Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nazz - Nazz From Philadelphia
[+ Woody's Truck Stop] (1966-68)

This compilation of alternate takes and demo recordings contains also Todd Rundgren's early work with Woody's Truck Stop which is much more better than the disappointing album they did at the end of the sixties without him. This double CD was released on Air Mail Recordings in 1997.

[CD 1 – Nazz From Philadelphia]
- Hello It's Me (demo)
- Crowded (1967 demo)
- Lemming Song (acetate)
- Kicks (long version)
- Some People (demo)
- Nazz Commercials
- Open My Eyes (demo)
- Forget All About It (slow version)
- For Only One Winner (Todd vocals)
- Magic Me
- Gonna Cry Today
- Meridian Leeward (diff. version)

[CD 2 – Woody's Truck Stop 1966 Demos With Todd Rundgren]
- That's Right, You're Wrong
- Why Is It Me
- The Times Have Changed
- She Must Be Blind
- Rock Me Baby

Personnel [Nazz]:
Todd Rundgren (lead gtr) [A]
Carson van Osten (bs) [AB]
Robert 'Stewkey' Antoni (piano, vcls) [AB]
Thom Mooney (drms) [AB]
Rick Nielson (gtr) [B]
Tom Petersson (gtr) [B]

Band origin:
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania/US)

1. (A) Nazz (SGC SD 5001) 1968
2. (A) Nazz Nazz (SGC SD 5002) 1969
3. (A) Nazz III (SGC SD 5004) 1971

1. Open My Eyes/Hello It's Me (SGC 001) 1968
2. Hello It's Me/Crowded (SGC 002) 1969
3. Not Wrong Long/Under The Ice (SGC 006) 1969
4. Magic Me/Some People (SGC 009) 1969

Personnel [Woody's Truck Stop]:
Alan Miller (lead gtr, vcls, vibes, tympani) [ABCDE]
Carson van Osten (bs, vcls) [ABC]
Artie Heller (drms) [A]
Bob Rateloff (vcls, hrmnca, rhythm gtr) [ABCD]
Ken Rateloff (piano) [ABC]
Tim Moore (drms) [B]
Joe DiCarlo (drms) [CD]
Todd Rundgren (lead gtr) [CD]
Creed (bs) [D]
Ron Bogdon (bs) [E]
Mike Oberman (vcls, gtr) [E]
Bobby Radcliffe (vcls, drms, perc, hrmnca) [E]
Greg Radcliffe (gtr, vcls) [E]

Band origin:
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania/US)

1. (E) Woody's Truck Stop (Smash SRS 67111) 1969

1. (E) People Been Talkin'/Tryin'So Hard (Smash 2201) 1968

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Nazz - Open My Eyes (alt. take)

Listen to Woody's Truck Stop - That's Right You're Wrong


Anonymous said...

Cheers for this old son. May I say you have an excellent site, informative and nice big scans of the artwork.

Anonymous said...

Thankx for this double. The songs of cd2 are totally unknow for me. Great surprise friend. Thanks again. Merci.

frumious bandersnatch said...

A great post, once more ! that's a little piece of history we have here, and thanks again for including artwork !

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post! Todd Rundgren is one of my favorite American musicians, also singer-songwriter and record producers. A multi-talented gentleman! Your site is also multi-talented with the 1st class rips, informative history and artwork! Thanks for your attention to detail! Superior! :)