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V.A. - Jagged Time Lapse Vol. 1-5

These compilations were rarely seen and I believe they were rather CD-R's than official releases. I have once downloaded all volumes at soulseek. What makes this series so exciting is the fact that most of the tracks were compiled here for the first time (at the moment of their release for sure). So if Psychedelic or Freakbeat from Great Britain is your bag you should give all five volumes a listen.

Jagged Time Lapse Vol. 1
(Flashback Productions FBCD01 / 2000)
1. Crocheted Doughnut Ring -
   Get Out Your Rock 'N' Roll Shoes
taken from the single
Maxine's Parlour/Get Out Your Rock 'N' Roll Shoes (Deram DM 180) 1968
Line-up: Rick Mills (vcls), Bert Pulham (gtr), George Bird (bs), John Chapel (keyb'ds), Dave Skates (drms). Band origin: Southend-on-Sea (Essex/UK)
2. Factory - Gone
taken from the single Path Through The Forest/Gone (MGM MG
M 1444) 1968
Line-up: Ian Oates (lead gtr), Jack Brand (vcls, bs), Bill MacLeod (drms).
Band origin: London
3. Movement - Head For The Sun

taken from the single
Head For The Sun/Mister Mann (Big T BIG 112) 1968
Line-up: John Farrell (vcls), Dave Kearney (lead gtr), Moose [real name Eddie Creighton] (rhythm gtr), Pat Quigley (bs), Alan Thunder (drms).
Band origin: Dublin (Ireland)
4. Leviathan - Second Produc
taken from the single
Remember The Times/Second Production (Elektra EKSN 45052) 1969
Line-up: Stuart Hobday (vcls), Brian Bennett (lead gtr), Roger McCabe (bs), Gary 'Roscoe' Murphy (drms). Band origin: Brighton (Sussex/UK)
5. Nashville Teens - Ex Kay One Lx

taken from the album
The Nashville Teens (New W
orld NW 6002) 1972 [rec. 1967]
Line-up: Arthur Sharp (vcls), Ray Phillips (vcls), John Allen (gtr), Pete Shannon (bs), John Hawkens (piano), Roger Groom (drms).
Band origin: Weybridge (Surrey/UK)
6. Dave Clark Five - Concentration Baby

taken from the single

Everybody Knows/Concentration Baby (Columbia DB 8286) 1967
Line-up: Lenny Davidson (gtr, vcls), Rick Huxley (bs), Mike Smith (keyb'ds, vcls), Denny Payton (sax), Dave Clark (drms). Band origin: London
7. Paul Jones - The Dog Presides

taken from the single
And The Sun Will Shine/The Dog Presides (Columbia DB 8379) 1968
Line-up incl.: Paul Jones (vcls). Origin: London

8. Freedom - Where Wll You Be Tonight

taken from the single
Where Will You Be Tonight/Trying To Get A Glimpse Of You
(Mercury MF 1033) 1968

Line-up: Ray Royer (lead gtr), Steve Shirley (bs, lead vcls), Bobby Harrison (drms, vcls), Robin Lumsden (keyb'ds). Band origin: London
9. Excelsior Spring - It

taken from the single Happy
Miranda/It (Instant IN 002) 1968
Line-up incl.: Peter Ker (lead gtr, flute), Mike Finesilver (bs).
Band origin: London
10. Pandamonium - Fly With Me Forever

taken from the single
Chocolate Buster Dan/Fly With Me Forever (CBS 3451) 1968
Line-up: Bob Ponton (vcls, lead gtr, rhythm gtr, ukulele), Martin Curtis (rhythm gtr, bs, drms, vcls), Mick Glass (bs), Malcolm Brown (organ, piano), Steve Chapman (drms). Band origin: Gravesend (Kent/UK)
11. Fresh Windows - Summer Sun Shines

taken from the single
Summer Sun Shines/Fashion
Conscious (Fontana TF 839) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: UK
12. Jon - Is It Love

taken from the single Is It Love?/Sing Out (Columbia DB 8249) 1967
Line-up incl.: Stuart Cowell (lead gtr), Tony Thierney (bs), Jim Toomey (drms). Band origin: London
13. Aphrodite's Child - Magic Mirror

taken from the single I Want To Live/Magic Mirror (Mercury L 132505) 1969
Line-up: Demis Roussos (lead vcls, bs, organ, bouzouki, trumpet), Vangelis O. Papathanassiou (keyb'ds, flute, perc, vibes), Lucas Sideras (drms, vcls).
Band origin: Athens (Greece)

