Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kingpins - For Sale (1965-69)

From New Addington/UK their early output on Oak were rough and promising Beat. They later recorded a fine psychedelic 45 as Orange Seaweed which is also included on this album (Tenth Planet TP 016 / 1995). Not my rip but I know at least one person that I can make happy with this post.

- Diamond Girl
- For Your Love
- Living In The Past
- Hurting My Pride
- Maybe Sometime
- You're My Girl
- Baby I Need
- Mysterious
- Travelling Man
- Do You Love Me
- Raining In My Sunshine
- Pictures In The Sky • as Orange Seaweed
- Stay Awhile • as Orange Seaweed
- Skinny Minnie • as Orange Seaweed

Tony Martin (lead vcls) [A]
Glyn Stephens (lead gtr) [AB]
Ray Neale (lead vcls, rhythm gtr, lead gtr) [ABCDEFGH]
Keith Neale (bs, vcls) [ABCDEFGH]
Jimmy Barnard (drms) [ABC]
Geoffrey Coppens (lead vcls) [B]
Red Reece (drms) [D]
John Wooloff (gtr) [DE]
Les Warren (drms) [EFG]
(Peter Morris (piano) [G])
(Roger McKew (lead gtr) [G])
Andy Rosner (drms) [H]

[Line-up G/H = Orange Seaweed]

Band origin:
New Addington (Surrey/UK)

1. (A) Diamond Girl/For Your Love (Oak acetate) 1965
2. (C) Living In The Past (Oak acetate one sided) 1966
3. (C) Hurting My Pride/Maybe Sometime (Oak acetate) 1966
4. (C) You're My Girl (Oak acetate one-sided) 1966
5. (C) You're My Girl/Maybe Sometime (Oak acetate) 1966
6. (C) Baby I Need/Baby I Need (edited) (Oak acetate) 1966
7. (G) Stay Awhile/Pictures In The Sky (Pye 7N 17515) 1968
8. (H) Skinny Minnie/Sunshine In The Morning
   (acetate) 1969

[7. + 8. as Orange Seaweed]

1. (D) Travelling Man/Mysterious/Do You Love Me/
   Raining In My Sunshine (Oak acetate) 1967

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Kingpins - Diamond Girl

Listen to Orange Seaweed - Stay Awhile


Anonymous said...

Hello Buffalo.
The great pleasure is for me.Many thanks for this Tenth Planet album.It must be the last album I was looking for.I have asked this album to several bloggs and till your post no news.Album is downloaded so I will liten to it in a few minutes

Anonymous said...

Just did a blog-wide search for this, and here it is -- and it looks like you've only just put it on! I have the LP, but nice to have digitized now.

Do you have any more of the Oak Label stuff on Tenth Planet?


Anonymous said...

Hello Buffalo.
Great pleasure with listening this album.I don't know where you found this post and I would thank via Faintly Blowing the blogg where you have found the album.Many thanks from France.

Buffalo Billycan said...

Hi jeanbernard,

I've downloaded it at soulseek, so it's very hard to say who's got the original copy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great post in this blog. Really fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I always wanted to get this Kingpins collection. But the Tenth Planet stuff was always so hard to find or so expensive. I always thought "Maybe Sometime" was such a wild classic, I like the cheap production.

This singers voice was so deep like Tony McPhee of The Groundhogs and alawys cracking really badly but yet the singer of The Kingpins wrongly thought that he had a thin voice like Steve Marriott. All of which produces a unique result when you hear the Kingpins music, this guy with this heavy Groundhogs type voice trying to do Steve Marriott type stuff.