Saturday, May 24, 2008

Underground Set (1970)

This instrumental exploito album from Italy got some good reviews and I really ask myself why. The opening cut is pretty groovy but the rest of the set is more or less lame. Listeners who enjoy "Bokaj Retsiem" or "101 Strings" could be pleased with "The Underground Set" but I'm not really into that cash-in records. The musicians were in fact from Nuovo Idea but for contractual reasons they have chosen a different name. This re-issue was released on Shagadelic (Shagadelic SDCD 4 / 2002) and I saw it on e-bay gone for 35$. So before you pay for unfulfilled expectations you should listen first! More info about the band can be found on the Italian Prog site

- Arcipelago
- Emisfero
- Atollo
- Longitudine Est
- 36° Parallelo
- Samba Natalizia
- Underground in Blue
- Shake 26
- Equatore
- 7° Meridiano
- Emisfero

Personnel [aka Nuovo Idea]:
Marco Zoccheddu (gtr, vcls)
Claudio Ghiglino (gtr, vcls)
Giorgio Usai (keyb'ds)
Enrico Casagni (bs, flute, vcls)
Paolo Siani (drms, vcls)

Band origin:
Genova (Italy)

1. The Underground Set (Radio RRS 134) 1970
2. War In The Night Before (Tickle TLPS 5002) 1971

1. Arcipelago/La Filibusta (Radio RR 1030) 1970
2. Motor Road Underground/Slaughter On The Motor Road
   (Radio RR 1043) 1970
3. Tanto Per Cambiare/Emisfero (Radio RR 1048) 1970
4. Una Lettera/Libitum (Tickle TSP 1301) 1971
5. La Casa Aperta Agli Ospiti/Messaggio
   (Tickle TSP 1304) 1972

[1. + 5. B-Side by Gian Piero Reverberi Orchestra]

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Arcipelago


Anonymous said...

hi there!
Thanks a lot for this album! I listened some weeks ago a track of this album ni the web radio! Do you know this radio!? Very good one!!! Only Classric Rock! Now I have the album! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot!very appreciated!

Anonymous said...

do you have underground set - war in the night before?

sweetbeats said...

Any chance of a reup of this please?
Cheers Jason

sweetbeats said...

Sorted the megaupload link is dead the rapidshare one is working many thanks