14. Neo Maya - I Won't Hurt You

taken from the single I Won't Hu
rt You/U.F.O (Pye 7N 17371) 1967
Line-up: Graham Carter-Dimmock (gtr, vcls), Alan Clark (gtr), Roger Glover (bs), Sheila Carter-Dimmock (organ, vcls), Clem Cattini (drms).
Band origin: Harrow (Middlesex/UK)
15. Sleepy - Love's Immortal Fire

taken from the single
Love's Immortal Fire/Is It Really The Same (CBS 3592) 1968
Personnel: John "Sleepy" Redfurn (vcls, keyb'ds), Rodney Hill (gtr), Dave Forster (vcls, bs), Michael "Mick" Fowler (vcls, keyb’ds), John Deakin (sax), Ian Wallace (drms), Jon Anderson (vcls).
Band origin: Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
16. Soft Machine - Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin'

taken from the single
Love Makes Sweet Music/Feelin' Reelin' Squealin' (Polydor BM 56151) 1967
Line-up: Daevid Allen (gtr), Larry Nolan (gtr), Kevin Ayers (bs, vcls), Mike Ratledge (keyb'ds), Robert Wyatt (drms, vcls).
Band origin: Canterbury (Kent/
17. Beatstalkers - Little Boy

taken from the single When I'm Five/Little Boy (CBS 3936) 1969
Line-up: Davie Lennox (vcls, hrmnca), Ronnie Smith (gtr, vcls), Alan Mair (bs), Eddie Campbell (organ), Jeff Allen (drms).
Band origin: Glasgow (Scotland)
. End - Loving Sacred Loving
taken from the single
Shades Of Orange/Loving, Sacred Loving (Decca F 22750) 1968
Line-up: Terry Taylor (lead gtr, vcls), Colin Griffin (gtr, vcls), Dave Brown (bs, vcls), Nick Graham (keybd's, vcls), Hugh Attwool (drms).
Band origin: London
19. Turquoise - 53 Summer Street

taken from the single
53 Summer Street/Tales Of Flossie Fillet (Decca F 12756) 1968
Line-up: Jeff Peters [aka Gus Peters] (lead gtr, lead vcls piano), Geoff Smith [aka Geoff Syrett] (rhythm gtr), Vic Hicks [aka Vic Jansen] (bs), Ewan Primrose [aka Ewan Stephens] (drms). Band origin: London
20. Koobas - Gypsy Fred

taken from the single Gypsy Fred/City Girl (Columbia DB 8187) 1967
Line-up: Roy Morris (lead gtr, vcls), Stu Leatherwood (rhythm gtr, vcls), Keith Ellis (bs, vcls), Tony O'Reilly (drms).
Band origin: Liverpool (Merseyside/UK)
21. Episode Six - I Can See Through You

taken from the single

I Can See Through You/When I Fall In Love (Pye 7N 17376) 1967
Line-up: Ian Gillan (vcls), Tony Lander (lead gtr), Graham Carter-Dimmock (gtr, vcls), Roger Glover (bs), Sheila Carter-Dimmock (organ, vcls), John Kerrison (drms). Band origin: Harrow (Middlesex/UK)
22. Blossom Toes - Postcard

taken from the single
Postcard/Everyone's Leaving Me Now (Mar
malade 598012) 1968
Line-up: Brian Godding (gtr, vcls, keyb'ds), Jim Cregan (gtr, vcls), Brian Belshaw (bs, vcls), Poli Palmer (drms, keyb'ds, vibes, flute).
Band origin: London

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Jagged Time Lapse Vol. 2
(Flashback Productions FBCD02 / 2000)
1. Magic Mixture - So Sad

taken from the album
This Is The Magic Mixture (Saga FID 2125) 1968
Line-up: Jim Thomas (gtr, vcls), Melvyn Hacker (bs), Stan Curtis (organ), Jack Collins [aka Jack McCullouch] (drms). Band origin: London
2. Balls - Fight For My Country

taken from the single
Fight For My Country/Janie Slow Down (Wizard WIZ 101) 1971
Personnel: Trevor Burton (vcls, gtr), Steve Gibbons (vcls, hrmnca), Denny Laine (bs, vcls), Mike Kellie (drms), Richard Tandy (keyb'ds), Alan White (drms), Dave Morgan (bs), Keith Smart (drms), Jackie Lomax (gtr, vcls).
Band origin: Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
3. Village - Long Time Coming

taken from the single
Man In The Moon/Long Time Coming (Head HDS 4002) 1969
Line-up: Pete Bardens (keyb'ds, vcls), Bruce Thomas (bs), George Butler (drms). Band origin: London
4. Bulldog Breed - Friday Hill

taken from the album Made In England (Deram Nova (S)DN 5) 1969
Line-up: Rob Hunt (vcls, drms, flute), Rod Harrison (lead gtr), Keith Cross (gtr), Bernie Jinks (bs), Louie Farrell (drms). Band origin: London
5. Nashville Teens - Widdicombe Fair

