Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mirror - Reflected Glory (1969)

The sole single of this Bath/UK band became a classic, most notably for the b-side "Faster Than Light", a great mod/freakbeat number. You can hear it on the "The Psychedelic Snarl" (aka Rubble Vol. 1). The a-side "Gingerbread Man" was more pop orientated. You can hear and watch a video of that song here. Bam Caruso put out a 4-track-E.P. (Bam Caruso PABL 042 / 1986) with unreleased songs taken from original acetates. A sort of a historical time piece that might interest you.

- Sunshine Train
- Music Ground
- Mr. Papermaker
- Pretty Patterns

Chris Warnett (vcls) [AB]
Bob Pierce (gtr) [A]
Mike Triebwasser (bs) [AB]
Chris Jeffries (sax) [AB]
Nick Bigsby (drms) [AB]
Pete Frolic (gtr) [B]

Band origin:
Bath (Somerset/UK)

1. (A) Gingerbread Man/Faster Than Light
   (Philips BF 1666) 1968

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Music Ground


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the ep very much!!
thanks Bill

aldo said...

Hey! Great to see this all my records on the other side of he world, I can now listen to these songs again!
Always loved this record and thanks for including "my" video!

Anonymous said...

I never heard or seen Gingerbread Man before, any chance you can upload this single?

SF Sorrow

Anonymous said...

this was most excellent, thanks

Anonymous said...

Amazing post!
Thank you very much!