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V.A. - Electrick Loosers #2

The second installment of Prae-Kraut garage and psych music. If you dig Volume 1 then Volume 2 is also a must.

1. Rebbels - Round The World
taken from the single
Round The World/This Can't Go On (Bellaphon BL 1040) 1966
Line-up: Rolf Hönig (gtr, vcls), Bernd Loskill (bs, vcls), Esteban Comas (organ, gtr, vcls), Joseph Gallo (drms).
Band origin: Koblenz (Rhineland-Palatinate/Germany)
2. King-Beats - Hear What I Say
taken from the single Archibald II/Hear What I Say (CBS 2134) 1965
Line-up: Erhard Marz (gtr, vcls), Rainer Marz (gtr, vcls), Elmar Marz (piano, bs, vcls), Richard Ungerath (bs, vcls), Jürgen Zöller (drms).
Band origin: Frankfurt (Hesse/Germany)
3. Rocking Stars - Flames Of Love
taken from the album The Rocking Stars (CBS S 62609) 1965
Line-up: Dieter Kersten (vcls), Jürgen "Jox" Lammer (gtr), Fritz Reinhardt (bs), Curt Schwab (piano), Peter Drischel (sax), Heinz Brunner (drms).
Band origin: Rastatt (Baden-Württemberg/Germany)
4. Magic Herbs - Still Hoping You Might Come Back Home
taken from the single
There'll Come The Day/Still Hoping You Might Come Back Home
(Kerston 60006) 1966

Line-up incl.: Wolfgang Angermann (gtr), Uwe Boysen (keyb'ds).
Band origin: Marburg (Hesse/Germany)
5. Cherry Stones - What's The Matter Baby
taken from the single
What's The Matter Baby/The Things She Says
(JMP Jo May Production 19701/2) 1966