See Vol. 1/Track 5
6. Cat's Eyes - The Loser

taken from the single The Loser/Circus (MCA MK 5028) 1970
Line-up incl.: William Filby (vcls), Roger Banning.
Band origin: Evesham (Worcestershire/UK)
7. Nicols - She Had A Name To Find Out

taken from the single
Gotta Go/She Had A Name To Find Out (Philips 336024 JF) 1969
Line-up: Cees Hoogerheide (vcls), Herman Ansink (gtr), Eddy Koetsier (bs), Harry Koetsier (drms). Band origin: The Hague (Zuid Holland/Netherlands)
8. Cuby & The Blizzards - Window Of My Eyes

taken from the single
Window Of My Eyes/Checking Up On My Baby (Philips JF 334 543) 1968
Line-up: Harry Muskee (vcls, hrmnca), Eelco Gelling (lead gtr), Jaap van Eik (bs), Herman Brood (piano), Dick Beekman (drms).
Band origin: Grollo (Drente/Netherlands)
9. Tony Meehan - Hooker Street

taken from the single
Darkness Of My Life/Hooker Street (Marmalade 598016) 1969
[A-Side by Keith Meehan]
Line-up incl.: Tony Meehan (drms). Origin: London
10. Griffin - I Am The Noise In Your Head

taken from the single
I Am The Noise In Your Head/Don't You Know (Bell BLL 1075) 1969
Line-up: Graham Bell (vcls), Pete Kirtley (gtr), Colin Gibson (bs), Kenny Craddock (organ), Alan White (drms). Band origin: London
11. Leviathan - The War Machine

taken from the single The War Machine/Time (Elektra EKSN 45057) 1969
Line-up/Band origin: See Vol. 1/Track 4
12. New York Public Library - Which Way To Go

taken from the single
Love Me Two Times/Which Way To Go (MCA MU 1045) 1968
Line-up: Brian Parish [aka Brian Morris] (gtr, vcls), Terry Stokes (lead gtr), Dave Bower (gtr), Paul Servis (bs), Topper Clay (drms).
Band origin: Leeds (Yorkshire/UK)
13. Lace - The Nun

taken from the single People People/The Nun (Columbia DB 8499) 1968
Line-up: Tony Sinclair (lead gtr), Roni Douglas (gtr, vcls), John Lawson (bs), Lloyd Courtenay (drms). Band origin: London
14. Tower - In Your Life

taken from the single In Your Life/Slow Motion Mind (Decca AT 10364) 1968
Personnel: Boudewijn de Groot (vcls, gtr), Eelco Gelling (gtr), Herman Deinum (bs), Kees Kranenburg (drms).
Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
15. Nite People - Morning Sun

taken from the single Morning Sun/Weird And Funny (Fontana TF 919) 1968
Line-up: Jimmy Warwick (vcls, gtr), Martin Clarke (bs), Barry Curtis (organ), Patrick Bell (sax, flute), Christopher Ferguson (drms).
Band origin: Southampton (Hampshire/UK)
16. Orange Bicycle - Last Cloud Home

taken from the single
Last Cloud Home/Tonight I'll Be Staying Here (Parlophone R 5789) 1969
Line-up: Robert J. Scales [aka Robb Storme] (vcls, gtr), Gary Hooper [aka Gary Peterson] (lead gtr, keyb'ds), John Bachini (bs), Wilson Malone (drms, keyb'ds, vcls). Band origin: London
17. Revolver - Imaginations

taken from the single Frisco Annie/Imaginations (Youngblood YB 1006) 1969
Line-up: Dan Conway (vcls, lead gtr), Chris Sparkes (gtr), Alan Appleby (bs), Alistair Benson (keyb'ds), Chris Cooke (drms).
Band origin: Wolverhampton (West Midlands/UK)
18. Heavy Jelly - I Keep Singing That Same Old Song

taken from the single
I Keep Singing That Same Old Song/Blue (Island WIP 6049) 1968
Line-up: Graham Bell (vcls, gtr, piano), John Turnbull (lead gtr, vcls, piano), Colin Gibson (bs), Micky Gallagher (keyb'ds, vcls, gtr), Paul Nichols (drms). Band origin: London
19. Mooche - Seen Through A Light

taken from the single
Hot Smoke And Sassafras/Seen Through A Light (Pye 7N 17735) 1969
Line-up: Ian Pearce (lead gtr, vcls), Dave Soars (bs, vcls), Brian 'Spud' Tatum (organ, lead vcls), Dave Winthorpe (sax, vcls), Jeff Dann (drms).
Band origin: Chelmsford/Sudbury (Essex/UK)
20. Ning - More Ning

taken from the single Machine/More Ning (Decca F 23114) 1971
Line-up: Derek Wilson (lead gtr), Mick Ross (bs), Jimmy Edwards (organ, vcls), James Pryal (drms). Band origin: Coventry (West Midlands/UK)

