarter To Four (Hunch 345) 1961
Line-up: Warren Nichols (lead gtr), "Mad Mike" Porcelli (gtr, vcls), Jimmy Lurschner (bs), Doug Neale (sax), Bobby Columbe (drms).
Band origin: New York City (New York/US)

[Disc 2]
1. Bugs - Slide
taken from the single Pretty Girl/Slide (Astor 002 + Polaris 0001) 1964
Line-up incl.: Ed McGee (gtr), Rose McGee (bs).
Band origin: Marlborough (Massachussetts/US)
2. Executioners - You Won't Find Me
taken from the single
You Won't Find Me/Haunting My Mind (Vermillion 269) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Accokeck (Maryland/US)
3. Outcry - Can't You Hear
taken from the single
Can't You Hear (My Heartbeat)/Gravey Covered Fruitcake
(Rileys 8785) 1966

Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Detroit (Michigan/US)
4. Evil - Whatcha Gonna Do About It
taken from the single
Whatcha Gonna Do About It/Always Runnin' Around
(Living Legend LL-108) 1967

Line-up: John Doyle (lead vcls), Stan Kinchen (lead gtr), Al Banyai (rhythm gtr), Larry O’Connell (bs), Doug Romanella (drms).
Band origin: Miami (Florida/US)
5. Crusade - Psychedelic Woman
taken from the single
Psychedelic Woman/Fade Away (Golden North GN-103) 1967
Line-up incl.: Dennis Murphy (drms). Band origin: Sitka (Alaska/US)
6. Marauders - Lovin'
taken from the single Lovin'/Nightmare (Lee 9449) 1965
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Saginaw (Michigan/US)
7. Myrchents - Indefinate Inhibition
taken from the single
Indefinate Inhibition/All Around You (Mus-I-Col 1094) 1967
Line-up: Bill Edwards (lead vcls), Jimmy Carmean (gtr), Jack Brooks (gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), Keith Dickess (bs), Dale Carmean (keyb'ds), Rick Callender (drms). Band origin: Mechanicsburg (Ohio/US)
8. Suedes - 13 Stories High
taken from the single 13 Stories High/My Girl (Psychadelic 113) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: San Antonio (Texas/US)
9. Steve Purdy & The Studs - The Weed
taken from the single The Weed/Hyannis Port Twist (Vesta 2000) 1962
Personnel incl.: Steve Purdy (vcls), Vic Rumore (vcls), Jimmy Sullivan (lead gtr), Brooke Temple (rhythm gtr), Norman Hamm (bs), Billy McConnell (drms), Steve Davis (drms). Band origin: Birmingham (Alabama/US)
10. Shane Kai-Ray - I Want Some Of That
taken from the single
I Want Some Of That/Trashman's Blues (Lodestar 27-61) 1961
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Minneapolis (Minnesota/US)
11. Blue Echoes - Tiger Talk
taken from the single
Blue Belle Bounce/Tiger Talk (Bristol B-101 + Lawn 225) 1963
Line-up incl.: Tom Zagryn (lead gtr, vcls), Erik Gulliksen (gtr, bs, vcls), Tom Collins (drms). Band origin: Worcester (Massachusetts/US)
12. Lefty & The Leadsmen - Wildwood Fun
taken from the single Wildwood Fun/Changing (Co&Ce 103) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania/US)
13. Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads - Goo Goo Muck
taken from the single Goo Goo Muck/The Scotch (Audan 122) 1962
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Bakersfield (California/US)
14. Soul-Men - Road House
taken from the single Road House/Sister Sue (Lola 105) 1964
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: California (US)
15. Kings - It's The LCB
taken from the single It's The LCB/I Could Believe You (Jox 045) 1965
Line-up incl.: Tommy Carlisle (gtr), Ron Morgan (bs), Donnie McConmick (drms). Band origin: Kingsville (Texas/US)
16. Bob Vidone & The Rhythm Rockers - Weird
taken from the single Going My Way/Weird (Fleetwood 1003) 1958
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Massachussetts (US)

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Crazy Teens - Crazy Date

Listen to Suedes - 13 Stories High


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finally the train to satanville comes by! i've been looking for this song for a long time. today i found it on you blog, thank you very much!

i'll spend some more time searching you past posts and keep an eye out for future gems.

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Thank you very much!

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Thanks for this. I just read a Gories interview that namechecks this series, and am glad to find it on the internet.

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