Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cycle - thecycle (1970)

This Toronto outfit evolved out of The Magic Cycle. God was a shorter version of a track on their first album, the flip was non-LP. All the material on Thecycle, a pleasant melodic pop/underground album, was written by Joey Rome and Paul Craig. The killer track is God, especially after the drum part. Recommended listening.
(taken from "Dreams, Fantasies And Nightmares")

Rip from original album (Tamarac SKP 1003 / 1970)

- Groovy Things
- Open Your Eyes
- Letter To Lucy
- It's A Sunny Day
- Reflections
- Walkin' Along
- Telephone Number
- Early In The Evening
- God

Stan Theriault (lead gtr, vcls) [AB]
Paul Craig [aka Paul Clinch] (rhythm gtr, vcls) [ABC]
Pete Young (gtr) [A]
Joey Rome [aka Joey Dinardo] (bs, vcls) [AB]
Peter Goodale (organ, vcls) [ABC]
Kevin Barry (drms, vcls) [ABC]
Don Paveling (bs) [C]
Sebastian Agnello (gtr) [C]

Band origin:
Toronto (Ontario/Canada)

1. (B) thecycle (Tamarac SKP 1003) 1970
2. (C) Magic Music (Tamarac 1004) 1973

 1. Let's Run Away/Halfway To Heaven (Red Leaf 633) 1967
 2. Give Me The Right/It Was You (Red Leaf 637) 1967
 3. Doctor Lollipop/Where Were You When I Needed You
    (Giant 904) 1967
 4. Groovy Things/It's A Sunny Day (Fingerprint 101) 1969
 5. Walkin' Along/Open Your Eyes (Tamarac 641) 1969
 6. God/Wait For The Miracle (Tamarac 642) 1969
 7. Gimme Some Time/Sittin' Where The Flowers Grow
    (Tamarac 643) 1970
 8. Coming Back Again/Hey There, Look At Me
    (Tamarac 645) 1971
 9. All I Really Need Is You/Looking At Each Other
    (Tamarac 646) 1971
10. If You Call Out My Name/It's What I Want You To See
    (Tamarac 647) 1972
11. Magic Music/Don't Want To (Tamarac 648) 1972

[1.-4. as Magic Cycle]

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Letter To Lucy


Anonymous said...

Hello Buffalo.
Very good album with pop tracks and nice guitar work.I see in "dreams fantasies and nightmares"(Vernon Joynson working on a new edition for July(?))the group made a second album"magic music"but no comment on it ,is it at the same level than the first?.

ninedayswonder said...

EXCELLENT LP!YOU HAVE THE SECOND Saturday Afternoon Rummage Sale?

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Always good music here. Merci.

Buffalo Billycan said...

Sorry, I have never heard their "Magic Music" album.

I have also read about an album called "Saturday Afternoon Rummage Sale" but I doubt if it really exists.

Anonymous said...

Hello Buffalo.
I asked to Leonard and James Lee from Redtelephone66 if they have the second album of the Cycle.Perhaps with a little chance!.

Anonymous said...

This is great, thanks for posting it!