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Jagged Time Lapse Vol. 3
(Flashback Productions FBCD03 / 2000)
1. Beverley -
   Happy New Year
taken from the single
Happy New Year/Where The Good Times Are (Deram DM 101) 1966
Line-up incl.: Beverley Kutner [aka Beverley Martyn] (vcls).
Origin: London
2. Rokes - Ride On

taken from the single Let's Live For Today/Ride On (RCA Victor 1587) 1967
Line-up: Norman David [aka Shel Shapiro] (gtr, vcls), Johnny Charlton (gtr, vcls), Bobby Posner (bs, vcls), Mike Roger Shepstone (drms, vcls).
Band origin: London → Rome (Italy)
3. Roulettes - Junk

taken from the single The Long Cigarette/Junk (Parlophone R 5382) 1965
Line-up: Peter Thorpe (gtr), Russ Ballard (gtr, vcls), John "Mod" Rogan (bs), Robert "Bob" Henrit (drms). Band origin: London
4. Chris Andrews - Hold On

taken from the single Hold On/Easy (Decca F 22668) 1967
Line-up incl.: Chris Andrews (vcls). Origin: Romford (Essex/UK) → London
5. Julian Covey & The Machine - Sweet Bacon

taken from the single A Little Bit Hurt/Sweet Bacon (Island WIP 6009) 1967
Line-up: Julian Covey (vcls), John Moorshead (lead gtr), Johnny Spence (bs), Peter Shelly (keyb'ds, violin, trumpet, flugelhorn), Keith Webb (drms).
Band origin: London
6. Dave Clark Five - Maze Of Love

taken from the single
The Red Balloon/Maze Of Love (Columbia DB 8465) 1968
Line-up/Band origin: See Vol. 1/Track 6
7. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - The Sun Goes Down

taken from the single Zabadak/The Sun Goes Down (Fontana TF 873) 1967
Line-up: Dave Harman [aka Dave Dee] (vcls), Ian Amey [aka Tich] (lead gtr), John Dymond [aka Beaky] (gtr), Trevor Ward-Davies [aka Dozy] (bs), Micael Wilson [aka Mick] (drms). Band origin: Salisbury (Wiltshire/UK)
8. Leviathan - Remember The Times

See Vol. 1/Track 4
9. New York Public Library - Love Me Two Times

See Vol. 2/Track 12
10. Cat's Pyjamas - Camera Man

taken from the single Camera Man/House For Sale (Direction 58-3482) 1968
Line-up incl.: Kenny Bernard (vcls), Phil Lanzon (keyb'ds).
Band origin: London
11. Stoics - Search For The Sea

taken from the single
Earth, Fire, Air and Water/Search For The Sea (RCA Victor 1745) 1968
Line-up: James Doris (gtr, vcls), John Wynne (bs), Hugh McKenna (keyb'ds, vcls), Jack Casey (drms). Band origin: Glasgow (Scotland)
12. Syn - Flowerman

taken from the single
14 Hour Technicolour Dream/Flowerman (Deram DM 145) 1967
Line-up: Peter Banks (lead gtr, vcls), Steve Nardelli (vcls, gtr), Chris Squire (bs, vcls), Andrew Jackman (keyb'ds, vcls), Chris Allen (drms).
Band origin: London
13. Manfred Mann - You're My Girl

taken from the album As Is (Fontana (S)TL 5377) 1966
Line-up: Mike D'Abo (vcls), Tom McGuinness (lead gtr), Klaus Voormann (bs), Manfred Mann (keyb'ds), Mike Hugg (drms). Band origin: London
14. Mud - You're My Mother

taken from the single Flower Power/You're My Mother (CBS 203002) 1967
Line-up: Les Gray (vcls), Rob Davis (gtr), Ray Stiles (bs), Peter Gray (drms).
Band origin: Mitcham (Surrey/UK)
15. Loot - Whenever You're Ready

taken from the single
Whenever You're Ready/I Got What You Want (CBS 2938) 1967
Line-up: Chris Bates (lead vcls), Bruce Turner (lead gtr, vcls), Dave Wright (gtr), Jeff Glover (bs), Roger Pope (drms).
Band origin: Andover (Hampshire/UK)

16. Bunch - We're Not What We Appear To Be

taken from the single
We're Not What We Appear To Be/You Never Came Home (CBS 202506) 1967
Line-up incl.: John Sherry, P. Beckett, C. Redwood, J. Cooper.
Band origin: Bournemouth (Dorset/UK)
17. Fresh Windows - Fashion Conscious

