Friday, May 2, 2008

Ellie Pop (1968)

Only longplayer of this Roseville/Michigan band. Not every track is a winner but the album maintains a good standard. It's mainly pop with psychedelic influences and was originally released on Mainstream Records. This korean reissue (World Psychedelia Ltd. WPC6-8489 / 2005) gives little information about the band but a few notes from guitar player Bill Long. You can hear their best song "Can't Be Love" also on the "Pepperisms" compilation.

- Seven North Frederick
- Winner Loser
- Can't Be Love
- Remembering (Sunnybrook)
- Seems I've Changed
- Caught In The Rain
- Oh My Friend
- Some Time Ago
- No Thanks Mr. Mann
- Whatcha Gonna Do

Bill Long (lead gtr)
Len Gervasi (gtr)
Doug Kouri (bs)
George Kouri

Band origin:
Roseville (Michigan/US)

1. Ellie Pop (Mainstream S 6115) 1968

1. Seven North Frederick/Can't Be Love
   (Mainstream 686) 1968

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Can't Be Love


ninedayswonder said...

Hi!you have the Elysian Field with 3 sides LP or cd Gear Fab? Thanks!

The Boy and the Cloud said...

any chance you've got the 'elephant candy' album by fun & games?



Buffalo Billycan said...

@ antony
sorry, I don't have the Elysian Field.

@the boy and the cloud
i will post the fun & games album as soon as possible.

Active Listener said...

Great post - love this album.

If you or anyone else is interested in more Pepperisms I've put together a Volume 2 which can be found on my blog :

Thanks and keep up the great work.