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V.A. - The History Of Michigan Garage Bands
In The '60s (3 CD Set)

This compilation (Collectables COL-8818 / 1994) gathers together most of the garage bands that released or recorded for the Dearborn/Michigan label "Wheels-4". Disc 1 of this 3 CD Set is the best (Disc 2 the weakest) and there are more fillers than killers. Most of the (good) material was already released on various "Cicadelic" compilations (Cicadelic '60s or Green Crystal Ties).

[Disc 1]
1. Couriers - I Couldn't Care Less
2. Couriers - Just Tell Me
[unreleased / 1965]
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Michigan
3. Hearsemen - Christianne
taken from the single
Christianne/I Get That Feeling (Wheel's 4 WH 3619) 1968
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Detroit (Michigan/US)
4. Lykes Of Us - 7:30 Said
5. Lykes Of Us - Tell Me Why Your Light Shines
taken from the single
7:30 Said/Tell Me Why Your Light Shines (Molt MO 6802) 1968
Line-up: Larry Micallef (lead gtr), John Tyno (rhythm gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), Larry Lamb (bs, lead vcls), Dennis Odine (drms).
Band origin: Trenton (Michigan/US)
6. Trees - Do You Think About It Now (Feeling Groovy)
7. Trees - The Only Life For Me
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Dearborn (Michigan/US)
8. Questors - The Last Time
[unreleased / 1966]
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Dearborn (Michigan/US)
9. Kings Court - Don't Put Me On
10. Kings Court - In The Midnight Hour
taken from the single
Don't Put Me On/Midnight Hour (Wheel's 4 WH 3613) 1966
Line-up incl.: John Holowicki (lead vcls), Aaron Dytiniak (lead gtr), Craig Suba (rhythm gtr), Mike Grihorash (bs), Brian Cramer (keyb'ds).
Band origin: Detroit (Michigan/US)
11. Hearsemen - I Get That Feeling
See Track 3
12. Teen Beats - I Shouldn't Love Her
13. Teen Beats - Dance, Dance, Dance
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Michigan
14. Questors - Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl
See Track 8
15. Plague - Big City
16. Plague - Hootchy Cootchy Man
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Michigan
17. Questors - Little Red Rooster
18. Questors - She Was Mine
19. Questors - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
20. Questors - Tarantula '65
See Track 8

Get Disc 1 here (Artwork included)

Listen to Lykes Of Us - Tell Me Why Your Light Shines

[Disc 2]
1. House Of Commons - Summertime
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Garden City (Michigan/US)
2. Lost Souls - Diamond Head
3. Lost Souls - On Broadway
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Dearborn (Michigan/US)
4. House Of Commons - Here I Am
5. House Of Commons - Sally Put The Whammy
See Track 1
6. Lost Souls - Come Home
See Track 2
7. Questors - You Can't Sit Down
See Disc 1 / Track 8
8. Solitary Confinement - A Winner Never Quits
taken from the single
A Winner Never Quits/You Send Me (Sound Impression 6803/4) 1968
Line-up incl.: Rick Sutherland (gtr, vcls).
Band origin: Detroit (Michigan/US)
9. Marlans - Twist And Shout
10. Marlans - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
11. Marlans - Treat Her Right
12. Marlans - Bring It On Home To Me
13. Marlans - Ooh Poo Pah Doo
14. Marlans - Unchained Melody
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Michigan
15. Dearborn City Limits - Shake
16. Dearborn City Limits - Come See About Me
17. Dearborn City Limits - Stay
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Dearborn (Michigan/US)
18. House Of Commons - Till Tomorrow
taken from the single
Till Tomorrow/Love Is A Funny Thing (Wheel's 4 WH 3609) 1965
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 1
19. Human Affair - Free Love
20. Human Affair - Forever Yours
taken from the single
Free Love/Forever Yours (Boss 002) 196?
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Michigan

Get Disc 2 here

Listen to House Of Commons - Till Tomorrow

[Disc 3]
1. Innsmen - Things Are Different Now
2. Innsmen - I Don't Know
taken from the single
Things Are Different Now/I Don't Know (Wheel's 4 WH 3611) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Dearborn (Michigan/US)
3. Marlans - Love That Never Was
See Disc 2 / Track 9
4. Trees - Fly Like An Angel
See Disc 1 / Track 6
5. Dearborn City Limits - I'm Not Sure Yet
See Disc 2 / Track 15
6. Marlans - Two Things
See Disc 2 / Track 9
7. Vehicle - Feelin' Free
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Michigan
8. Lost Souls - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
See Disc 2 / Track 2
9. House Of Commons - No Regrets
10. House Of Commons - Why I Worry About You
See Disc 2 / Track 1
11. Pagens - Mystic Cloud
12. Pagens - Someone Like You
taken from the single
Mystic Cloud/Someone Like You (Ish-Koom 6901) 1969
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Dearborn (Michigan/US)
13. Felix - Outside Woman Blues
14. Felix - A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Line-up: unknown. Origin: Michigan
15. Silver Hawk - Awaiting On You All
16. Silver Hawk - All I Can Do
taken from the single
Awaiting On You All/All I Can Do (Westbound 178) 1971
Line-up: Mark Devar [real name Mark DerVartanian] (lead gtr), Bryan Dombrowsky, Mark Scott, Bob Rose (drms).
Band origin: Detroit (Michigan/US)
17. House Of Commons - Here I Am
18. House Of Commons - Love Is A Funny Thing
19. House Of Commons - As I'm Walking
20. House Of Commons - It Comes And It Goes
See Disc 2 / Track 1

Get Disc 3 here

Listen to Pagens - Mystic Cloud


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Many thanks Buffalo for this 3cd set compilation.Like always on Collectables great work with a lot of rarities.

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I can't resist. When I come accross a 60s comp, I download it :)

Thank you very much.

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Fantastic!!!!! Thankx for this great comp.

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anyone know who the band members are in House of Commons?

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Love this garage stuff guys like you & RYP at Twilight Zone are offering. What are the chances of your uploading the Connecticut version in this same series? I've been trying to find a CD version of the North Atlantic Invasion Force's "Black on White" for a long time, and can't buy a copy (no one has it in stock). My 45RPM was never in the best shape -- scratchy sounding even when I first bought it in 1968. Chocoreve had, if I remember correctly, a different title in the series, but even a search on Totallyfuzzy turned up nothing. Much obliged! -- smitty123