See Vol. 1/Track 11
18. Mindbenders - My New Day And Age

taken from the single The Letter/My New Day And Age (Fontana TF 869) 1967
Line-up: Eric Stewart (gtr, vcls), Bob Lang (bs), Paul Hancox (drms).
Band origin: Manchester (Greater Manchester/UK)
19. Nightriders - It's Only The Dog

taken from the single It's Only The Dog/Your Friend (Polydor 56116) 1966
Line-up: Jeff Lynne (gtr, vcls), Dave Pritchard (gtr, vcls), Greg Masters (bs, vcls), Roger Spencer (drms). Band origin: Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
20. Rocking Vickers - I Don't Need Your Kind

taken from the single Dandy/I Don't Need Your Kind (CBS 202241) 1966
Line-up: Harry Feeney (vcls), Ian 'Lemmy' Kilminster (lead gtr), Steve 'Vickers' Morris (bs), Ciggy Shaw (drms).
Band origin: Blackpool (Lancashire/UK)
21. Equals - The Skies Above

taken from the single
I Get So Excited/The Skies Above (President PT 180) 1968

Line-up: Dervin Grordon (vcls), Eddy Grant (vcls, gtr), Pat Lloyd (gtr), Lincoln Gordon (bs), John Hall (drms). Band origin: London
22. Scenery - Thread Of Time

taken from the single
To Make A Man Cry/Thread Of Time (Impact 10004) 1967

Line-up: Miller Anderson (gtr), Ian Hunter (bs, vcls), John Banks (drms).
Band origin: London
23. Soft Machine - Love Makes Sweet Music

See Vol. 1/Track 16
24. John Fitch & Associates - Stoned Out Of It

taken from the single
Stoned Out Of It/Romantic Attitude (Beacon BEA 118) 1969

Line-up incl.: John H. Fitch, Jr. (gtr).
Band origin: Philadelphia (Pennsylvania/US) → London
25. V.I.P.'s - Straight Down To The Bottom

taken from the single
Straight Down To The Bottom/In A Dream (Island WIP 6005) 1967
Line-up: Luther Grosvenor (gtr, vcls), Mike Harrison (piano, hrmnca, vcls), Greg Ridley (bs), Keith Emerson (keyb'ds), Mike Kellie (drms).
Band origin: Carlisle (Cumbria/UK) → London
26. Kinetic - The Train

taken from the E.P.
Live Your Life/The Train/Sunny Cloud/Hall Of The Viking
(Disques Vogue EPL 8544) 1967

Line-up: Andy Mowbray (vcls), Bob Weston (lead gtr), Geoffrey Capper (bs), Michael Humby (organ), John Christopher Sze (drms).
Band origin: Liverpool (Merseyside/UK) → France

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Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - The Sun Goes Down

Jagged Time Lapse Vol. 4
(Flashback Productions FBCD04 / 2002)
1. Dave Clark Five - Five By Five
taken from the single
Julia/Five By Five (Columbia DB 8681) 1970
Line-up/Band origin: See Vol. 1/Track 6
2. Barrier - Uh!

taken from the single Spot The Lights/Uh! (Philips BF 1731) 1968
Line-up: Del Dwyer (lead gtr, vcls), Alan Francis (bs, vcls), Eric Francis (vcls, keyb'ds), Alan Brooks (drms, vcls). Band origin: London
3. Epics - Henry Long

taken from the single Travelling Circus/Henry Long (CBS 3564) 1968
Line-up: Vic Elmes (lead gtr, lead vcls), Ian Jansen (gtr, vcls), Stuart Tann (bs, lead vcls), Mike Blakely (drms, vcls). Band origin: London
4. Sheridan & Price - Sometimes I Wonder

taken from the single
Somtimes I Wonder/Lightning Never Strikes Twice (Gemini GMS 009) 1970
Line-up incl.: Rick Price (gtr, bs, vcls), Mike Sheridan (vcls).
Band origin: Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
5. Rainbows - New Day Dawning

taken from the single New Day Dawning/Days And Nights (CBS 4568) 1969
Line-up: Martin Cure (vcls), Roye Albrighton (lead gtr, vcls), Graham Amos (bs), Terry Leemann [aka Terry Howells] (organ), Gordon Reed (drms).
Band origin: Coventry (West Midlands/UK)
6. Countdown - Alexandrina (The Great)

taken from the single Georgia/Alexandrina [The Great] (Polydor 53110) 1968
Line-up: Jürgen Triebel (vcls, organ), Uli Wietz (lead gtr), Ulrich Reek (rhythm gtr, bs), Albert Reith (bs), Peter Meiners (drms).
Band origin: Oberhausen (North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany)
7. Sweet - The Juicer

taken from the single
All You'll Ever Get From Me/The Juicer (Parlophone R 5826) 1970
Line-up: Brian Connolly (vcls), Mick Stewart (lead gtr), Steve Priest (bs), Mick Tucker (drms, vcls). Band origin: London
8. Washington DC's - Seek And Find

taken from the single
Seek And Find/I Love Gerald Chevin The Great (CBS 202464) 1967
Line-up: Roger Saunders (vcls, lead gtr), Barry Fitzgerald (gtr), Bernie Trott (bs), Gary Lee Illingworth (keyb'ds), Glen Duke (drms).
Band origin: London
9. Young Idea - Colours Of Darkness

taken from the single
With A Little Help From My Friends/Colours Of Darkness
(Columbia DB 8205) 1967

