Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Truck - Surprise, Surprise (1974)

This is actually the October Cherries from Singapore but after the departure of guitarist Peter Diaz they renamed themselves as Truck for only one record. "Surprise, Surprise" is a pretty good pop album with slightly psychedelic vibes, best compared to The Beatles "White Album" era. "One Fine Day", "Broken Chair", "This Is Our Love Song", "Dreamseller" and "Lay Down Your Love" were previously released on the October Cherries "Dreamseller" LP but appeared here as new versions. I'm not sure if Benny Siew and Richard "Bib" Khan were still involved but singer/bassist Jay Shotam and new guitarist Chris Vadham were definitely on board. Originally released on Baal Records and re-issued on Guerssen (Guerssen GUESS 019 / 2004).

- Surprise, Surprise
- These Words I Sing For You
- One Fine Day
- Earth Song
- Broken Chair
- This Is Our Love Song
- Dreamseller
- Take Me Ohio
- Lay Down Your Love
- Love Blooms All Over Me

Personnel incl.:
Jay Shotam (lead vcls, bs)
Chris Vadham (lead gtr)
Bal Shotam
(Jeremyh Star [vcls])

Band origin:

1. Surprise, Surprise (BAAL BRC 2011) 1974

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Dreamseller


Anonymous said...

WE FIVE final single There Stands the Door (A&M 45)

Hi and thank You, add this to your list of wants and if you come across it, please post …
psychedelic, raga folk-rock masterpiece and arguably the best thing WE FIVE ever did … There Stands the Door!!!! Also, As much as I love the Signe era Airplane, post Double CD YOU WERE ON MY MIND /MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY

R.Jim said...

wow. just discovered this friend. was searching for thats johns children album you have up. look forward to more

Anonymous said...

October Cherries was form in Singapore not Malaysia, But Peter Diaz was only band menber from Malaysia, This album was produce after Peter Diaz leaves to the Belgium group, The Pebbles. All the song on this P were modified from the past album "meet the October Cherries" and "Dreamseller" material. That's the vocal only featuring Jay Shotam with music accompanied by 3/4 of the Original Cherries with Diaz.