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V.A. - Electrick Loosers #3

The final chapter of this great series of german '60s greats. The best of the three to my ears but also as stated in the liner notes with more familiar tracks 'cause much of the material was released on various compilations earlier. If you can't get enough of Electrick Loosers then you should skip to the excellent Roots and Traces: Spurensicherung blog. They've finished Vol. 4 last year and made it available for free download, alongside with more Prae-Kraut jewels.

1. German Bonds - We Are Out Of Sight
taken from the single
We're Out Of Sight/Sing Hallelujah (Polydor International 52953) 1966
Line-up: Rainer Degner (lead gtr, vcls), Dieter Horns (bs, rhythm gtr), Dieter Hecht (piano, organ), Peter "Peet" Becker (drms).
Band origin: Hamburg (Germany)
2. Boots - Gaby
taken from the single Gaby/Another Tear Falls (Telefunken U 55947) 1966
Line-up: Werner Krabbe (lead vcls, hrmnca), Jörg "Jockel" Schulte-Eckel (lead gtr, vcls), Boudewijn "Bob" Bresser (bs), Uli Grün (organ, rhythm gtr, vcls), Heinz Hoff (drms). Band origin: Berlin (Germany)
3. Phantom Brothers - Chicago
taken from the single
Chicago/It Ain't Necessarliy So (Star-Club 148550 STF) 1966
Line-up: Horst Krüger (lead gtr), Olgerd Wocköck (rhythm gtr, vcls), Wolfgang Wocköck (bs), Rudi Krüger (drms).
Band origin: Hamburg (Germany)
4. Faces - Stay Away
taken from the single Cry Cry Cry/Stay Away (Star Club 148556 STF) 1966
Line-up: Frank Dostal (vcls), Ingo Brandt (lead gtr), Peter Michaelis (bs), Bernd Schulz (organ), Nils Taby (drms). Band origin: Hamburg (Germany)
5. Beethovens - She Is My Love
taken from the single She Is My Love/I Want A Dog (Kerston 60009) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Karlsruhe (Baden-Württemberg/Germany)
6. Lords - Don't Mince Matter
taken from the single
Don't Mince Matter/No One Knows (Columbia C 23278) 1966
Line-up: Ulli Günther [Lord Ulli] (vcls), Klaus-Peter "Leo" Lietz (lead gtr), Rainer "Gandy" Petry (rhythm gtr), Bernd Zamulo (bs), Peter Max "Bi" Donath (drms). Band origin: Berlin (Germany)
7. Ones - Lady Greengrass
taken from the single
Lady Greengrass/Love Of Mine (Star-Club 148593 STF) 1967
Line-up: Charly Prince (lead vcls), Edgar Froese (gtr), Mick Auerbach, Ron Perrit, Will Stegen, Detlef Stegen. Band origin: Berlin (Germany)
8. Shamrocks - Midnight Train
taken from the single Crossbow/Midnight Train (Hansa 18856 AT) 1966
Line-up: Gary Cowtan (lead vcls, bs), Bernhard Roberts (lead gtr), David Eaglen (rhythm gtr, bs), David Allen (organ, piano), Peter Channing (drms).
Band origin: Isle of Wight (UK) → Germany
9. Little Lord & The Shatters - I Said Hey
taken from the single I Said Hey/It Comes To Loving (MPS 8002) 1967
Line-up: Little Lord (vcls), Gerhard Knoblauch (lead gtr, organ, vcls), Wolfgang Diehl (rhythm gtr, vcls), Rolf Iseler (bs), Günther Odinius (drms, vcls). Band origin: Ludwigsburg (Baden-Württemberg/Germany)
10. Thursday's Child - I Want You Back
taken from the single Hey Hey/I Want You Back (Astoria 1004) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: UK
11. Black & Whites - Where Did You Go
taken from the single
Where Did You Go?/You Are My Baby (Storz SRI 45208) 1965
Line-up: unknown.
Band origin: Duisburg (North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany)
12. Improved Sound LTD. - It Is You
taken from the single It Is You/We Are Alone (Polydor 52799) 1966
Line-up: Axel Linstädt (lead gtr, organ, piano, mellotron), Lothar "Johnny" Fickert (vcls, rhythm gtr, perc, sax, flute), Uli Ruppert (bs), Rolf Gröschner (drms). Band origin: Nuremberg (Bavaria/Germany)
13. Cool Stove - Big Sensation
taken from the single Big Sensation/My Girl Is My Girl (Star-Ton 5032) 1968