Line-up: Tony Cox (piano, gtr, vcls), Douglas MacCrae-Brown (gtr, vcls).
Band origin: London
10. Leviathan - Just Forget Tomorrow

taken from the single
Flames/Just Forget Tomorrow (Elektra EKSN 45075) 1969

Line-up/Band origin: See Vol. 1/Track 4
11. Artwoods - In The Deep End

taken from the single
What Shall I Do/In The Deep End (Parlophone R 5590) 1967
Line-up: Art Wood (vcls, hrmnca), Derek Griffiths (lead gtr), Malcolm Pool (bs), Jon Lord (keyb'ds, gtr), Colin Martin (drms).
Band origin: London
12. Blossom Toes - Telegram Tuesday

taken from the album We Are Ever So Clean (Marmalade 607001) 1967
Line-up: Brian Godding (gtr, vcls, keyb'ds), Jim Cregan (gtr, vcls), Brian Belshaw (bs, vcls), Kevin Westlake (drms). Band origin: London
13. Mindbenders - Yellow Brick Road

taken from the single
Blessed Are The Lonely/Yellow Brick Road (Fontana TF 910) 1968
Line-up/Band origin: See Vol. 3/Track 18
14. Searchers - Umbrella Man

taken from the single
Umbrella Man/Over The Weekend (Liberty LBF 15159) 1968
Line-up: Mike Pender (lead gtr, vcls), John McNally (gtr, vcls), Frank Allen (bs), John Blunt (drms). Band origin: Liverpool (Merseyside/UK)
15. Dragons - Heart Transplantation

taken from the single
Hello, I Love Maria/Heart Transplantation (Opp 43) 1970
Line-up: Karl Timmermann (bs, vcls), K. Krus, B. Lohmann, R. Lohmann.
Band origin: North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)
16. Nashville Teens - Last Minute

taken from the single
The Biggest Night Of Her Life/Last Minute (Decca F 12657) 1967
Line-up/Band origin: See Vol. 1/Track 5
17. Glass Menagerie - Do My Thing Myself

taken from the single
Do My Thing Myself/Watching The World Pass By (Polydor 56341) 1969
Line-up: Alan Kendall (lead gtr), John Medley (bs), Lou Stonebridge (vcls, organ, hrmnca), Bill Atkinson (drms). Band origin: London
18. Dry Ice - Nowhere To Go

taken from the single
Running To The Convent/Nowhere To Go (B&C CB 115) 1969
Line-up: Jeff Novac (vcls), Paul Gardner (gtr), Chris Hyrenewicz (gtr), John Gibson (bs), Terrence Sullivan (drms). Band origin: London
19. Simon Dupree & The Big Sound - I've Seen It All Before

taken from the single
Day Time, Night Time/I've Seen It All Before (Parlophone R 5594) 1967
Line-up: Derek Shulman (vcls), Phil Shulman (sax, trumpet), Ray Shulman (bs, gtr, vcls), Eric Hine (keyb'ds), Pete O'Flaherty (bs), Tony Ransley (drms). Band origin: Portsmouth (Hampshire/UK)
20. Brainbox - Down Man

taken from the single Down Man/Woman's Gone (Imperial IH 844) 1969
Line-up: Casimirz Lux (vcls), Jan Akkerman (gtr, organ, vibes), André Reynen (bs), Pierre van der Linden (drms).
Band origin: Amstedam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
21. Carriage Company - In Your Room

taken from the single In Your Room/Feel Right (CBS 5209) 1971
Line-up: Leslie Kent (vcls), Angelo Antioco (gtr), Jan D'Haese (bs, vcls), François Philips (drms). Band origin: Brussels (Belgium)
22. Sleepy - Mrs. Bailey's Barbecue & Grill

taken from the single
Rosie Can't Fly/Mrs. Bailey's Barbecue And Grill (CBS 3838) 1968
Line-up: Jon Anderson (vcls), Rodney Hill (gtr), Dave Forster (bs, vcls), Michael Fowler (keyb'ds, vcls), John Deakin (sax), Ian Wallace (drms).
Band origin: Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
23. Human Instinct - Rich Man

taken from the single The Rich Man/Illusion (Mercury MF 972) 1967
Line-up: Bill Ward (lead gtr), Dave Hartstone (gtr), Frank Hay (bs), Maurice Greer (drms). Band origin: Auckland (New Zealand)
24. John Bromley - I'm Gonna Love You 'Til I Die

taken from the album Sing (Polydor 583048) 1969
Line-up: John Bromley (vcls, gtr). Additional musicians [Fleur de Lys]: Bryn Haworth (gtr), Malcolm "Tago" Byers (bs), Keith Guster (drms).
Origin: Manchester (Greater Manchester/UK)
25. Art - Room Take Away Three

taken from the single
What's That Sound [For What It's Worth]/Room Take Away Three
(Island WIP 6019) 1967

Line-up: Luther Grosvenor (gtr), Greg Ridley (bs), Mike Harrison (vcls, keyb'ds), Mike Kellie (drms). Band origin: London

