Sunday, March 9, 2008

Royal Flairs - Rare Recordings From 1965-66

From Omaha/Nebraska this garage band was best known for their song "Suicide" which found its way on several compilations, "Back From The Grave Vol. 3" for instance. 1988 Unlimited Productions released an album full of demos and singles (Unlimited Productions UPLP 1007). The a-side is crude garage recorded in 1965. "She's Not There" is a pretty cool version of the Zombies song. The leftovers are standard garage tunes like "Little Latin Lupe Lu" or "Jolly Green Giant". The things become more interesting on the flip side. The before mentioned "Suicide", "Feelings" or "My Baby Cries" are first rate punkers while "Sunshine Madness" is a sweet and innocent track that should have deserved a better sound. They also released their records as "The Unlimited" and "Bobby & Dave".

- She's Not There
- Little Latin Lupe Lu
- Jolly Green Giant
- I Feel Fine
- Gone, Gone, Gone
- Out Of Sight
- Suicide
- One Pine Box
- Feelings • as The Unlimited
- Gone Away • as The Unlimited
- Sunshine Madness
- Tomorrow's Yesterday
- Hat On Tie
- My Baby Cries

Dick Hodges (vcls) [A]
Brad Starr (lead gtr) [A]
Dave Krivolavek (gtr) [ABC]
Dave Brubeck (bs) [ABC]
Daryl Hill (accordian, organ) [AB]
Bob Everhart (sax, vcls, hrmnca) [ABC]
Jerry Fleetwood (trumpet) [A]
Brian Sallozo (sax) [A]
Rick Brown (drms) [AB]
Mike Nelson (lead gtr) [B]
Mel Matthews (lead gtr, organ) [C]
Mike Donion (drms) [C]

Band origin:
Omaha (Nebraska/US)

1. (A) Dream Angel/Let's Go (instr) (Sam 119) 1962
2. (C) Suicide/One Pine Box (Marina 503) 1966
3. (C) Feelings/Gone Away (Marina 504) 1966
4. (C) Hat On Tie/My Baby Cries (Tonorous 018) 1966

[3. as The Unlimited]

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to My Baby Cries


Anonymous said...


Great Album


zebulon said...

thanks a lot for this one... only knows the song on BFTG comp

great blog

Anonymous said...

can't open after 2 dl
maybe i'm stupid
probably because i'm not blond but french
thx for all

Anonymous said...

First i must say you have a great blog!! i also have a request if you can!
English Freakbeat Vol. 5
this is such a good album!!
thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Hi, is there any albums with the Group Called the Action Unlimited - I like the song called Thinking To Myself What a cool band!
thanks Jim

Anonymous said...

Many thankx. Nice post. This blog is superb friend. Thankx again.

Buffalo Billycan said...

@ Benny
You can find the whole English Freakbeat series at the Chocoreve blogspot

@ Jim
all I know is that you can find the flip to the sole Action Unlimited single on the "No No No" compilation which is posted at the Paradise Of Garage Comps blogspot. The song is called "My Heart Cries Out". There are no further releases to my knowledge.

ms. xtro said...

geez, this is an old post! and i just found it looking for more royal flairs (than just "that" single).
am i ever glad to find a working link! wow, what a boss album! i've been playing it constantly since i downloaded it here. cool of you to share it. thanx!