Line-up: Werner Müller-Jankow (vcls), Walter Spruck (gtr), Heinz Jugel (bs), Ali Stolle (keyb'ds), Manfred Plenckers (drms).
Band origin: Bonn (North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany)
14. Party Brothers - Our Love Is Gone
taken from the single
Our Love Is Gone/Every Night (Kerston 60002) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Kassel (Hesse/Germany)
15. Toppers - I'm So Lovesick
taken from the single
I've Been Watching You/I'm So Lovesick (Telefunken U 55843) 1965
Line-up incl.: Paul Murphy, Alan Hawkshaw.
Band origin: Hamburg (Germany)
16. Robots - It's Hard To Say
taken from the single Judi/It's Hard To Say (Polydor NM 3211) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Neu-Ulm (Bavaria/Germany)
17. Cops & Robbers - On Love
taken from the V.A.-Album Live in Concert (Fontana 701614 WPY) 1968
Line-up: Heinz Eggert (vcls, bs), Joachim Wenzel (gtr), Steffen Wecker (bs), Claus-Robert Kruse (organ), Hans-Joachim Mahlich (drms).
Band origin: Hamburg (Germany)
18. Paving Stones - Don't Forget
taken from the single
Don't Forget/Like A Little King (Riwo TST 75789) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Hamburg (Germany)
19. Rollicks - Rosalie, Come Back To Me
taken from the V.A.-Album Star-Club Scene '65 (Star-Club 158018 STY) 1965
Line-up: Wolfgang "Pimmel" Mieles (vcls), Rolf Tacht (lead gtr, vcls), Georg "Toni" Schneider (bs), Lothar "Honky" Böse (piano, organ), Peter Hauke (drms). Band origin: Berlin (Germany)
20. Gesine Darieux & Chosen Few - Crazy, Crazy
taken from the single
Crazy Crazy/One Day Before (GM Produktion 1001-GM) 1967
Line-up: Reinhold "Ray" Binder (lead gtr, vcls), Michael "Mike" Kasten (rhythm gtr), Klaus Lindner (bs), "Stan" Koch (drms), Gesine Darieux (vcls).
Band origin: Hofgeismar (Hesse/Germany)
21. Percy & The Gaolbirds - Who Can Help Me
taken from the single
Liber Franz/Who Can Help Me (Columbia C 23397) 1967
Line-up: Wolfgang "Percy" Oehme (lead vcls, kontrabs), Bernd Rösner (lead gtr), Heinz Wilhelm "Heiwi" Ebke (rhythm gtr), Wigbert Piper (bs), Wolfgang "dem Dicken" Rieke (drms).
Band origin: Enger (North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany)
22. Renegades - I Was There
taken from the album The Renegades (Scandia SLP 602) 1965
Line-up: Kim Brown (lead gtr, vcls), Denys Gibson (gtr), Ian Mallet (bs), Graham Johnson (drms). Band origin: Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
23. Blizzards - Dr. Jeckyll
taken from the album I'm Your Guy (Fontana 885424 TY) 1965
Line-up: Joachim Beutler (lead gtr, vcls), Jürgen Nehrke (bs), Horst "Örtel" George (organ), Horst Kupschik (drms).
Band origin: Stade (Lower Saxony/Germany)
24. Petards - Confusion All Day
taken from the album A Deeper Blue (Europa E 313) 1967
Line-up: Klaus Ebert (gtr, organ), Horst Ebert (rhythm gtr), Roger Waldmann (bs), Arno Dittrich (drms). Band origin: Schrecksbach (Hesse/Germany)
25. Screamers - Indication
taken from the single
One Way Love/Indication (Star-Club 148586 STF) 1967
Line-up: Kalle Trapp (lead gtr), Wolf-Dieter Benecke (rhythm gtr, vcls), Peter Ockermann (bs), Niels Taby (drms). Band origin: Hamburg (Germany)
26. Slaves - Shut Up
taken from the single Shut Up/Never Free (Philips 339415 PF) 1966
Line-up: Paul "Pauli" Fischer (vcls), Karl "Charly" Ratzer (lead gtr), Hannes "John" Fischer (rhythm gtr), Heinrich "Lippy" Behrends (bs), Herbert "Heyki" Radakovics (drms). Band origin: Vienna (Austria)
27. Shorty & Them - Jack The Ripper
taken from the V.A.-Album
Beat-Hits des Jahres (Fontana 701525 WPY) 1966
Line-up: Pat Dymon [Shorty] (vcls), Peter Kirtley (lead gtr, vcls), Brian Rowan (bs), Brian Dunlop (drms).
Band origin: Newcastle (Tyne and Wear/UK)