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Jagged Time Lapse Vol. 5
(Flashback Productions FBCD07 / 2003)
1. Beverley -
   Where The Good Times Are
See Vol. 3/Track 1
2. Rifkin - Continental Hesitation

taken from the single
We're Not Those People Any More/Continental Hesitation
(Page One POF 071) 1968
Line-up: Rifkin [Ed Furst] (vcls, gtr, sitar), Dee Murray (bs, vcls), Colin Frechter (harpsichord, vcls), Dave Swarbrick (drms, vcls).
Band origin: London
3. Gene Latter & The Detours - My Life 'Aint Easy

taken from the single My Life Ain't Easy/Angie (Spark SRL 1015) 1968
Line-up: Gene Latter (vcls), Billy Churchill (lead gtr), Ritchie Quillan (gtr), James Carnaby (bs), Kenny Guy (drms). Band origin: London
4. Dave Berry - Latisha

taken from the single
(Do I Still Figure) In Your Life/Latisha (Decca F 12771) 1968
Line-up incl.: Dave Berry [real name David Holgate Grundy] (vcls).
Origin: Sheffield (Yorkshire/UK)
5. Paul Nicholas - Lamp Lighter

taken from the single
Reggae Like It Used To Be/Lamp Lighter (RSO 2090 185) 1976
Line-up incl.: Paul Nicholas [real name Paul Beuselinck] (vcls).
Band origin: London
6. Herman's Hermits - Moonshine Man

taken from the single Museum/Moonshine Man (Columbia DB 8235) 1967
Line-up: Peter Noone (vcls, gtr, keyb'ds), Derek Leckenby (lead gtr, vcls), Keith Hopwood (gtr, vcls), Karl Green (bs, vcls), Barry Whitwam (drms).
Band origin: Manchester (Greater Manchester/UK)
7. Jethro Toe [= Jethro Tull] - Aeroplane

taken from the single Sunshine Day/Aeroplane (MGM 1384) 1968
Line-up: Ian Anderson (vcls, flute), Mick Abrahams (lead gtr, vcls), Glenn Cornick (bs), Clive Bunker (drms). Band origin: London
8. Moody Blues - Leave This Man Alone

taken from the single
Love And Beauty/Leave This Man Alone (Decca F 12670) 1967
Line-up: Justin Hayward (gtr, vcls), John Lodge (bs, vcls), Mike Pinder (keyb'ds, vcls), Ray Thomas (horns, vcls), Graeme Edge (drms).
Band origin: Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
9. Mud - House On The Hill

taken from the single Shangri-La/House On The Hill (Philips BF 1775) 1969
Line-up: Les Gray (vcls), Rob Davis (gtr), Ray Stiles (bs), Dave Mount (drms).
Band origin: Mitcham (Surrey/UK)
10. Black Velvet - Clown

taken from the single
Peace And Love Is The Message/Clown (Beacon BEA 137) 1969
Line-up incl.: Brandis [aka Brian Clark] (vcls), Peter Nelson [aka Peter Morris] (keyb'ds), London Steel [aka Lynton Steel] (drms).
Band origin: London
11. Made In Sheffield - Right Satisfied

taken from the single Amelia Jane/Right Satisfied (Fontana TF 871) 1967
Line-up incl.: Frank Miles (gtr, keyb'ds), Chris Stainton (bs).
Band origin: Sheffield (Yorkshire/UK)
12. Legay - The Fantastic Story Of The Steam Driven Banana

taken from the single
No-One/The Fantastic Story Of The Steam Driven Banana
(Fontana TF 904) 1969

Line-up: John Knapp (gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), Robin Pizer (gtr, vcls), Rod Read (gtr, vcls), Dave McCarthy (bs), Moth Smith (drms).
Band origin: Leicester (Leicestershire/UK)
13. David McNeil - Don't Let Your Chance Go By

taken from the single
Don't Let Your Chance Go By/Space Plane (President PT 212) 1968
Line-up incl.: David McNeil (vcls). Origin: Paris (France)
14. Eire Apparent - The Clown

taken from the album Sun Rise (Buddah 203021) 1969
Line-up: Ernie Graham (gtr, vcls), Dave "Tiger" Taylor (lead gtr), Chris Stewart (bs), Dave Lutton (drms).
Band origin: Belfast (Northern Ireland) → London
15. Wallace Collection - Baby I Don't Mind

taken from the single Daydream/Baby, I Don't Mind (EMI R 5764) 1969
Line-up: Sylvain Vanholme (gtr, vcls), Christian Janssens (bs), Freddy Nieuland (drms, vcls), Marc Hérouet (keyb'ds), Raymond Vincent (violin), Jacques Namotte (cello). Band origin: Brussels (Belgium)
16. Mirage - Chicago Cottage

taken from the single
Mystery Lady/Chicago Cottage (Page One POF 078) 1968
Line-up: Pete Hynes (lead vcls), Dee Murray (lead gtr), Pat Hynes (gtr, vcls), Ray Glynn (bs), Dave Hynes (drms, vcls).
Band origin: Hertford (Hertfordshire/UK)
17. Loot - Don't Turn Around

