Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fourmyula - The Very Best Of The Fourmyula (1968-71)

From Upper Hutt/New Zealand The Fourmyula were the most successful sixties act in their homeland. They had seven top ten hits as well as some top thirty entrees. Their first album was well received and they recorded up to 1970 three more longplayers. Most of their material is pretty much in the pop-psych vein best compared with UK band like "Wizard Of Oz" or "Toby Twirl". This twenty track compilation was released by EMI New Zealand (EMI 7243 5219242 7 / 1999).

- Come With Me
- Alice Is There
- Mr. Whippy
- Start By Giving To Me
- Forever
- Turn Your Back On The Wind
- Make Me Happy
- I'll Sing You A Song
- I Know Why
- Nature
- Have You Heard The News
- Toffee Apple Sunday
- Orphan
- Lady Scorpio
- Otaki
- Home
- Lullaby
- Mill Stream
- Tell Me No Lie
- Blessbury Road

Martin Hope (lead gtr, vcls) [ABC]
Wayne Mason (gtr, organ, vcls) [AB]
Alistair Richardson (bs, vcls) [ABC]
Chris Parry (drms) [ABC]
Carl Evenson (lead vcls) [BC]
Paul Pryde (gtr, organ) [C]

Band origin:
Upper Hutt (New Zealand)

1. The Fourmyula (HMV CSDM 6283) 1968
2. Green B. Holiday (HMV CSDM 6296) 1969
3. Creation (HMV CSDM 6309) 1970
4. Fourmyula and Shane: Alive! (HMV CSDM 6313) 1970

 1. Honey Chile/Come With Me (HMV HR 331) 1968
 2. Alice Is There/I Dig Your Act (HMV HR 334) 1968
 3. I Know Why/It's Only Make Believe (HMV HR 335) 1968
 4. Start By Giving To Me/If I Had The Time
    (HMV HR 340) 1968
 5. Home/Tell Me No Lies (HMV HR 342) 1968
 6. Forever/Mr. Whippy (HMV HR 368) 1969
 7. Lady Scorpio/She's A ? (Columbia DNZ 118) 1969
 8. I'll Sing You A Song/Mill Stream (HMV HR 374) 1969
 9. Nature/Home (HMV HR 380) 1969
10. Make Me Happy/Lord, I'm Coming There (HMV HR 390) 1970
11. Otaki/Which Way Did She Go (HMV HR 405) 1970
12. Turn Your Back On The Wind/Believe In Love
    (HMV HR 421) 1971
13. Lullaby/Molly (HMV HR 455) 1971

1. Four Hits Of The Fourmyula (GESM 6138) 1969

[all records by line-up B]

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Turn Your Back On The Wind


Anonymous said...

very good band thank you

ge said...

i have the 2 albums on 1 cd---you need?
i could send snailmail

Anonymous said...

Never heard of these folks, although I hear most people haven't. Sounds like it's worth checking out. Thanks for the post and keep up the great work on your blog.

Buffalo Billycan said...

Hi ge,

oh yes, I'm VERY interested in these albums. Could you give me your mail address? Mine is

Anonymous said...

Спасибо!!!Клёвая Коммманда
very good!!!

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Anonymous said...


thanks for this Formyula! Any chance of share that item that GE offers? 2 on 1? Will be great!!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard Fourmyula yet, but I did see a list of the top 100 NZ tracks of all time and one of the tracks that's on this compilation was either #1 or #2.