Friday, May 9, 2008

Blue's Men - Prohibido Prohibir (1968)

Crazed loungy garage-fuzz-psych from Buenos Aires. One of the best albums that came out from Argentina (maybe the best?). The re-issue (which was obviously a bootleg) was released as a 10-inch on Mystic Records (Mystic-11 / 200?) and it seems that a few songs were omitted from the original album. But this really shouldn't bother you, go and grab this monster.

- No Time To Cry
- Silencio
- Tu Comprendes
- Honey On The Vine
- The Day The World Fried My Brain
- If I Were A Carpenter
- Prohibido Prohibir
- Hermosa Nena
- Reflections Of A Sun Freakout

Miguel Witis (vcls)
Eduardo Levy (gtr)
César Paredes (bs)
Oscar "Quique" Alvarado (organ, piano)
Miguel Rosales (drms)

Band origin:
Buenos Aires (Argentina)

1. Prohibido Prohibir (Odeon "POPS" LDF 4371) 1968

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to The Day The World Fried My Brain


The Bomber said...

Yes indeed... a great psych beat garage lp ! ! highly recommended !... this band used to have an awful manager...that wanted them to change their name to more comercial ones... like in english... and sometimes the band was introduced (in live gigs) as the underground argentinian beatles and stuff like that.
Yes... some songs were ommited from their early singles and lp.

Some promotional live stuff was released here in Argentina back in the 80s... sadly i wasnt born in that time ! ! ! very limited pressings.

Great Lp Billy, thanks for your selective and great Job you are doing.

Greetings from Mendoza.

Buffalo Billycan said...

Thanks a lot Pablo for your additional info. Do you know what the missing tracks are?

Anonymous said...

Great LP - Many Thanks for the listen !

The Bomber said...

Basically...the missing songs that the 80 lp release has some bluesy jams in studio and outtakes of the same songs of the Prohibido Prohibir Lp (like take 1 of Silencio, 2, and 3, also from a couple of more songs, i think the cd reissue has 25 songs)

Great songs indeed ! ! This guys used to have very long and raw sessions ! with the studio full of girls waiting for the drummer and guitar pl... The ones who had more fans of that era.
They also played regular covers of that time like Gloria, what id say, and a lot of blues repertoire.
Sadly i dont have those i said before... some rare limited press where released back on the 80s... an argentinian label especialized in rare 60s stuff, their base was on the States, so...all the good stuff always comes from there ejejejej....

Anonymous said...

buenisimo!! se agradece!