taken from the single
Don't Turn Around/You Are My Sunshine Girl (CBS 3231) 1968
Line-up/Band origin: See Vol. 3/Track 15
18. Love Sculpture - River To Another Day

taken from the single
River To Another Day/Brand New Woman (Parlophone R 5664) 1968
Line-up: Dave Edmunds (gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), John Williams (vcls, bs, keyb'ds), Bob "Congo" Jones (drms, vcls). Band origin: Cardiff (Wales)
19. Executive - I Ain't Got Nobody (For Real)

taken from the single
I Ain't Got Nobody/To Kingdom Come (CBS 4013) 1969
Line-up incl.: Roy Carr (vcls, hrmnca, perc), Robin Dalton (keyb'ds), Steve Unwin (drms). Band origin: Blackpool (Lancashire/UK)
20. Love Affair - The Tree

taken from the album The Everlasting Love Affair (CBS 63416) 1968
Line-up: Steve Ellis (vcls), Rex Brayley (gtr), Mick Jackson (bs), Morgan Fisher (keyb'ds), Maurice Bacon (drms). Band origin: London
21. Harsh Reality - How Do You Feel

taken from the single
Tobacco Ash Sunday/How Do You Feel (Philips PB 1710) 1968
Line-up: David Jenkins (gtr, hrmnca, vcls), Mark Griffiths (gtr, bs, trumpet, vcls), Stephen Miller (bs), Alan Greed (lead vcls, keyb'ds), Roger Swallow (drms). Band origin: Stevenage (Hertfordshire/UK)
22. Hardin & York - Candlelight

taken from the single Tomorrow Today/Candlelight (Bell BLL 1064) 1969
Line-up incl.: Eddie Hardin (keyb'ds, vcls), Peter York (drms).
Band origin: London
23. Topo D. Bill - Jam

taken from the single Witchi Tai To/Jam (Charisma CB 116) 1969
Line-up incl.: "Legs" Larry Smith (drms), Roger Ruskin Spear (sax).
Band origin: London
24. Kevin Godley - To Fly Away

taken from the V.A.-Album Marmalade 100 Proof (Marmalade 643314) 1969
Line-up incl.: Kevin Godley (vcls, gtr).
Origin: Manchester (Greater Manchester/UK)
25. Graham Gouldman - Chestnut

taken from the single Upstairs Downstairs/Chestnut (RCA Victor 1667) 1968
Line-up incl.: Graham Gouldman (vcls).
Origin: Manchester (Greater Manchester/UK)

Get Vol. 5 here

Listen to Executive - I Ain't Got Nobody [For Real]


Anonymous said...

Hello Buffalo.
Many thanks for the posts.All are downloading with rapidshare:very strange when I try to download vol 4 I fall on Blogger.But for me principal was vol 2 with "fight for my country"of BALL.I heard the title 37 years ago on radio and since nothing.So I'll have a great pleasure to listen the title in a few minutes.Thanks again Buffalo for the great pleasure.

Buffalo Billycan said...

Thanks jeanbernard for the info with the wrong link on Vol. 4. This has been fixed now.

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Hello Buffalo.
A real GREAT pleasure to listen to BALL.I see also a few titles of LEVIATHAN and other interesting things.Vol 4 is downloading now.Thanks.

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"Psychedelic or Freakbeat from Great Britain"

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Really thanks for these lost gems!! and the blog!.

Greetings!. Juan.

ge said...

My-My-MY-T Fine!!!
will 60s wonders NEVER cease!!!???

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fresh windows' Summer Sun Shines
rules my brain exclamation point Barrett + Beatles arent better!

if they did an album i will die from joy, and if they didnt...from pain

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Buffalo Billycan said...

Hi ge,
looks like you must die from pain. On the other hand who would have thought that for instance a band like "One In A Million" (of "Fredereek Hernando" fame") have more songs in the can than their two 45's and one acetate recording. I have recently bought their "Double Sight" CD on Wooden Hill and sure it's great. But I doubt that the Fresh Windows, a band that seems to be totally unknown, have recorded more than these two songs.

François said...

More great stuff, thanks a ton.

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i downloaded this off of GroovyFab about a month ago... great stuff! if you need proper artwork let me know!

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Yeah, that was my upload Tickle... I was just about to make the offer of artwork myself. Here's the link to JTL at Groovy Fab:

-mk- (i.m. he)

ge said...

dear BB: thanks for the tip, will look into

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thanks for these amazing comps,i used to collect these 45s when i was a drummer and had my own psychprog combos,Standarte & London Underground -the sheer soulful power of "how do you feel " by Stevenage's greatest harsh Reality
shattered me to bits!

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in freakin credible.. this blog is great...

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Thanks for the Jagged Time Lapse comps, they are excellent!