28. Kiss Inc. - Hey Mr. Holy Man
taken from the single
Hey Mr. Holy Man/Kids Are Cryin' (Admiral AD 1152) 1972
Line-up incl.: Stephan Sulke (vcls). Band origin: Bern (Switzerland)

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Faces - Stay Away

Listen to Percy & The Gaolbirds - Who Can Help Me


ninedayswonder said...

Great compilations!
The Electric Lemonade Acid Test Vol 1?

Buffalo Billycan said...

Hi antonius,
Vol. 1 of Electric Acid Lemonade Test will be posted in a few days.

zebulon said...

damned, ces teutons ont d'la ressource...
These bands sound great!

buddycat said...

thank you for these 3 genial CD comps.
I've the "Prae Kraut Pandemonium" series and it's cool to have these 3 CDs now. It's a pity that they've just transferred the first vinyls without remastered sound with no noise system. It's true that the third volume includes only the highlights of many others comps, but it's really kind to you of having posted them.
Thank you for put always the artworks with the discs too, 'cause personally I hate of downloaded the albums without artworks (generally I don't transfer them on CD if I can't have the originals back and front covers).
In resumed, Fellicitation for all your work and efforts and long live at your blog!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Super.Thank for this good
Krautrock Album.


I have a question.

Have you this Album????

V.A. - Electrick Loosers #1

Thank you


Buffalo Billycan said...

Aw, come on Bill,
I've already posted "Electrick Loosers #1" on March 23rd.

Anonymous said...

Great comps - thanks for the shares !

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! Great comps!
Greetings from Athens Greece!

Anonymous said...

Amazing music ! Thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this great series.

Mobb_Solo said...

Wow great blog Billycan. .

Cam looking for this Album. Used to have a dub on cassette, great STUFF!

say man,

Maybe you can tell me the lyrics to the APPLE tune Buffalo Billycan. . "All he ever wanted to do was . . ."

What are the lyrics after this???


Anonymous said...

You keep Blowing My Mind!

Anonymous said...

To Marzipan: "All he ever wanted to do was laughed about, all he ever wanted to do was laughed at" That means that other people always only laughed about all his plans. To Billyboy: Thanks for the link to in the text. You'll also find there 5 volumes (16-20) of Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium which exclusively are available there, and never have been released on vinyl or silverling. Probably never will...Thumbs up, Lolly Pope.

Unknown said...

Can you post the lyrics to the entire Buffalo Billycan song by Apple? Would be much appreciated!