Friday, April 4, 2008

Sage And Seer (1969)

This is a pretty good folk/psych effort that I've received lately (and that I have searched for a long time). Sadly it was no artwork attached and the sound quality was not really in mint condition. I've cleaned it up so it is finally what I think an enjoyable listen. Don Beckman (lead guitar, vocals) and David Rea (lead vocals, guitar) were based in Denver/Colorado and released at least three 45's and one album (Stylist SA-600 /1969) as "Sage And Seer".

Folk-pop-psych is one label that's applied by dealers and collectors to this duo on the few occasions that their releases have surfaced. Recorded in Denver, Colorado, their medium-rare LP is appealing folkish pop with orchestration and a few tape effects. The front cover is more psychedelic than the music and it was issued with a poster insert.
(taken from "Fuzz, Acid & Flowers")

Unusual item for a private press as it's an ambitious and elaborate lyte-psych effort that would have fit well on Epic or ABC. Influences are mainly British with obvious nods to 1967 Donovan and the Beatles. Arrangements bring in chamber music orchestrations and a baroque feel that has made for Left Banke comparisons, although I was more reminded of a second-tier Fredric.
(Patrick The Lama in "The Acid Archives")

Cool album cover and lots of dealer hype make this one easy to mistake for a lost pop/psych masterpiece. In reality, though, it's a mainstream 60s pop album with lots of strings and horns (where'd these guys ever get such a big recording budget?). It starts and ends well: "Pictures Through A Sunday Afternoon" is a gorgeous baroque pop song that ends in a wash of psychedelic effects, and the closing "Farewell St. John" is a slightly lesser variation on the same musical theme. The rest is kind of a mixed bag, with a few nice soft rock songs and a few that are more forgettable.
(Aaron Milenski in "The Acid Archives")

- Pictures Through A Sunday Afternoon
- She Died Again
- Candle
- I've Cried
- Time Has Come Between Us
- Be Still When You Cry
- Clarissa
- I Want You To Know
- All Those Yesterdays
- No
- Blue, Blue And Blue
- Farewell St. John

Don Beckman (lead gtr, vcls)
David Rea (lead vcls, gtr)

Band origin:
Denver (Colorado)

1. Sage And Seer (Stylist SA-600) 1969

1. I Can't Take You Home/Calling (Stylist 45-600) 1969
2. Pictures Through A Sunday Afternoon/Clarissa
   (Stylist 45-601) 1969
3. She Died Again/Candle (Stylist 45-602) 1969

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Clarissa


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David Rea, lead singer and songwriter of Sage and Seer, has a recent CD called "Nation of One." It's available on iTunes or at

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