Line-up: Mats Huddén (vcls, gtr), Lennart Nilsson (gtr), Rolf Karlsson (bs), Peter Olsson (maracas), Riccard Montén (drms).
Band origin: Stockholm (Sweden)
6. Gents Inc. - Gettin' The Blues
taken from the album Two faces [Split-LP with The Capras] (Falcon 7067) 1969
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Gießen (Hesse/Germany)
7. Les Copains - I'm So Lonely
taken from the single
Give Your Love To Me/I'm So Lonely (Polydor International 52950) 1965
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Munich (Bavaria/Germany)
8. Chosen Few - One Day Before
taken from the single
Crazy Crazy/One Day Before (GM Produktion 1001-GM) 1967
Line-up: Reinhold "Ray" Binder (lead gtr, vcls), Michael "Mike" Kasten (rhythm gtr), Klaus Lindner (bs), "Stan" Koch (drms).
Band origin: Hofgeismar (Hesse/Germany)
9. Blizzards - Hab keine Lust heut' aufzusteh'n
taken from the single
Hab keine Lust heut' aufzusteh'n/Exodus (Fontana 269341 TF) 1965
Line-up: Joachim Beutler (lead gtr, vcls), Jürgen Nehrke (bs), Horst "Örtel" George (organ), Horst Kupschik (drms).
Band origin: Stade (Lower Saxony/Germany)
10. Loosers - Understand
taken from the single Understand/Sensitive (Privat Pressing T 75501) 1966
Line-up: Wilfried Scheibe (vcls), Roland "Arndi" Arndt (lead gtr), Manfred "Jestli" Jestel (rhythm gtr), Karl-Heinz Carstens (bs), Thomas "Törti" Kirsch (drms). Band origin: Bad Oldesloe (Schleswig-Holstein/Germany)
11. Wild Cats - All Right
taken from the single All Right/Lovely Eyes (Storz 45221) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Goslar (Lower Saxony/Germany)
12. Kentuckys - Old Hangman Is Dead
taken from the single
The Old Hangman Is Dead/Stupid Generation (Bellaphon BL 1032) 1966
Line-up: Peter Paul Frohn (lead gtr, lead vcls), Manfred "Manni" Weiler (rhythm gtr), Peter Zadina (bs, vcls), Bernd "Berni" Weiler (piano, organ), Bernd "Rocky" Zindars (drms, vcls).
Band origin: Wuppertal (North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany)
13. Sevens - The Love Of A Bird
taken from the single
Be My Loving Baby/The Love Of A Bird (Layola 17-217) 1965
Line-up: Pino Gasparini (lead gtr, lead vcls), Pierre Aebischer (lead vcls, rhythm gtr), Michel Bovay (bs), Markus "Muggi" Hungerbühler (organ, vcls), Nando Gasparini (drms). Band origin: Basel (Switzerland)
14. Dukes - I'm An Unskilled Worker
taken from the single
I Need A Band/I'm An Unskilled Worker (Alcora B 19025) 1969
Line-up incl.: Ernst, Udo, Reinhold, Jürgen.
Band origin: Bochum (North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany)
15. J.P.'s - The War
taken from the single Save Me/The War (Studio Ton 671091) 1969
Line-up: Wolfgang Krantz (lead gtr), Claus Zaake (gtr), Klaus Hess (bs), Peter Panka (drms, vcls). Band origin: Hannover (Lower Saxony/Germany)
16. Novak's Kapelle - Smile Please
taken from the single
Not Enough Poison/Smile Please (Amadeo AVRS 21559) 1969
Line-up: Walla Mauritz (vcls, mouth harp, sax), Helge Thor (gtr), Peter Travnicek (bs, vcls), Erwin Novak (drms). Band origin: Vienna (Austria)
17. Guards - Hullabaloo
taken from the single
Hullabaloo/Hast Du heut' abend Zeit [Afraid of love] (SABA SB 3069) 1965
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Duisburg (North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany)
18. Cherry Stones - The Things She Says
See Track 5
19. Lord Knud - I'm Your Guy
taken from the single
Love's A Waiting Game/I'm Your Guy (Hansa 19236 AT) 1966
Line-up incl.: Knud Kuntze (vcls). Origin: Berlin (Germany)
20. Les Copains - Give Your Love To Me
See Track 7
21. Newcomers - Have You Seen My Baby Comin'
taken from the single
You And Me/Have You Seen My Baby Comin' (CBS 3282) 1967
Line-up: Uli Wietz (lead gtr), Ulrich Reek (gtr, bs), Albert Reith (bs), Jürgen Triebel (vcls, organ), Peter Meiners (drms).
Band origin: Oberhausen (North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany)
22. Blizzards - I'm Your Guy
taken from the single
I'm Your Guy/108 Pounds Of Heartache (Fontana 269333 TF) 1964
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 9
23. Dukes - The Dentist
taken from the single
The Dentist/That's My Life (Alcora KKA 13134/T 41 MR 1) 1968
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 14
24. Charles Ryders Corporation - White Flames
taken from the single White Flames/Happy Day (Decca D 19.941) 1968
Line-up: Ernst Brüll (vcls), Karl "Charly" Ratzer (lead gtr), Wolfgang Hafenbroedel (bs), Wolfgang Meinhard (organ), Georg Hieblinger (drms).
Band origin: Vienna (Austria)
25. Sorcerers - With You
taken from the single Sweet Love/With You (Saba SB 3077) 1966
Line-up: Ken Aston (vcls), Chris Moore (gtr), Roy Black (bs), Pete Ball (organ), Colin "Cozy" Powell (drms).
Band origin: Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
26. Details - What Shall I Do
taken from the single
I Cried All Night/What Shall I Do (Bellaphon 1017) 1964
Line-up: Manfred 'Manna' Fischer (lead gtr, vcls), Hans 'Jacques' Krämer (rhythm gtr), Reinhard 'Tammy' Grohé (rhythm gtr, vcls), Michael 'Mimi' Kann (bs), Peter 'Pee Jay' Richter (drms).
Band origin: Frankfurt (Hesse/Germany)
27. Sonics - Hitch Hike
taken from the single Hitch Hike/Gypsy (Paletten SCH 2) 1966
Line-up: Ray King (lead gtr), Michael "Mick" Brunning (bs), Joe McGee (organ, piano), Brian Wilson (drms).
Band origin: UK → Kassel (Hesse/Germany)
28. Slaves - Panic
taken from the single Panic/Get Out Of My Way (Philips 339416 PF) 1966
Line-up: Paul "Pauli" Fischer (vcls), Karl "Charly" Ratzer (lead gtr), Hannes "John" Fischer (rhythm gtr), Heinrich "Lippy" Behrends (bs), Herbert "Heyki" Radakovics (drms). Band origin: Vienna (Austria)
29. John Hamilton Band - Light-Winged Smoke
taken from the album
Plays the Best of T-Rex and Other Hits (Sonic 9032) 1972
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Hamburg (Germany)

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Rocking Stars - Flames Of Love

Listen to Blizzards - Hab' keine Lust heut aufzusteh'n


Anonymous said...

electric looser
good part on cd
from prae kraut lp
thanks a lot !!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the two vols. Cheers.

E*Rock said...

Great, thanks for possting! I have vol.1+3 on CD but never found #2... until now.

Anonymous said...

For follower of this series: There is an unreleased (on CD or vinyl)Volume 4 of Electrick Loosers downloadable at: www.spurensicherung.blogspot.com

E*Rock said...

Awesome, thanks!